6 small space decorating ideas we’re copying

We’re crushing hard on these stunning small spaces

Fun, quirky, multifunctioning small space featuring pink and yellow hues, retro patterned wall paper, paneled finishes, and honeycomb glazed backsplash wall tiles.
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Feeling uninspired by your apartment decor? Maybe it’s time to freshen things up! Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to hold back on expressing your personal style. Limited square footage actually offers the perfect chance to explore your interior design preferences while sticking to a budget

Whether you just moved into a new rental or you want to spruce up your existing aesthetic, these lively and curated apartments will inspire you to create the space of your dreams. If you've been in a design rut, consider this your sign to make some moves — you and your home will thank us later.

1. Create an inviting nook 

Happy, playful lounge nook with abstract, pastel wall art, chaise sofa with assorted, patterned scatter cushions, and small round wooden coffee table with vase of fresh flowers.

(Image credit: Photo credit: @hej_colourful.home)

One great way to make the most of a small space? Make it undeniably cozy and inviting. This little corner looks like the perfect place to unwind after a long day. From movie nights to morning reading sessions, every apartment should have a welcoming spot that instantly makes you feel more relaxed — after all, your home should be your happy space.

Achieve a similar vibe by placing a chaise couch or best sectional sofa in the corner of your living room. Add pillows of different hues, sizes, and textures along with a big throw blanket to up the cozy factor. To make the space feel more high-end, pick a few art pieces or photographs and hang them on the wall.

2. Keep things chill with neutral colors

Neutral lounge detail with round washed-wood coffee table, styled with coffee table books and fresh flowers in vase, and comfy sofa with tactile scatter cushions.

(Image credit: Photo Credit: @maisonsteph)

If you want to feel a sense of stillness when you come home (who doesn’t?), stick to neutral tones in your small living space. 

This stunning room proves that neutrals don’t have to be boring. By adding a variety of patterns and shades, the room has both dimension and depth. Recreate the look with the only six things you need to buy for a small living room, and combine linen fabrics, wood furniture, and gold or black accents for an inviting and timeless sanctuary of calm. In short, let the details do the talking. 

3. Get tactile with a multi-textural vibe 

Boho style lounge with assorted round wall mirrors, shibori scatter cushions on sofa, global inspired feature rug, and mid-century modern glass and wood combo round coffee table.

(Image credit: Photo Credit: Sara Berrenson (@thepetiteflea))

The combination of colors, textures, and shapes in this living room really brings it to life. The bright, patterned living room rug idea makes a fun and expressive statement while the three unique mirrors on the wall open up the space and make it appear bigger. Another showstopper in this room? The lush potted plant. It gives the room an extra dose of liveliness. 

Mimic the look in your own home by pairing different shapes and textures together, and let small living room layouts inspire a furniture shake-up. Set a round coffee table on a rectangular rug, hang circular mirrors above an L-shaped couch, or combine wood finishes with softer, cotton fabrics.


4. Make an artful impression with a statement piece 

Large statement mono abstract wall art above slim sideboard console, staged with baskets, books, and trailing lilacs.

(Image credit: Photo Credit: @mycityapartment)

If you want one section of your apartment to really have a moment, consider investing in a big piece of art. Placed above a minimalist shelf, the framed artwork ins this space demands your attention and gives the room a romantic, peaceful feel. But art can do a lot more than that. Pieces can also liven up a space or add energy.

To keep things from getting too cluttered, only set a few items that are useful or meaningful on the shelf underneath. A reading lamp, a handful of your favorite books, and a pretty candle are some good go-tos.

And if you're feeling creative, why not try making your very own DIY oversized wall art for a budget-friendly project, as demonstrated wonderfully by DIYer Brooke Waite.

5. Enhance your mood with a dopamine-boosting color 

Soft blush living room scheme with modern floral wallpaper, playful wall art, cocoon floor lamo, and tactile seating.

(Image credit: Photo Credit: @danielletullo)

Pink is really having a moment in this feminine apartment. Temporary wallpaper and a quirky art print serve as the focal point in the room while the white chair and minimalist floor lamp add balance to the space.

The best peel-and-stick wallpapers offer renters a chance to personalize their abode with little effort and sacrifice from their bank account. Pick a print that resonates with you and your goals for your space, then reach for accessories that best complement it.

Gallery wall idea featuring assorted framed prints and typography above modern sofa in cozy living room.

(Image credit: Photo Credit: @thechanchic)

Gallery wall ideas are popular, and they're a fairly easy way to add personality to your apartment. The key is to keep the photos or prints in your gallery wall cohesive. This will make it look more high-end and intentional rather than sloppy or tacky. 

Check sites like Etsy for affordable art prints, quotes, or photographs that you can download and print at home. Frames can get pricey if you’re not looking in the right places, but stores like Crate and Barrel and Home Goods have a surprisingly good selection.

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