28 living room corner ideas to make the most of an empty space

Let these living room corner ideas inspire you to embrace your awkward nooks and empty spaces to turn them into something beautiful

Navy living room corner idea by Sofology with statement gold round mirror, palm plants, fireplace and Art Deco inspired furniture
(Image credit: Sofology)

Living room corner ideas can either be a blessing or a curse – depending on how you approach them. Yes, they can be quite awkward spaces to know what to do with. Too small to fit in any substantial furniture but too big to leave empty – these parts of your living room do need a bit of extra love to make them stand out.

Lucky for you, we've loads of gorgeous spaces to prove that your corners can become things of beauty. From a cozy home for your houseplants to a place to WFH, a little library and a boozy bar cart for cocktail hour, let these living room layout ideas inspire you to make the most of your space...

Living room corner ideas you'll love

'Living room corner ideas come in all shapes and sizes. For artwork lovers, you could have a sculpture on a plinth, which will take up minimal floor space,' says Joanne Quinn, lead designer, LuxDeco.

'Or, if you have an off-centre window or one that runs the length of a wall and into the corner, see that empty space in your living room as an opportunity to create a window seat or a makeshift home office looking out onto whatever view is waiting outside.'

1. Create a maximalist corner

A maximalist living room corner idea with leopard print sofa, red wallpaper decor and wall art

(Image credit: Sofology)

Make your living room corner ideas work harder by layering lots of trends in this space. Here, a leopard print sofa effectively clashes with a red floral living room wallpaper idea

If you're brave with interior design and love bold interior design, you can emulate this design in your own lounge by making sure you're playing with the size of the prints you're combining. For instance, try it out by mixing a small animal print with a large floral design like this room or combine different designs in the same color.

2. Position a chandelier off-center

A pink living room corner idea by Sofology with chandelier, wall paneling and metallic crug

(Image credit: Sofology)

Living room lighting ideas, whether they're floor, ceiling or wall lights, don't have to sit in the centre of your room. In this living room corner idea, the chandelier has been installed in the latter third of the room and directly above the beige-colored sofa with its gorgeous hexagonal motif.

Texture is abundant in this living room, with the layering of rugs, wallcovering inserts into the paneling, a fringe lampshade and the traditional fireplace which sits in the background of this femininely pink scheme.

A coastal global living room corner with real tree and blue and white nautical themed decor

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Mixing trends is one way to make your living room corner ideas stand out. And we love the combination of coastal and global influences in this blue and grey living room idea. Tactile features including throws and raised details on the cushions add comfort, meanwhile a tree placed in the corner of this living room adds a fresh, organic feel.

'Greenery is a failsafe way to breathe life into any part of your home. Flowers are the go-to plant for a sitting room so when you choose greenery instead (or as well as) it’ll always be noticed,' says Quinn.

'If you’re feeling brave, go maximalist with an oversized, large-leaf plant potted in a textured rattan basket. More understated options are pretty olive or bay trees. And if you really don’t have space without making the room feel cluttered, think about hanging a terrarium so that your greenery floats down into the corner from the ceiling.'

4. Add storage into a recessed wall

A living room corner idea by Sofology with cream decor and 'shelfie'

(Image credit: Sofology)

No matter how big or small your living room is, open shelving is an en vogue way to update your living room corner ideas. Bonus points for this living room which has an arch to add an additional focal point to display vases, books and more. For extra storage, cabinetry has been installed in a flush and fuss-free way.

'Not every corner is a clean, easy-to-use right angle. If yours goes in then and out to leave you with a corner alcove, there are still corner storage units for living rooms that can almost feel made to measure,' explains Quinn.

'A small chest of drawers, a petite sideboard, a narrow bookcase and a console table with a shelf beneath are just four examples of living room corner furniture that will look good and give you both display and storage space. If you can find one to work with your alcove dimensions, an Art Deco-esque cabinet can be a fun and striking opportunity to create a bar area filled with cocktail glassware and intriguing spirits.'

5. Add an accent wall with wallpaper

A green and white living room corner idea with brown leather sofa, palm-print wallpaper decor and rug

(Image credit: Sofology)

Adopting a biophilic theme in the corner of your living room is one way to liven it up. And if you're dreaming of balmy and tropical destinations for your vacation – why not create a holiday-inspired space with an accent feature wall design?

Start with a wooden-look living room flooring idea such as laminate or LVT, then build upon this pretty paradise with green wall paint, palm wallcoverings and lots of hanging plants. And, if you're bold enough and space permits, we'd go as far as swapping out the sofa for an indoor hammock for the ultimate relaxing scheme.

