The 7 outdated 2000s interior design trends experts say are making a storming comeback in 2024, bringing a sense of "comfort" and "security"

These 2000s interior design trends have officially come back around and honestly? We love them!

2000s interior design trends are so back. Here are three pictures of these - a dining area with a gold metallic table with yellow seats, a living area with tropical wallpaper and a bright pink console table, and a dining table with a yellow cloth and orange and peach striped wallpaper
(Image credit: Wayfair / Lust Home)

We've seen 2000s interior design trends come back and we could not be more thrilled about it. Give us all the bold colors and metallic shimmer, and hand us a glitter gel pen to write this article with.

If you're as excited about this as we are, we've got you covered with top noughties inspired decorating tips from designers, as well as insight from a psychologist about why we're all reaching for nostalgic styles at the moment.

For those searching for interior design trends that have been popular in the past (and are now back!), it's time to dial up your time machines and set the date back to the 2000s.

Before we delve into all things 2000s (we have a guide on what Y2K style is), we sat down and figured out exactly why nostalgic designs have exploded back onto the scene the way they have.

“We find the inclusion of nostalgic elements in our homes comforting as they remind us of a time when we felt safe and secure,” says Dr Meg Arroll, psychologist and author of Tiny Traumas (Thorsons).

She continues, “Nostalgia helps us to connect our present lives to personal meaning and our core values and can increase confidence to face the challenges ahead with a more optimistic perspective.

“Go ahead and dive into whatever retro and vintage looks take your fancy in the knowledge that nostalgia can be beneficial in these challenging times,” she adds.

We’re all set to help you do just that, with expert advice and these gorgeous 2000s shoppable picks.

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1. Bold wallpaper

A living area with green and orange leaf and tiger wallpaper, a teal blue chair with a tiger pillow, a pink console table, a light pink couch, and a round glass table

(Image credit: Lust Home)

Bold and colorful wallpaper was a hallmark of 2000s interior design. Now, people are using them to showcase personalities in their homes after a stint of more muted interior looks.

“Embrace this trend by incorporating vibrant wallpaper in smaller doses, such as an accent wall or within panels,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“Choose contemporary patterns and color palettes that feel fresh and complement your overall decor scheme,” she suggests.

Renters can do this with the best peel-and-stick wallpaper. This is also a useful option if you want to be able to switch up your home’s style on the regular.

2. Open shelving

A light pink bookcase with books, plants, and decor in it

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Having decorative elements out in the open was big in the 2000s. Now, popular styles have now pivoted from boring minimalistic homes with barely any decor back to this approach.

Nina says, “Opt for sleek and minimalist open shelving units to display curated collections or functional items.”

She suggests mixing photo frames and indoor plants (the Wekiva Foliage String of Turtles from Walmart will look great on shelves) with practical storage to create a visually appealing and organized display.

3. Metallic accents

A pink living area with a brushed gold table with two yellow seats either side, a rattan pendant light above it, and a blue leopard print carpet underneath it

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Metallic finishes were super hot in 2000s interior design, thanks to how easily they add sparkle and shine. We’ve always thought they were a timeless choice, and it’s clear now everyone is back on the same page.

“Metallic finishes were widely popular in the 2000s, from shiny brass to sleek silver. Bring this trend into the present by integrating metallic accents through hardware, lighting fixtures, or decorative accessories,” Nina says.

If you don’t want to go too OTT, simply select subdued metallic shades like brushed gold (the Goldenwarm Cabinet Pulls from Amazon are an easy solution) or matte black for a sophisticated touch.

4. Bright wall art

A dining area with peach and orange striped wallpaper with wall art prints on the walls, a wooden console table with plants on, and a yellow clothed dining table

(Image credit: Lust Home)

Hands up if your bedroom walls were covered with posters from magazines in the 2000s? Same. You’ll be pleased to hear that wall art is back in a big way.

“Pop art defined 2000s decor, and is so easy to bring in with playful artwork,” Nina says. “You can either balance these neutral backdrops or contrast them with fun wallpaper to create a cohesive and energetic finish."

For example, we have the Pop Art Perfume Poster from Desenio (one of our favorite places to get cheap wall art from, FYI) in our carts, and are picturing it above our makeup vanities.

5. Colorful kitchens

A colorful kitchen with mint green, pink, and purple cabinets, a silver oven hood, and a white portable kitchen island with flowers on top

(Image credit: Wayfair)

When you’re cooking up a storm in your kitchen, having your place match all the good vibes you’re bringing to your dishes is a fun idea.

“A notable trend making a comeback is the use of minimalistic design with bursts of bold colors,” says Nick Chatzigeorgakis, design expert and CEO of Intrabuild. “This can be particularly seen in kitchens where clients crave both a sleek, modern look and energetic vibes that reflect '00s pop culture."

In a recent kitchen renovation, Nick reintroduced the 2000s interior design trend of integrating bold colors by installing a vibrant backsplash and cabinets. Nick says replicating this will captivate the essence of Y2K flair in any kitchen, whether you’re looking for large or small kitchen colors.

If you can’t change your kitchen cabinets colors, you could always go for small kitchen appliances in bold shades, such as the Smeg Pink Kettle that’s Amazon’s Choice.

6. Shabby chic

A close up of a teal blue console table with a blue bowl with oranges in it, a pink wall behind it, and a red and white patterned curtain panel to the left

(Image credit: The Monkey Puzzle Tree)

We love boho style decor, and the most Instagrammable iteration of this — shabby chic — is a 2000s interior design trend that’s here again.

“Shabby chic is having a moment. You know the look — super cozy with distressed wood, pretty embroidered pillows, and vintage embellishments,” explains Adrian Pedraza, design expert and owner of The California Home Buyer.

She suggests starting with crisp white walls, and then adding in some sage greens or soft pinks to warm it up.

“Go hit up some second hand furniture stores or antique shops to find great pieces such as arched mirrors or dressers with that chipped paint look,” Adrian adds.

If you’d rather treat yourself to a new piece, the Fabianna Throw Pillow from Anthropologie is a stylish combo of Y2K colors and shabby chic textures.

7. Statement rugs

A living area with a navy blue velvet couch with yellow and orange throw pillows, white walls, a side table with flowers and a lamp, and a white, purple, and pink statement rug

(Image credit: Wayfair)

One of our top ways to transform a room is by throwing down a statement rug, which is a 2000s interior design trend we’re pleased to see is here.

“Large, graphic rugs were a staple in 2000s interiors, and you can update this trend by choosing ones with contemporary patterns,” Nina says.

Our staff writer Eve Smallman has the Ruggable Barbie Dreamworld Rug and says it has added just the right amount of color and chicness to her living area.

Spread these 2000s interior design trends throughout the home for a playful look that bridges old and new in an appealing way. 

“With careful curation, 2000s style absolutely still has its place in 2024 interiors,” Adrian finishes by saying.

If you want to carry on decorating with trends, living room trends are easy to bring in and will impress your guests.

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