Amalficore is the hottest design trend this summer — I'm an interiors editor and I've seen it everywhere

I'm calling it: Amalficore is the trend of the season

Amalficore is so chic. Here are three pictures of it - a living room with a white cushioned couch, coastal wall art, and a glass coffee table, a lemon dining table with white plates and lemons on it, and an outdoor space with white sunloungers and a swimming pool
(Image credit: Desenio / Avalon Home / H&M Home)

Amalficore is going to be the aesthetic of the summer. I am a trends editor and believe me, it is the next big thing. It's bright, beautiful, and full of lemon motifs that give it a playful Mediterranean feel. 

While last year was tomato girl summer, this year is officially Amalficore's time to shine. I have given the design aesthetic this name myself, as while I've seen it around, no one has actually given it an official term. I've asked designers who have also seen it come up what it is, how to decorate with it, plus shopped zesty buys.

If you're looking for summer decor trends to bring into your home or outdoor space this season, I've got you covered with everything you need to know about this fabulous and fruity style.

Everything you need to know about Amalficore

Keeping up with the latest interior design trends is a brilliant way to freshen up your home throughout the year. This summer, Amalficore is the one I'm squeezing into my place.

Where the designers I've spoken to have recommended specific products, I've picked pretty buys throughout to match their advice. 

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

What is Amalficore?

A living room with a large cushioned white couch, a beige wall with coastal art prints on it, and a glass coffee table with three circular legs

(Image credit: Desenio)

If you’re wondering what Amalficore is, I’ve got you covered with a proper definition of what the style entails. 

“A new interior design aesthetic has emerged, blending the vibrancy of Italian coastal towns with the serene charm of rustic elegance,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“Dubbed Amalficore, this design trend captures the essence of the Amalfi Coast, merging colorful exuberance with earthy undertones,” she adds.

Picture being on vacation, lounging on a crisp white sun lounger, with terracotta tiles underneath you, a clear blue pool to your left, and a glass of cold lemonade in hand. That’s Amalficore summed up.

Where did Amalficore come from?

A dining table with a lemon printed table cloth, white plates on, a matching napkin on top, a terracotta plant pot, and real lemons and leaves around it

(Image credit: Avalon Home)

I have seen Amalficore making its way into interiors this year, with stores such as H&M Home and Desenio pioneering the aesthetic. I've also seen it come up as a TikTok design trend. After speaking to interior designers who confirmed they’d seen this style in clients' homes too, I decided to give it a name. 

This is because the Italian Amalfi Coast is known for its famous large lemons. Along with this, it has a beautiful scenery bright blue skies and oceans, plus earthy and colorful buildings.

How to decorate with Amalficore

A backyard area with two white sunloungers on it, a white marble table between them, two tall trees above them, a white building behind them, and a swimming pool in front

(Image credit: H&M Home)

This sun-kissed, laidback-luxe look of coastal Italy is easy to bring into your place by mixing up bright colors and textures.

“Infuse a bit of Italian glamor into your home with a Mediterranean color palette of bright blues, crisp whites, and pops of citrus tones and earthy terracotta,” explains Kathy Kuo, interior designer and founder of Kathy Kuo Home.

You can also go for smooth, natural materials, such as the Margaux Tray from Banana Republic which is handmade in India and is made from mango wood.

In terms of furnishings, Kathy recommends aiming for an aesthetic that is as comfortable as it is chic. Plush cushions, woven materials like cane and rattan, and artfully boho decor touches are all going to fit in perfectly. For example, the Business & Pleasure Co. Chaise Lounge Cushion from Anthropologie looks straight out of a hotel, is easy to clean, and is treated for anti-corrosion.

You can also work in indoor plants and greenery to add richness to the space. “Trees and lush vines can transform your space into a Mediterranean haven,” explains Nina. “Not only do they add a nature vibe, but they also purify the air and enhance the overall ambiance.”

Go for the full Amalficore vibe by choosing a lemon tree such as Gurney's Meyer Lemon Tropical Citrus Fruit Tree from Walmart, which has a beautiful fragrance and thrives indoors.

“Now, finish off the look with an Aperol Spritz and relax Italiano-style!" Kathy adds.

Shop the Amalficore edit

Want to bring all the citrusy, colorful vibes into your home? These buys will help you do just that.

The Amalficore trend is such a fun way to bring summer style into your home and is a trend that I think will be here for years to come.

“By incorporating the vibrant colors, natural materials, and artisanal touches of Amalficore, you can transform your home into a Mediterranean sanctuary, filled with warmth, charm, and Italian magic,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you want to carry on decorating your place for warmer weather, outdoor decor trends might come in useful, too.

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