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If you've ever been to a friend's house and felt like their living room just didn't pass the vibe check, then it probably had something to do with their coffee table. You don't have to be an interior designer to know that your coffee table ties an entire living room together, but the one thing that's almost always overlooked is that if you choose the wrong one it will become a standout piece — as in a sore thumb kinda way.

So, if your living room is looking a little lackluster, then much like your favorite barista every morning, a new coffee table is calling your name. And what's better than a coffee table that's currently hot and flooding your TikTok and Instagram feeds? From Urban Outfitters to Overstock, I'm here to ensure you never overspend and that your home is always on trend. The tables below are fit for both petite and colossal spaces, and while right now you're probably picturing your coffee table decor must-haves in your head, from fancy coffee table books to your go-to scented candle, these tables all have enough space for those plus your Friday night Martini or your Sunday morning smoothie.

A word of advice from one decor lover to another: jump on the bandwagon now, before everyone else catches on.

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Acrylic is still having its moment, and I'm not mad about it. From desk organizers to coffee tables to desk chairs, it's all over my TikTok right now. An acrylic coffee table is perfect for making a smaller living room appear larger, plus it will bounce some much-needed light around the space. This is the ultimate modern coffee table of the moment.

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Bring nature indoors — and into the center of your living space — with a real wood coffee table. The pedestal design is in right now, and as always, a round or oval coffee table will make your space look softer and more welcoming.

@bbrill Instagram photo of living room with green sofa and marble block coffee table

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Everyone knows that a block coffee table looks expensive (I mean, most of them are expensive) but they also manage to bring everything together in your living room. They are especially great for making smaller spaces seem a lot bigger. Why not go for a marble coffee table to add elegance and a little texture to this space? Then you can add color through rugs or accent chairs without it clashing.

What's the best style of coffee table for your home?

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Obviously, the style of coffee table that you opt for is going to need to fit with your deco. But beyond whether it's a modern coffee table with a minimalist aesthetic or a mid-century coffee table with retro vibes that you're trying to track down, there are a few other key considerations that can make or break getting this purchase right. 

Firstly, size. It may sound obvious, but before you fall in love with your dream coffee table, you need to do the (yes, boring) job of checking your measurements. 

After all, it's not enough that a coffee table fits into your living room space, it also needs to be the right size that you can move comfortably around it, allow enough space to open and close drawers and doors if it's a storage coffee table, and to be in proportion with the rest of your furniture. The same goes if it's a lift-top coffee table, you'll want to make sure its top can comfortably lift up.

As a general rule of thumb, you're going to want to go for a coffee table that's about two-thirds the width of your sofa as a maximum. This should allow enough space to walk comfortably on either side of it to access the couch, although laying out newsprint in the dimensions of the coffee table you're considering can be a great way to get a feel for how much floor space it will take up.

You can go smaller too of course, but you'll want to ensure a small coffee table doesn't feel too lost in a larger space. Sticking with the thirds rule will work well here too, so opting for a smaller coffee table that's roughly one-third the width of your sofa can work just as well, as can a coffee table that's approximately half the size of the width of the sofa.

You'll also want to consider access dimensions, as, annoyingly, it isn't just the space in your living room you'll need to measure up for, you also need to get your new coffee table through doorways and, potentially, up some flights of stairs and around corners before you get it into place. Most coffee tables are likely to have legs that disassemble to make this easier, but it's always worth double-checking if you have trickier access to navigate.

A modern coffee table with sculptural base

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Next up there's the coffee table height to think about. A low-to-the-ground coffee table can be great for a modern home, and also work well in a smaller living room as it won't block the view to the couch, so makes a room feel larger. However, if you're sofa seating is on the taller side, make sure to check just how low that coffee table surface will be, and if it's a comfortable height to easily reach for a drink or keep snacks out of the way of curious pets!

A round wood coffee table in a bohemian style living room

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And then there's some design trickery to factor in. 

If you're furnishing a small living room then you will know that every inch counts, and there are various 'tricks' you can employ to make the best use of a compact space when adding a coffee table.

Storage is every small homeowner or renter's best friend — and opting for a storage or lift-top coffee table means added multifunctionality to stash some clutter because as we all know, clear surfaces and a minimal approach will help to prevent smaller spaces from feeling overwhelmed.

You can also factor in materials. Opting for a glass coffee table will help to make a small room look bigger as it won't block the view across the room; resulting in some valuable extra 'visual' square footage.

A high-legged design will also add extra floor space, allowing your eye to travel under the furniture to make petite proportions seem larger.

In a larger living room, a bulkier or low-to-the-ground coffee table will help to ground the space, providing an anchor point where seating can be arranged around. Solid wood or a darker all-black coffee table can be a useful tool to lend some drama to a bigger space and to create a focal point that will provide a visual resting point.

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