6. Zone a corner with floor lamps

A navy living room corner idea by Sofology with floor lamps

(Image credit: Sofology)

Dark living rooms are the perfect space to create a dramatic and moody ambience, but if your inky space looks more doom and gloomy – don't worry. 

All can be resolved with two of the best floor lamps you can afford. Position them on either side of your sofa to create a VIP lounge area for you and your guests.

A living room corner idea with white exposed brick wall, gallery wall and pink sofa

(Image credit: Sofology)

Framed art and gallery wall ideas are always a popular choice in living rooms. But if you want to draw the eye to the furthest point in the room – group them into a corner.

And, as we've spoken previously about – layer your trends. Here, lots of picture frames and fixed to an exposed painted brick wall inside of a recessed wall. That's three trends for the price of one in your living room corner.

8. Create a green jungle luxe scheme

A green living room corner idea by Sofology with green velvet sofa with houseplants

(Image credit: Sofology)

If you're lucky enough to have a light-filled living room where you can see your garden and/or outdoor spaces – take advantage of this with a green living room

Bringing the outdoors in, you can blend your interior and exterior spaces with a verdant velvet sofa positioned in the corner, with a combination of fresh and faux plants.

We especially love the black-framed doors in this scheme, which allow the two schemes to seamlessly integrate.

9. Be rebellious with a neon sign

A living room corner idea by Snug with pink neon Ooh La La sign and small L-shaped sofa that came in a box

(Image credit: Snug)

There's something a little rock and roll about neon signage. In a small living room idea, it can show off your eccentric personality – without taking up any valuable floor space. 

And, as a living room corner idea, with this compact blue sofa from Snug, it can instantly turn this multifunctional space into a place to entertain. So whether you choose a shop-bought sign, or go bespoke, you can really show off a fun and playful side to your interior style.

10. Cozy up with a loveseat

A living room corner idea by DFS with Joules four seater sofa and loveseat with green curtain window treatment and rattan shelf

(Image credit: DFS)

When deciding on living room seating, a four-seater sofa can feel too big for a couple, and single armchairs too alienating. So, when having guests over, it can be a case of musical chairs when deciding where to place yourself.

A loveseat is the perfect living room corner idea which allows you to squeeze up next to your partner, while guests have the larger space to spread out. Loveseats or cuddlers are also the perfect one-and-a-half-sized-space for children who want to sit next to mum or dad, or cozying up with a pet on your lap or shoulder.

This red and navy Patterdale model by DFS in collaboration with Joules is the perfect example one too – although it comes in 26 other colorways.

11. Create your own bespoke seating setup

A living room corner idea by DFS with multicolored seating made up of modular seats pushed together

(Image credit: DFS)

Shelves and storage aren't the only interior fixtures that are modular. So if you want to create a seating setup that fits your space perfectly – choose a living room corner idea that you can build to be as big or as small as you like.

This clever Sofables design is really simple and consists of two elements - seats and sides. These are wholly interchangeable, so you can reconfigure them without any faff. For example, a three seater could become a two seater and chair. Using the connectors you can adapt it again and again, quickly and easily, so you are ready for any occasion. 

We love the fact that all of these seats are mismatched so kids can choose their favorite color to sit on and change up your arrangement.

12. Or go for a one-color modular setup

A living room corner idea by Swyft with modular sofa setup in Pumice situated in front of staircase with large window pane

(Image credit: Swyft)

Grown-up gatherings suit having just the one color, but that shouldn't mean that you miss out on the modular fun. 

This low-slung living room corner idea is perfect for a cozy night in or sharing a few beers. We love the living room wall lighting ideas in this beige room which add an intimate ambience for movies, board games and more.

13. Suspend a modern fireplace from the ceiling

A living room corner idea with modern fireplace, grey footstool and sofa and wooden shelves

(Image credit: Carpetright)

Modern fireplace ideas are a hot way to heat up unloved living room corners. And this cool suspended model doesn't disappoint. 

Placed nearby the window, you can appreciate the glowing embers while the natural light from the outdoors amplifies the warm tones from the fire. 

14. Blend your radiators into your decor

A teal living room corner idea with brown leather chair, teal radiator and wall decor

(Image credit: The Radiator Centre)

Perfect for the colder months, radiators are one of few heating systems that can be given a makeover or upcycled with paint. 

So make your rad stand out or blend in with your wall decor with some emulsion. We love the touch of teal that has been added to this appliance to allow it to go unnoticed as it camouflages into the living room paint color idea.

15. Highlight wall textures

A living room corner idea by Sofology with exposed brick wall and concrete wall with blue L-shaped velvet sofa

(Image credit: Sofology)

Don't underestimate the powerful role that your walls play as living room corner ideas. Though a blue velvet sofa would sit well in an Art Deco-inspired living room (if you'll pardon the pun), having an exposed brick and concrete wall combo definitely changes the dynamics of this space – creating a scheme that's edgy and industrial.

