How to create the perfect traditional bedroom

Find out how to create the perfect bedroom, from selecting the ideal bed for the space and mattress for you, to choosing furniture, flooring and even underfloor heating

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Your bedroom is the one room in your house that you design purely for yourself, so getting it right is important. It is a space that visitors and guests aren’t going to see very frequently, so if you have toned down your decorating in the rest of your house, your bedroom can be a true reflection of your personality.

The key to an effective bedroom design is the balance between living space and storage. The most important pieces of furniture are going to be your bed and mattress, closely followed by wardrobes, drawers, dressing tables and other storage items – if you aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated dressing room. You also shouldn’t overlook wall and floor coverings, as these will be essential to creating the look that you want.


Available as king-size, £1,799, and super-king, £1,949, with mattresses sold separately, including bespoke pocket-sprung designs from Feather and Black

How much will a bedroom redesign cost?

Redesigning a bedroom doesn’t come with any surprising costs, unless it is part of a larger renovation. It will cost as much as you are willing to spend on it depending on the work required. Predicting general costs is impossible, because it all comes down to the quality of the furniture and finished that you require.

As it is so hard to predict the average costs of each aspect of a bedroom, a cost breakdown will be included in each, individual section.

If you are simply painting or wallpapering the walls, painting the roof and replacing the furniture, then it can be done on a tight budget. Adding new flooring into the mix will increase the costs, especially if you want the luxury of underfloor heating, but this might be the perfect addition when creating a truly luxurious space.

How to choose the best bed

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing your bed is where you are going to place it? Think about hotel rooms and you will notice that, largely, they all follow the same design. The bed is placed in the centre of the longest wall. Placing the bed against this wall usually generates the most floor space, whilst also promoting good flow and space between the bed and any storage in the room.

Churchill Floral Bed

Priced from £9,000 for king-size, the bed is also available in super-king, emperor and large emperor, which is a generous W217cm from And so to Bed

How big a bed should you buy?

That is down to your own tastes and comfort. Some people like the bed to dominate the space, whilst others want extra floor space and room for furniture like chairs and sofas. Your only concern should be, can you open any drawers and wardrobe doors comfortably, and also move through the room without having to dodge furniture?

Don’t be afraid of buying a double bed rather than something bigger if space is at a premium. Invest the money you might save in a luxurious mattress and gorgeous bedding, and you will hardly notice the difference.

How much will a new bed cost?

  • Single: £100 – £1,00
  • Double: £150 – £2,000
  • King: £250 – £2000
  • Super king: £550 – £3000


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a new eve mattress for your bedroom

Eve memory foam mattress, from £399

Eve memory foam mattress, from £399

How to choose a new mattress

Choosing a mattress is slightly more complicated than it used to be. There are far more options than simply going to the local mattress warehouse and choosing the one that best suits you. There are now a host of online manufacturers that will deliver a new mattress to your door, made to your specification.

The problem with this is that you can’t test the mattress before buying, like in a shop, but the argument from online companies like Eve mattresses and Simba, is that you can’t accurately test a mattress by lying on it for a minute anyway. To combat this, many offer a 100-day, obligation-free trial period, so that you can see how the mattress feels over time.

Still, many people want to see and test a mattress and compare it to others in a showroom before committing, and the highstreet stores are ideal for this. You can also test the difference between mattresses to fit different budgets, and decide if it is something that you want to indulge in, or if you’d rather invest in a different aspect of the bedroom.

How much do mattresses cost?

Another benefit that online retailers have is a lack of overheads that come with physical premises. That means they can sell high quality mattresses at a discount to high street stores. The range of prices at highstreet stores is vast and they generally have low quality mattresses incredibly cheaply, with their high quality mattresses being towards the higher end of the budget.

From an online shop, expect to pay:

  • Single: £350 – £400
  • Double: £500 – £600
  • King: £600 – £700
  • Super King: £700 – £800

From a highstreet shop, expect to pay:

  • Single: £100 – £2,000
  • Double: £150 – £2,000
  • King: £200 – £2,500
  • Superking: £260 – £3,000

Bedroom storage

What you want in your room dictates the type of storage you need, whether that be fitted units, or freestanding. Think beyond clothing too. Do you have a book collection that you want on display, or a dressing table with a mirror that you need to make space for?

You will definitely need to asses how much clothing you have and factor that into the width of your wardrobes and how many drawers you need. Master bedrooms usually have a chimneybreast running up one wall and the indented alcoves are often ideal for slotting in storage.

Think back to the layout of hotel rooms. Quite often the storage placed on the wall opposite the bed to allow space for doors and drawers to open. This should be true of your bedroom too.

Fitted units

Fitted storage units are a great solution for period properties, because any good designer or joiner will be able to craft bespoke units for awkward spaces. You should expect to pay from £2,000 up to £15,000 for a whole bedroom, depending on the size and the complexity of the work. The downside to a fitted bedroom is that the units are fixed, so if you change your mind, removing them or changing the units will be costly.


From £2,000 for a similar design including installation from Sharps

Freestanding units

Freestanding storage is often considerably cheaper than its fitted counterpart. A standard oak wardrobe, usually just wider than a metre, costs from £250 to well over £1,000 from a highstreet furniture shop. You can expect to pay a lot more than that for antique examples, or far less if you don’t mind searching around the vintage fairs and antique shops.

A chest of standard 1x1m drawers is a similar story. Expect to pay north of £150 for a basic unit, up to £1,000 for something more substantial. Antique drawers can be incredibly elaborate and have a price tag to match, so if you want something really special, you can spend in excess of £3,000 for the perfect piece.

How to create a dressing room

If you’ve got the space in your house to create a separate dressing room next to your bedroom, then perfect. This room may have once been a big cupboard, an unused bathroom, or a kid’s bedroom that has been grown out of and all you will need to do is knock through and fill it with storage.

If you don’t have a separate room to convert into a dressing room, it is possible and cost effective to create a dressing room by adding in a partition stud wall. Hiring a contractor will cost around £15 per m2, but it is a job that you can do yourself by following a few simple steps.

Your main concern if you do the job yourself is to make sure any storage and furniture you wish to use in there will actually fit. Freestanding clothing rails are a popular choice because they are easy to install, all of your clothes are visible, and there are no doors or drawers taking up valuable space. You also need to make sure you have left enough of a doorway for you to move into the space.

How to choose bedroom flooring

Ideally, in your bedroom you are going to want a comfortable floor to walk on. No one wants to swing their legs out of bed and find them selves barefoot on cold flooring. For this reason, carpet is still a popular choice for bedroom flooring. Solid wood is equally popular, as it can still be warm underfoot, as is laminate and vinyl, that can now replicate the appearance of

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular on the upper levels of homes, so don’t rule out the possibility of tiles or real stone in your bedroom.

It can be laid in the cavity between the ceiling below, and the flooring above. To minimise heat lost into the room beneath, make sure that the space below the underfloor heating pipes is as insulated as possible. What specifying your requirements for underfloor heating, make sure your supplier and fitter know that you intend to lay the floor on an upper floor, and they should be able to accommodate it.


Woven from pure new wool for a super-plush feel underfoot, it’s priced around £80 per m² at Axminster Carpets