10 living room TV ideas to cleverly disguise your tech

How to disguise your TV so you can still binge-watch Netflix but it doesn't interrupt your aesthetic

Ikea living room tv ideas
(Image credit: Ikea)

Let's be honest, it's not easy trying to find beautiful living room TV ideas. The majority of TVs just ain't pretty. God forbid, we would never give them up, what would we watch binge-watch Drag Race on on a boring Sunday afternoon? But it would be nice if the TV could fit a bit better with a living room aesthetic. 

So we did some research and have found loads of ways you can make your TV less of a black hole in the middle of your living room. From making it part of the decor, to stylish ways to cover it up when you aren't watching, you'll definitely find something that will work in your living room here. And we're not just talking about buying a stylish TV stand (though it is a good place to start).

How can I make a TV look good in my living room?

You can make a TV look good in plenty of ways. The key is first to pick a TV that isn't going to be too bulky, in most of these ideas the TV sits almost flush to the wall. But fear not, most modern TVs are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible so your current model will likely work with all these looks. And if you know your TV is in need of an update, check out our guide to the best TV.

Then it's just about positioning your TV in a space that's practical and using clever tricks to make sure it doesn't become the sole focus of your living room. Check out these 10 ideas to get inspired.

1. Match your tv to your living room vibe

Small living room ideas

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

If you haven't discovered the fire videos on Netflix and Youtube, you need to. They are a game-changer and we swear there is a placebo effect going on that makes you feel warmer – definitely more cozy anyways.

In this living room, the TV area really adds something extra to the room, and is in fact the focus, but in a good way. The 'wood' (which is actually a layer of fabric mounted to the wall) frames the TV and links it to the lovely cabin vibe that's going on in the rest of the room. 

This is a classic way to disguise your TV – blend it in with the artwork on your wall. This set up by @swoonworthyblog fits with the color scheme of her living room perfectly, plus the prints hung below the TV hide the wire too.

And fear not, you don't have to have the dreamy Samsung The Frame to make this look work. Even if your TV isn't quite as beautiful, wall mounting it and surrounding it with gorgeous prints is still going to make it more of a subtle part of your living room. You can even get frames made for your TV if you want it to look even more seamless. 

3. Hide a TV behind shutters

TV behind shutters

(Image credit: Ashley Morrison)

Now, this has got to be one of the most stylish ways to disguise your TV. Putting it behind shutters not only hides the TV but creates a cool focal point in your living room. And if you wanted it to blend more seamlessly into the wall just paint it the same color and pick a really simple design for your shutters. 

4. Blend your TV into shelving

Fireplace ideas

(Image credit: MoutainMod)

Do you even notice the TV in this living room? It's certainly not the first thing we see. While the tempting thing to do here would be to wall mount the TV above the fireplace, that would then make it focus of the room and detract from the lovely serene feel. By disguising the TV in the shelving the fireplace remains the main feature. 

You could always mount your TV into an alcove or shelving with a pull out bracket so you can move it in and out when it's in use. 

5. Distract from the TV with decor

Large living room with central ottoman

(Image credit: Paul Craig)

Sometimes the easiest way to disguise your TV is to distract from it with your furniture and decor. The TV in this living room is again set back into shelving, but the surrounding decor takes the focus off the TV and all your notice is the lovely colorful bookshelf, the statement mirror and that stunning chandelier.

6. Hide your TV in a cabinet

Living room with build in tv cabinet

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Loving the retro vibe of this living room, and that built-in cabinet with sliding doors actually hides a very un-70s TV. Having a unit, whether it's a wall-sized built-in unit or just a cabinet to house your TV means you can hide it away behind doors when you aren't using it. 

7. Wall mount your TV above a focal point

If you have been blessed with a fireplace in your living room, wall mounting your TV above the mantle often just makes sense. The fireplace is likely to be the focus of your room, and you'll want all your furniture to be arranged around it to enjoy its warmth and coziness. Plus having a mantle and a fireplace underneath your TV can balance it out, especially if you decorate the mantle to blend in the TV better.

Do always check that it's safe to wall mount your TV above a working fireplace. You'll have to check the temperature of the wall above when the fire is lit and ensure it doesn't exceed the temperatures that your TV manufacturer recommends. 

8. Build shelving around your TV

Ikea living room tv ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

Building storage around your TV is not only a practical idea, but it can look really chic too. Creating a wall of both open and closed storage around the TV, fills the space rather than just have a black hole stuck on a blank wall. It gives it more of a fancy home cinema and works even better if you go for a darker color so the TV stands out even less. 

Opt for a mix of open and closed storage – open to create cute displays of books, houseplants and decor, and closed for keeping the more un-aesthetically pleasing stuff like the remotes and cables.

9. Go minimalist  

Ikea living room tv ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you like to keep your space as fuss-free as possible, just embrace the look of a simple TV on a crisp white backdrop. The TV in this space is hardly hidden, but it doesn't look bad either, in fact, it kind of works with the monochrome scheme brought in with the rug and the dark grey console. Just be sure to bring in some kind of decor, no matter how minimalist, around the TV to slightly soften the look.

10. Paint a wall to match your TV

Small living room ideas

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Paint your walls the same color as the TV. Simple. And we say the same color but really what we mean is to use darker colors so the TV blends seamlessly into the walls. You could go all out like in this space and paint all four walls and the ceiling, but if you are a bit of a colorphobe just create a feature wall and mount the TV onto that. 

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