And who knows what you'll uncover underneath your walls? That arch is a living room corner idea in itself.

16. Add trailing ivy to your shelves

A green living room corner idea by Oak Furnitureland with grey L-shaped sofa and trailing ivy on shelf

(Image credit: Oak Furniture Land)

Add interest to a living room corner with an accent wall idea. This bright and airy living room has been refreshed with a rectangular block of green paint and shelf combination with trailing ivy. 

Pet owners and parents with young children should note that ivy can cause irritation and be toxic if ingested. 

17. Swap a sofa for a daybed

A living room corner idea by Nest using Fern Living Kona Bed, exposed brick walls and modular shelf

(Image credit: Nest)

If you're looking for sleepover-friendly ideas for your living room, then swapping out your sofa for a daybed might be a viable option. As a living room corner idea, it's good for those with more modest abodes and is a versatile piece of furniture for small apartments, or those wanting to adopt the Japandi trend in their home.

This Fern Living Kona Bed is inspired by the Japanese word for corner and is a sustainable and guest-friendly sleep space made from sturdy, FSC™-certified oak veneer. It features a low headboard and raised back panel that's perfect for resting up against.

18. Create a reading nook

A living room corner used as a reading nook with green velvet armchair and houseplant

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Because who doesn't want to able to say they have a reading nook in their home? Even if the reading nook is more of a magazine nook or an iPad nook, it's nice to have a cozy space with soft lighting to take yourself away to.

We love how light-filled this space is, something you don't always see with corner spaces, but even if you don't have a nearby window, a strategically placed mirror can make the area feel lighter and brighter.

19. Add interest to a plain corner with prints

A blue living room with velvet sofa and armchair in the corner with cow print rug and chandelier ceiling light decor

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Sometimes all a dark corner needs to give it a lift is a few prints. We love how this one is made up of small prints that meet at the corner, it almost creates the allusion the wall is in fact flat. If you like a less fussy vibe, hang two prints of similar sizes on each wall for an equally eye-catching gallery wall.

Hanging pictures is actually an artform in itself, so make sure you get the spacing and sizes right for your corner space.

'Whether your choice of artwork is framed prints or large-scale oils, it’s tempting to position them all in the centre of the wall. But by taking your art into the corner, or corners, it brings instant interest – not only in the pieces themselves but because it’s not the place you always expect to find them,' says Quinn.

'Use neighbouring walls in the corners of your living room so you have a right-angle of related art. Hanging artwork at the same height will give you a more traditional look, or hang one lower than the other if you want more of an asymmetrical, contemporary vibe.'

20. Put a fireplace in a cozy corner 

A dark grey living room corner with woodburning stove fireplace and alcove with logs for burning

(Image credit: David Woolley)

Oooh, don't you just feel warmer looking at this space? A wood burner is the ultimate corner accessory right? It's also a great location if your living room is on the smaller side so you can't really afford for it to me bang in the middle of the space as a focal point. Note how this small log burner is positioned in the alcove of this room – such a nice way to use up what could just be a dead space. 

Pop a compact armchair nearby and, if you can squeeze one in, a side table or stool for your tea and a book.

21. Hang an egg chair 

A hanging chair in a loft living room corner with indoor tree houseplant

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

Nothing gives a space those cool, boho vibes quite like a hanging chair. Plus they are perfect for small spaces because technically they take up zero floor space either so are going to be visually bulky. Make a swing seat even more inviting by piling up the cushions and adding some sheepskin throws too.

Word of warning, safety is important when adding a hanging chair. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing it, ensuring the chair hangs from a ceiling joist and has enough room around it to make it safe and comfortable to use.

'Sometimes it’s good to have some alone time. So having an individual chair placed in corner just speaks as “private time” even if it’s set within a larger communal area. To make it look as though it’s part of the room go for statement piece. This doesn’t have to mean expensive but just something with character that stands out.' says Dominik

Now to find the best hanging chair – swing by our guide for an up-to-date list of our favorites.

22. Turn a corner into a forest

A living room corner idea by Ikea turned into a snug with wooden wall panels, tan sofa and houseplant

(Image credit: Ikea)

When in doubt, nothing fills up an empty corner like an indoor plant – they literally bring life into a dull space. Plus they are perfect if you have barely any room so furniture or storage is a no, but you just want something to add a bit of interest. 

A larger houseplant is going to have more of an impact, but quick hack, you can add loads of height to your houseplant but popping them on a stand, a stool or even a small table. Plus if you are worried about your plant babies not getting enough light in a dark corner, just go fake instead.

