5 room dividers to change up your living space

Whether in your bedroom or lounge; make the most of the space you have with a stylish partition

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Room dividers, also known as folding screens or partitions, became a popular feature in ladies dressing rooms centuries ago. They date back to ancient China where they were also considered a way of displaying art work. Today, they make a fabulous addition to studio apartments or bigger living spaces to divide up the room in a way that gives the illusion of more space. 

They can be used in the traditional way, to create a space for changing, or they can even be used to discreetly cover up storage and make the room look tidier. When deciding what room divider is right for you, consider what purpose you want it to have and where you are going to put it. This will determine whether you want solid panels or windows to let the light shine through and how tall and wide you need it to be to fulfil its duty. 

Solid wood folding screens work better as a more permanent feature, whereas lightweight partitions such as canvas ones are great for moving around and varying their use. Many of the best room dividers are designed with exquisite designs and when not in use, work as standalone artwork. For anyone on a budget; room dividers are not always pricey - there are a lot of cheap room dividers that don't necessarily look as inexpensive as they are, you just have to be savvy about your choice of design and materials.

There are loads of different room dividers available on the market to cater to all styles and budgets, and we’ve picked out our top 5 choices from traditional to contemporary to help inspire your home. 

1. Murando – Decorative Folding Screen

A striking room divider for funky spaces

Best for: Design
Size: H172xW48
Material: Wood, Canvas
Reasons to buy
+ Different designs + Eye catching 
Reasons to avoid
- A bit big 

If you’re looking to make a statement in your home, then choose from one of the Murando decorative folding screens. They come in a range of art-inspired design options from Aztec prints to intricate stencil designs to Zen Buddhas. Regardless of design, these patterned room screens would make an excellent feature in an open plan studio apartment to separate bedroom and living space. A standard size screen comes with 3 panels or an extra-large comes with 5 panels so you can pick one that fits in your home perfectly.  

2. Tom Raffield Gwelsen Screen

A piece of art for designer homes

Best for: Investment piece
Size: H180xW60-180xD5cm
Material: Solid Oak
Reasons to buy
+ Handmade + Beautiful aesthetic 
Reasons to avoid
- A little pricey 

This designer room divider is a piece of art work created by Tom Raffield and it is made using oak to create a complex design of spirals which give you just a little glimpse through to the other side. Inspired by the natural beauty of the English countryside, this designer experimented with a variety of natural woods to bring shapes and structures to life. This uniquely designed room divider is pricey, but would make a great investment piece for your bedroom as a traditional folding screen for changing behind.  

3. Hartleys Japanese Style Folding Wooden Room Divider

Take your home back to ancient Japan with this folding screen

Best for: Your first home
Size: H170xW121.5cm
Material: Wood, Translucent paper
Reasons to buy
+ Simplistic design + Affordable  
Reasons to avoid
- A little flimsy 

Students and first time buyers will love this Japanese style room divider. Inexpensive yet stylish, this minimalist room divider can easily change up an open plan room to give the illusion of more space. It is lightweight which means you can move it around whenever you want to instantly refresh your home’s interior. This is a quick and easy way to make your student bedroom look like a high-end New York penthouse and easily one of the best budget room dividers for anyone looking after the pennies.

4. Arthouse Enchantment Night Own Room Divider

A pretty canvas print for girly bedrooms

Best for: Shabby Chic Interiors
Size: H150xW120xD2.5cm
Material: Wood, Canvas
Reasons to buy
+ Solid divider + Neutral colours 
Reasons to avoid
- Smaller than others 

This room divider is the perfect size for bedrooms and features a pretty owl design that would look great in any girly or vintage style bedroom. It is a solid room divider which makes it perfect for sisters who share a room, or as a storage solution that will keep smaller rooms looking tidy. It's not the most sturdy room divider on our list, but for anyone looking to brighten up a small uninspiring space, this is the best room divider for small, dull spaces as its light airy colours don't overcrowd a room.

5. Anself Natural Room Divider Bamboo

A multi-purpose room screen that rolls up when you're done

Best for: Versatility
Size: H200xW250xD0.3cm
Material: Bamboo
Reasons to buy
+ Move from room to room+ Packs up small
Reasons to avoid
- Bamboo only on one side

This bamboo room screen is the perfect natural looking room divider for anyone looking for temporary privacy from time to time. This particular screen differs to all others on our list in that it rolls up for easy storage. Made from individual strips of bamboo, you can roll this room divider out and create numerous wavy style combinations to suit your room size and shape, then, when you're done, roll it up like a yoga mat and pop in under a bed or in a cupboard and it's out of site. The only downside is that it's only bamboo on one side, the other is grey felt.