These are Instagram's top 20 interior design trends for 2020

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Interior design trends
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We love a scroll through Instagram's interior design trends but we'd NEVER have guessed which #designtrend would take top spot in this year's most searched-for look (so far in 2020). 

From craft ideas to dramatic makeovers, there's so many different ideas that will help inspire you from the app that always seems to know what's going to be the next best thing. We've rounded up the top ones to keep an eye out for.

Looking for the latest small space interior design trends? These are the styles you should have on your radar, according to Instagram, and how to style them in your home.

1. #macramewallhanging – 582,563 mentions

#macramewallhanging is the most popular search term on Instagram in 2020, with 582,563 mentions. Learning how to macramé was already a bit of a national obsession earlier this year, and now lockdown and furloughing has given many of us much more time to tackle it, so we're not surprised.

2. #kitchenisland – 448,351 mentions

#kitchenisland gets a staggering 448,351 mentions, unsurprising since kitchen design is another national obsession for homeowners. Use our expert guide to kitchen design to find out all you need to know – plus we have tons of kitchen island ideas for you to copy, too.

3. #farrowandball – 439,703 mentions

#farrowandball has 439,703 mentions, and evidently the love affair with Farrow & Ball's muted, chalky colors continues. Find inspiration from some of the most popular Farrow & Ball paint colors in our guide to improve any room.

4. #pantry – 371,485 mentions

#pantry is the fourth most popular trend with 371,485 mentions, and we can see why. Not only are they practical, but they also add an aesthetically pleasing edge to your kitchen – head to our feature on pantry storage for pointers.

5. #smeg – 349,276 mentions

#smeg got 349,276 mentions. This iconic retro design has a whole range of products we love, and they don't just look fabulous – they're great quality too. 

6. #featurewall – 250,661 mentions

#featurewall comes in 6th with 50,661 mentions, a trend that takes the fancy of many in lockdown who are looking for a project or to spice up any room in their home. Our piece on the best feature wall design ideas will help you get a step closer to creating your own display.

7. #hangingplant – 216,925 mentions

#hangingplant has 216,925 mentions and is a constant trend that can make both indoors or outdoors, a home office or a bedroom feel more welcoming and alive. We have a few handy tips on how to DIY a vertical garden with hanging plants – but check out our feature on house plant display ideas, too. 

8. #baywindow – 215,228 mentions

#baywindow gets a whopping 215,228 mentions, and anyone who is living in or renovating a period home will have been browsing bay window ideas. Notoriously difficult to furnish, we think they look best with shutters; have a look at our tips on how to choose the best shutters for buying advice.

9. #logburner – 179,180 mentions

#logburner is the cosy trend that received 179,180 mentions, and it's obvious why: stoves suit anywhere from a rustic cabin to a modern city home. Have a look at our buyer's guide to choosing a stove

10. #ceramictiles – 172,271 mentions

We are in love with #ceramictiles and so is everyone else with 172,271 mentions, with a great range of colors and styles everyone can find some they love that suits their personal aesthetic. Find out more about how to choose ceramic tiles for your home in our guide.

11. #barcart – 149,607 mentions

#barcart comes in 11th with 149,607 mentions and is the fun way to store your booze and is ideal for entertaining, whether for a party or just for your lockdown. We've got a buyer's guide to the best bar carts (of course we have) plus some bar cart styling tips (why not?). 

12. #pampasgrass – 124,738 mentions

#pampasgrass has 124,738 mentions, it is one of the effortless plants that everyone wants to get their hands on. We've found a fab collection of some of the best shade loving indoor plants to make any room feel summery.

13. #floatingshelves – 103,409 mentions

#floatingshelves have 103,409 mentions and are the modern and stylish way to keep your house organised, which is great when your working from home during lockdown. We've made a buying guide for some of the best floating shelves so you can find your perfect match.

14. #reclaimedwoodfurniture – 84,633 mentions

#reclaimedwoodfurniture is another timeless trend with 84,633 mentions that is great if you have any outdated pieces being sustainably revamped to be made beautiful once again. Here's our guide on how to restore wood furniture so you can undertake this task in lockdown. We've also got a guide on choosing reclaimed wooden floors.

15. #moroccanrug – 68,327 mentions

#moroccanrug is fifteenth with 68,327 mentions, a real 2020 must have thanks to their BoHo chic look. Find more of the best living room rugs for inspiration.

16. #freestandingbath – 46,250 mentions

#freestandingbath has 46,250 mentions. From traditional roll tops to simple modern designs, these baths come in a beautiful range of shapes. Check out the best buys in our feature on freestanding baths.

17. #originalfeatures – 44,871 mentions

#originalfeatures received 44,871 mentions and anyone who likes period properties would be hoping to snag one with original features such as original fireplaces and tiled floors.

18. #herringbonefloor – 39,884 mentions

#herringbonefloor had 39,884 mentions. This staple of period homes has made a real comeback in contemporary renovations. The downside? It can be very expensive to lay as hardwood but you can buy very realistic but much cheaper vinyl lookalikes. Take a look at our guide to choosing vinyl flooring for more.

19. #wickerfurniture – 27,271 mentions

#wickerfurniture is the trend that received 27,271 mentions, from lampshades to garden chairs, this boho design style can bring a relaxed feel to your home. If you want a neutral color scheme that's warm too, mix your wicker furniture with texture such as a Moroccan rug.

20. #patiodoors – 21,701 mentions

#patiodoors has 21,701 mentions and it's evident why, because patio doors can completely transform your home, introducing more natural light into your rooms, and connecting them to your garden. We've found 10 room-brightening patio door ideas to inspire your revamp.

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