8 of the best living room curtains

Looking for the right living room curtains? We've got you covered with our buying guide

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Been looking at living room curtain ideas and now on the hunt for the best living room curtains? You can’t just go out and buy a 'one size fits all' pair of curtains, but rather you have to make sure you get the correct measurements of your window and make sure you look out for the right type of curtains that can be easily hung. 

Which size curtains?

When choosing curtains, you will want to consider your window's shape as well as its size. If you’ve got a bay window, the curtains will need to be a little bit wider to fit all the way around, and if you’ve got tall windows, don’t forget to measure the length and choose curtains at least a few inches longer than the window itself.

Which curtain fabric?

Think about the function of your living room curtains, as well as what they look like. Is it particularly cold in your living room? If so, lined curtains will help insulate the room, and work as black out curtains. If you have a north-facing living room or if it's dimly lit you will want to go for light, sheer curtains that diffuse natural light. 

Which curtain top?

You’ll also need to check what type of curtain top you need. Pencil pleat curtains come with little hooks, which although are a little frustrating to fasten in place, allow for a neat and uniform drape across the window. If you have a curtain rail, then you can choose to go for curtains with eyelets, which are much easier to hang, but must be the right length to avoid pockets of light appearing at the top of the window. 

Which curtain style?

The rest is down to style. If your living room is fairly neutral, then you can afford to go for bold patterns and colours, and create a focal point in your living room. But if you prefer to keep things simple, then opt for colours that compliment your overall colour scheme. 

We’ve picked out some of the best living room curtains to complement a range of window styles and interior decors. Which ones will have pride of place in your living room?

Floral print curtains, white background with blue, lilac and green print

1. Voyage Sola Opal Lined Heading Curtains

Lightweight and floral; perfect for brightening up your living room

Best for: Summer curtains
Material: Cotton & linen
Size: W170cm x D182cm, 270cm, 300cm
Colour: White, purple, green
Reasons to buy
+ Lightweight  + Floor length  
Reasons to avoid
- Do not black out light 

These floral floor length curtains are designed with style in mind. Their length would suit a tall or thin window, or a bay window which you intend to make a feature in your living room. The light colours and breezy material mean that these curtains won’t provide much extra warmth to the room, but does mean they are ideal for the summertime when you want your living room to feel light and airy. They come in different sizes so they can cater to different styles of window, and the pencil pleat top means they will sit perfectly without any gaps or creasing. 

Deep red curtains with all-over small-scale botanical print

2. Berry Red Pencil Pleat Curtains

The deep reds in these curtains are bound to warm up any living room

Best for: Warming atmosphere
Material: Cotton, polyester, viscose
Size: W117cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W168 x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W228cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm
Colour: Red
Reasons to buy
+ Fully lined + Range of sizes 
Reasons to avoid
- A bit busy for some  

These berry red living room curtains could certainly warm up any atmosphere with their busy pattern. These curtains are fully lined which means they will keep your room insulated, as well as block out any light from outside. There are different sized drops available, so if you’d prefer not to have the curtains fall to the floor, you can choose a shorter length. 

Floor-length neutral toned curtains with contrast textured panel

3. Paloma Natural Tab Top Curtains

Shabby chic homes will love these neutral coloured curtains

Best for: Shabby chic homes
Material: Linen & polyester
Size: W117cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W168cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W228cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm
Colour: Beige
Reasons to buy
+ Luxury look  + Neutral colour 
Reasons to avoid
- Eyelet top  

If you prefer a more subtle style, then these plain beige curtains feel light and airy, but the soft, textured panel at the bottom adds a touch of luxury and warmth to the room at the same time. They come in a range of sizes, which means they could fit any style of window from bay windows to tall and thin ones, making them a popular pair of living room curtains for the contemporary home.  

Morris & Co patterned curtains in cream and green with all-over leaf print

4. Morris & Co Willow Bough Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

Get the best of both worlds with these neutral coloured yet fully lined curtains

Best for: A splash of colour
Material: Cotton & polyester
Size: W167cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W228cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm
Colour: Cream & green
Reasons to buy
+ Fully lined + Good quality thick material 
Reasons to avoid
- A little creased out of the packaging 

The intricate print of the Morris & Co. would work for perfectly in a traditional style living room. They are cream with a green, leafy design on them that adds a splash of colour suited to neutral decors. Users love the quality of these curtains, and as they are thick, they still manage to provide insulation to your home in the winter whilst keeping the decor neutral. 

Floral print curtains with white background and bold painterly print in purple, pink, blue and green

5. Bluebellgray Palette Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

An abstract print which will add more than a splash of colour to your living room

Best for: Colourful
Material: Cotton
Size: W167cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W228cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm
Colour: Multi
Reasons to buy
+ Unique pattern + Pencil pleat top  
Reasons to avoid
- Not very thick  

These curtains have been very popular among customers due to their abstract design, and if you’re looking to give your window a starring role in your living room decor, then these curtains could do just the job. It has been noted that they’re not the thickest, so light does come through these curtains, but if you want to create an airy atmosphere in the summer, these lightweight curtains should be enough to do the job. The pencil pleat top is designed to let them hang neatly and uniformly and you’ll also have a choice of drop lengths depending on the style of window you have.  

Heavy floor-length velvet curtains with eyelet top - seen in colour 'steel'

6. John Lewis Lustre Velvet Lined Eyelet Curtains

Make a statement in your living room with these plush curtains

Best for: Minimalist decors
Material: Polyester
Size: W167cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W228cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm
Colour: Steel, Bordeaux, Silver or Teal
Reasons to buy
+ Thick lining + Plush look 
Reasons to avoid
- Don’t sit well when pushed back 

If you have a larger living room which you want to make feel more cosy, then customers love the plush look and feel of these velvet-style curtains. With a few bold colours to choose from, these living room curtains are designed to make a statement while keeping your decor to a minimum. The lining is thick, but some have said this means the curtains don’t hang quite right when pushed back, but some curtain tie backs should help solve this problem.  

Eyelet-top Orla Kiely curtains with 'Multi Stem' print in orange, brown, navy, chartreuse and pale pink

7. Orla Kiely Multi Stem Lined Eyelet Curtains

A bold print with eyelet tops for easy hanging

Best for: Easy to put up
Material: Cotton & polyester
Size: W117cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W167cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W228cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm
Colour: Multi
Reasons to buy
+ Easy to hang  + Keep light out  
Reasons to avoid
- Too bold for some 

If you liked the look of the Bluebellgray Palette curtains but want something a little thicker, then these could be the living room curtains for you. They have a similar abstract design, but users say these curtains do a great job at keeping the light out and the warmth in. The bold design isn’t for everyone, but those with neutral decors favoured this design and like that they come in different drop lengths to suit the style of window you have.  

Blue and white curtains with small, all-over diamond pattern

8. John Lewis Mara Diamond Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

A smart design that would complement Scandi-style living rooms

Best for: Smaller windows
Material: Polyester, cotton & viscose
Size: W167cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm; W228cm x D137cm, 182cm or 228cm
Colour: Blue or grey
Reasons to buy
+ Simple design  + Hang well  
Reasons to avoid
- Too small/short for some windows  

For a modern living room design opt for nautical colours and Scandi-style designs, and we think these curtains could fit in nicely if that’s the type of decor you’re going for. Customers who have these curtains say they hang very well and are of good quality thickness, the only downside is that they are a little smaller than other curtains. If you’ve got a bay window or patio doors in your living room, unfortunately these probably won’t be big enough, but for smaller windows, these living room curtains look very smart and modern.  

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