Ok: What is the quiet luxury trend all about?

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Maybe you’ve seen girlies dressed in crisp outfits while you’ve scrolled through TikTok. Maybe you’ve seen modern, minimalistic interiors on your Insta grid. Or maybe you’ve just clicked on this piece and want to know what quiet luxury is. No matter what your reason for wanting to know more about it, I’m here for you.

The quiet luxury aesthetic is having such a moment RN, both in terms of fashion and home decor. I’m normally a fan of things with a little bit more color, but there’s something about the elegance and refinement of this trend that’s making me want to redecorate completely.

Confused about where it all started and what it all means? I’ve done a deep dive into the origins of the trend and broken down how it translates into interior design. Basically, any questions you might have about it will be totally answered by the end of this piece.

Oh, and while the look is about luxury, this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it on a budget. I’ve also rounded up a few buys to help you get the look in your home, even if you don’t live in a penthouse (and if you do, congrats, I’m very jealous).

Come with me — we’re about to get real fancy… 

Your quiet luxury questions, answered

This is definitely one of 2023's biggest styles, but it has seemingly popped out of nowhere. Wondering where it came from and what it’s all about? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is quiet luxury style?

In short, quiet luxury is understated styles, patterns, and cuts, that show refined taste. They can’t be identified as "luxurious" at first glance — it’s only on closer inspection you can tell they are, from the craftsmanship. I’ll give you a fashion example — it’s like wearing a beautiful Gucci dress, but not wearing a Gucci belt with the big "G" logo. It’s less about the obvious glitz and more about subtle stylishness.

Where did quiet luxury come from? 

Quiet luxury itself has been around for centuries, with its roots going back to the Renaissance. Despite being everywhere on TikTok, it’s definitely not a new trend either — this sophisticated approach to design has been loved by stylists for years.

It has also seen a boost in popularity recently thanks to the HBO series Succession (shout out to all my Kendall stans!). The show, which follows a family of rich billionaires, shows off polished interiors and smart outfits that are luxurious but not at all gaudy.


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What is quiet luxury design style?

In terms of dressing your home, quiet luxury is all about cooler toned furnishings (think white, navy, and black) in minimalistic styles, matched with rich finishing touches. Rather than feeling opulent, it feels ultra-chic. 

Get the quiet luxury look for under $50 with these 6 decor buys

Don’t worry — you don’t need to splash the cash to get this opulent look. Here are my fave picks for bringing quiet luxury into your home on a budget…

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