Refreshing the exterior of a Victorian terraced house

Take a look at these five easy steps to rejuvenating the exterior of a Victorian terraced house by interiors blogger, Maxine Brady

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The front of my Victorian terraced house in Brighton was looking messy and tired. With summer around the corner, I decided it was the perfect time to give it a refresh. I moved in during April 2015 and the front of the house had lots of problems, including a warped front door, rotten sash windows and leaking metal guttering. There were ugly TV wires everywhere, the bin was always on show, and the old paintwork was peeling. So, here’s what I did:

1. Restoring the Victorian windows

Before I could do anything with the house. I had to get both windows restored, renovated and painted. My windows were carefully taken apart by my sash window restorer, John from Top Notch Sash. He built new custom-made frames for me. Take a look at the blog I wrote about saving my windows.

Painting the exterior of a Victorian terraced house

2. Replacing the front door

I had a modern front door made by Adored Doors. I know it is not true to the age of the Victorian house, but when you see it in the flesh it does look great. Many architects like to contrast period properties with modern extensions, and I think the door complements the house in a similar way. I love the clean lines and the huge handle. It’s also made of tough composite material, which doesn’t need painting.

3. Painting the house

I picked out a fresh zesty shade by Little Greene Paint Company. Their exterior paint colour range is fantastic. I painted 100s of squares of colours on the walls then managed to narrow it down to Spearmint, which has made my home so bright and colourful.

My painter neatened up the electrical wires, and painted the upstairs windows, too. The facets were repaired and then painted white and I got the guttering fixed at the same time.

4. Picking a new house sign

I wanted to make a BIG impression, so I chose the biggest house sign that House Numbers made. It’s certainly easy for the postman to find me now!

After painting the exterior of a Victorian terraced house

5. The finishing touches

My plan is to finish off the front with a plant or a large pot, like this three-tiered plant pot filled with pretty flowers. I’d also like to put up a weather vane, like this Swan Weather Vane from Primrose. And as I’m famous among my friends for running late, I think having an outside clock might help. Finally, I’m thinking of hiding my bin in a planted bin storage unit, which is great for properties with no front garden.

All this painting and decorating will keep my house looking smart for years to come.  Hope these ideas help you if you are planning a similar project.

*Main photos by Fanny Beckmanfollow