23. Set up a mini work space

A home office living room corner idea with olive green skirting, cream and gold palm print wallpaper, white armchair, brass mirror and chesterfield-style quilted taupe footstool

(Image credit: Alisa Bovino, A Glass of Bovino)

If you haven't been blessed with a home office, you might have spent the majority of last year trying to 'carve-out' a WFH space in your existing rooms. The corner of a living room can lend itself to be a little workstation for when the soft office (a.k.a your bed or the sofa) just won't do any longer. 

Pop a small desk with a sensible lamp to work by and voila. You could even just wall mount a shelf you can perch your laptop on and add a corkboard to make the space feel more... work-like. 

Just be sure you pick up one of the best office chairs to go in your set up, your back will thank you. 

24.  Add in some extra storage

A garden studio living room corner idea with wood burning stove, open shelving with books and corner bench with blue and cream cushions

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Corner floating shelves are a great way to add some extra living room storage but they also look so lovely and bring in loads of color and texture. 

You're also saving that valuable floor space by wall-mounting your storage rather than going for a cabinet – but we do love the addition of a small bench in this living room corner too, a very cute idea if you have got the room.

25. Create a home bar

At home bar with black panelling

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

And our personal favorite way to make use of an awkward living room corner –  a home bar idea. This gorgeous example is not only is stocked with delicious-looking drinks, it also fits so seamlessly into the space. 

You could quite easily DIY a similar bar if your skills are up to scratch and paint to match your home. Don't forget to wall mount a couple of shelves too to display your prettiest drink bottles. 

If you've no space for a full bar, a bar cart can still make all the difference.

'Something that will capture everyone's attention and that will be sure to draw your friends and family round, a bar cart. You can style your bar cart around other things rather than on alcohol. And you can change it up from season to season too.' says designer, artist and blogger, Chloe Dominik.

26. Lean a large mirror

It's design 101 that mirrors expand a space, so it makes sense to use them in the darker corners of your living room. 

They create the optical allusion that the room goes on beyond the mirror, so can really expand a corner area. We love the laid back look of a large leaning mirror, great if you are renting too so can't go hammering nails into the wall. 

27. Add extra coziness with floor cushions

basement living room by Interior Fox

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

If your living room really is so on the small side it basically is just one big collection of corners, enhance that coziness by creating almost a grown-up den-like vibe. Floor cushions might sound a bit hippy-esque, but just check out how stylish they can be.

They work perfectly in this corner space, especially as this room has low ceilings too. Add a cozy, warm wall light to the corner and pile up the soft furnishings to create the perfect area to chill out and watch movies. 

28. Create a contemporary corner with a hero piece

A living room corner idea with hero boucle chair, coral wall decor and abstract wall art

(Image credit: -@still_loljohnsonphotography)

For this look, interior and furniture designer, Nicki Bamford-Bowes took inspiration from the framed wall art above the chair, opting for autumnal tones of rusts, pinks, ambers, and burgundy to add a welcoming warmth to this living room corner idea.

The look was created with a Home Essentials spice-toned folding tray side table which complemented the color palette in the Terrazzo cushion and earthenware vases. A low-level Rosy Lamp was also incorporated to give a cozy glow.

To get the look, start with your personal hero piece. A versatile chair such as a teddy occasional chair, is perfect. Style it up with swappable pieces, such as side tables and accessories. For the ultimate instant update, add new cushions or rugs.

Lamps become more important as the season changes – add more in the winter months. A low lamp with a pink shade gives a subtle, rosy glow. Finally, swap out summer flowers for seasonal Amaranthus and soft textured pampas.

'I love to change the vibe in my home as summer fades and I wanted to show others how to do this using just one key piece of furniture in the same space,' says Bamford-Bowes.

'My hero piece for both looks is the Elise Teddy Accent chair, which I picked for its versatile neutral shade and warm texture. This was styled in my pink room where I created two subtly different looks. Try this in your own home and let me know what you think.'

What can I put in the corner of my living room?

'One of our favourite living room corner decoration ideas centers on the window,' says Quinn.

'If your living room’s window touches the corner of your living room, or at least comes close, think about building out a window seat beneath it. A window seat is one of those luxuries that has such a calming spirit. It’s one of the most effective ways of making the empty corner of a living room the biggest feature in the room and the part that you’ll want to flock towards.'

How do I fill up the blank space in my living room?

'Make the most of a bland and empty living room corners by displaying a unique art sculpture (or two!). Sculptures are one of the best living room corner ideas and can simply fill an empty space or make a statement,' explains Quinn.

'Whether placed on a pedestal or high table or displayed on its own, a sculpture is a designer favourite way to add interest to an unexpected space. Be sure to choose a piece which doesn’t need to be seen from multiple angles because the backside will hardly be viewable.'

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