10 ultra modern kitchen design ideas

Keep your kitchen on trend with our pick of ultra modern kitchen designs

Hub Kitchens - The Cut by Record e Cucine available at Hub Kitchens from £40,000
(Image credit: Hub Kitchens)

An ultra-modern kitchen is a one-stop answer to a kitchen that is old and cluttered and in need of a new lease of life. Modern kitchen designs are a great solution to those of us who are craving simplicity and calm in our lives. The other benefit of an ultra-modern design is the ease of maintenance: with most modern kitchen design schemes relying on continuous fitted kitchen storage and in-built appliances, and worktop surfaces in concrete and stone, this type of kitchen is easy to clean and easy to use. Plus, a minimalist, contemporary design leaves plenty of options open for a multi-use space (think home office). 

In this design guide, we explore the ultra-modern kitchen design options that deliver on both style and function...

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1. Make the kitchen island the focus in an ultra modern kitchen

Impressive, monolithic kitchen islands are central to an ultra modern kitchen, and with good reason. Firstly, a kitchen island is incredibly useful for everything from food preparation to storage and cleaning. Secondly, what better way to showcase a strong, durable material such as concrete than with the long, rectangular shape? 

You don't have to have an all-concrete kitchen island if you find it a bit too clinical. The Tio Zen Kitchen in Limed Oak by Rational features an oak veneer panel for a slightly more relaxed look. 

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Tio Zen kitchen in Terra Limed oak by Rational

(Image credit: Rational)

2. Go for lacquered concrete for a bespoke look

Concrete is the ultimate ultra-modern material – and it is more versatile than might seem. Go for a lacquered finish for a kitchen design that is both strong-looking and warm.

This Concrete-A kitchen by Leicht is made from lacquered concrete and has a rolled steel worktop. 

Leicht concrete-a kitchen

3. Create a kitchen diner with an L-shaped design

Ultra modern kitchen designs work particularly well in large, open-plan spaces. You can really make the most of the scale of your open-plan kitchen with a bespoke design, using the worktop area to create a divider between the different areas of the space. In this bespoke kitchen by Hub Kitchens, the worktop has been used to create an L-shaped kitchen diner. 

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Hub Kitchens - Andrews - Wandsworth

(Image credit: Hub Kitchens)

4. Ultra modern works for small kitchens, too

Small kitchen? Doesn't mean that you can't have a sleek and modern design. Attention to detail is key to creating a contemporary small kitchen design, so think about the design of your sink, your kitchen table and chairs, and even your accessories, as well as your fitted furniture. Don't automatically avoid colour, either – bright accents will prevent a small modern kitchen from looking bland. 

The delightful Pure Kitchen from John Lewis of Hungerford demonstrates a clever assembly of details for a smart, put-together look. 

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Pure kitchen from John Lewis of Hungerford

5. Create a multi-purpose space in your kitchen

A stylish, modern kitchen that is clutter-free and sparkling clean has the potential to be used as more than just a kitchen. While a dining space is an obvious space, a mini home office or study would not be out of place in an ultra-modern, open-plan kitchen, especially if it has a large window with a view. 

This stunning The Cut can be used in a variety of ways, from dinner party to work meeting. Available at Hub Kitchens. 

Hub Kitchens - The Cut by Record e Cucine available at Hub Kitchens from £40,000

(Image credit: Hub Kitchens)

6. Soften the look with colour

If you don't want a monochrome kitchen, but still like the ultra-modern look, paint offers an endless range of design compromise! Whether you choose a single statement wall or all-over colour, you can still have a sleek and contemporary kitchen by keeping the rest of your kitchen colour scheme neutral. 

This Handleless Kitchen in Pebble by Wren Kitchens uses a surprise purple-and-white colour scheme. For a similar plummy shade, try Pelt by Farrow & Ball. 

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Handleless Pebble by Wren Kitchens

(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

7. Zone your kitchen with a monochrome contrast 

Thinking of ways to make a large, open-plan kitchen look more defined? A contrasting monochrome colour scheme is an easy way to visually divide the space into separate areas. Simply separate the room as you want, then colour-coordinate each side. 

This modern kitchen diner by Ikea has a cosier, warmer dining area in black, and a sleek white kitchen area. 

Ikea kitchen

(Image credit: Ikea)

8. Create a focal point with a colourful splashback

Think of your all-white, ultra-modern kitchen as a blank canvas. Keep it as it is for the ultimate pure look, or introduce a playful design element with a graphic splashback mural. 

The Seamless Kitchen by Life Kitchens cleverly uses the worktop material as a  splashback panel. 

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Life Kitchens Seamless Precision

(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

9. Go metallic for a chic brutalist effect

A metallic kitchen is an edgy, contemporary choice that works especially well in urban homes. Combine with wooden fitted units for a more relaxed look, or choose an all-metallic kitchen to make the ultimate ultra-modern statement.  

This very cool metallic industrial kitchen is by Uform

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metallic industrial kitchens

(Image credit: Uform)

10. Make sleek kitchen cupboards a feature

Sleek, luxurious-looking surfaces are key to beautiful ultra-modern kitchens. This includes kitchen cabinets, which can work as part of a streamlined kitchen design if they match the other surfaces. 

This very chic minimalist kitchen benefits from having the same colour and glossy finish throughout, including the cupboards and the kitchen island drawers. It features the Handleless Roma Range kitchen cupboards in Cashmere High Gloss by Optiplan Kitchens. 

Roma Cashmere High Gloss kitchen by Optiplan Kitchens

(Image credit: Optiplan Kitchens)

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