14 makeup storage ideas – the most beautiful ways to organize cosmetics

Keep lipstick, mascara and all the rest in order with clever makeup storage ideas that will help you ditch the clutter in favor of a more streamlined setup for your cosmetics.

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How we store and organize makeup is often overlooked, because it is actually a really tricky task. While we might plan a space for towels and toiletries in our bathrooms, and for clothes in our closets, it's not as obvious when it comes to knowing where or how to store cosmetics. 

Whether makeup goes in the bedroom, your walk-in closet or if yours is part of your bathroom organization routine, it needs to make sense for both you and your cosmetics. 

After all, for a harmonious and functional space, the last thing you want is lipsticks rolling all over the place, or having to hunt through piles of make up to find that one eye shadow you really need before you head out...

Makeup storage ideas for clutter-free cosmetics

'If not stored properly, your make up will deteriorate, and could even lead to skin irritations. If it's exposed to too much heat, the make up formula will slowly decompose and break down. To preserve the shelf life and maintain the quality of make up, place it somewhere dark, dry, and cool,' says Valerie Barnett, aesthetician, beauty expert, and founder of PleasingCare (opens in new tab).

So we've found the best make up storage ideas to keep everything from your mascara to your makeup brushes organized. From transparent boxes to dressing tables, these clever ways will not only make your morning routine way more simple and streamlined, but it'll protect your cosmetics and keep them in good working order too.

1. Choose rotating storage for easy access

a clear lazy susan full of make up on a dressing table

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Rotating makeup storage is a brilliant way to make the most of the space you have if you're organizing makeup in a small bedroom space. Complete with shelves of varying heights so you can fit everything in from your lipgloss to your eye shadow, the simple spinning design allows you to see everything you have with the utmost ease. This Taylor & Brown rotating make up organizer from Amazon (opens in new tab)has a cut-glass effect finish for extra elegance too. 

2. Go for a waterproof countertop storage box

a dark green countertop waterproof make up organizer with lid

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If you prefer to keep makeup within your bathroom storage this one's for you. While it's great to have all your products out on show for easy access, you don't want them to get splashed! If your countertop is near to your shower or basin, splashes are inevitable, and having to wipe your mascara down before every use simply isn't practical. So this stylish fluted pot not only has enough room to both stow away and display your items, but it comes with a transparent waterproof lid, so it'll keep everything dry, no matter what. The Jeezi make up storage box from Amazon (opens in new tab) also has a handle making it easy to move around your home. 

3. Makeup obsessed? Store it all in a portable trolley

green storage trolley on wheels with three shelves

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If you've been looking at these ideas and thinking there's no way all your makeup will fit, this one is for you. A small dedicated make up trolley could be the ideal solution for keeping every piece of make up that you own all in one place. Put larger, less frequently used items on the bottom, and smaller items that you use every day on the top for easy access. Then you can simply role it from bathroom to bedroom as you need. This Raskog utility cart comes in three colorways, from Ikea (opens in new tab).

4. Organize makeup in a drawer with a handy divider 

wooden divider in a drawer in a bathroom

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If you love a sleek and streamlined space, you'll most likely want all your make up tucked away and out of sight. Make the most of the drawer space you have with this Dragon bamboo divider from Ikea (opens in new tab). They're a great way to ensure that everything has a dedicated home, your nail varnishes remain upright and you can find everything quickly and easily. 

'By keeping your make up tucked away in drawers, you're preserving the formula of your make up and preventing the build up of mould and bacteria,' says Valerie Barnett at Pleasing Care.

5. Choose a soft, funky storage case 

make up storage bag in green

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Choose a patterned make up case that's just as handy for keeping out on your countertop, as it is to pack into your suitcase. This rich green cosmetic organizer case from Amazon (opens in new tab) has a high-shine geometric pattern so you can be proud to keep it out on display in your bathroom or bedroom. It even has makeup brush compartments, making your cosmetic station extra compact and organized.

6. Go for a transparent drawer set

perspex makeup storage from Domu

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If you want a designated set of drawers for your make up, then transparency is the way to go. It’s the easiest way to ensure your makeup stays organized and is the best way to find everything you need quickly. You’ll be able to access individual pieces freely and we bet you'll discover that you use a bigger variety of your makeup than before. The  make up organizer box from Amazon (opens in new tab)  features five drawers plus an upper compartment with hinged flip top lid.

7. Choose a sleek modern dressing table with drawers

make up dressing table storage

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If you have a free corner in your bedroom, then a dressing table is an absolute must. Choose one with thin, narrow drawers in which to store your essential makeup pieces, keeping them close to hand for when you need them most. Sleek, slimline tables look sophisticated and chic in most bedrooms – simply select a style that suits your chosen décor taste, and the hard work is done.

8. Look for multi-tasking makeup storage solutions

Makeup and jewellery storage mirror from Domu

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We all love a clutter-free and organized home, so why not adopt that for your makeup storage? A freestanding makeup storage solution is perfect for those who love to keep their beauty and jewelry accessories all in one place. At first glance it looks like a normal free-standing mirror, but open it up and you reveal shelves and holders designed especially for your makeup. This must be the ultimate in beauty storage, and it will make a lovely addition to any organized bedroom. Love this? Check out our other jewellery storage ideas.

9. Make storage part of your decor

makeup table in a dressing area by Lust Living

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If you want your makeup storage to coordinate effortlessly with your bedroom décor, choose storage pieces that fit the bedroom design. An accent color or a metallic shade will help create a cohesive look for a styled beauty area. When you want your beauty products on show, make a feature of them by using storage jars

Olivia, Blogger at Lust Living (opens in new tab), has created a beautiful setup for her makeup. The gold theme adds glamour to the design scheme. The chair is from Calligaris (opens in new tab), makeup storage boxes can be found at Hubsch (opens in new tab).

10. Look for easy-access pots for makeup brushes

Makeup storage pot from Oliver Bonas

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Even if you don’t want most of your makeup out on display, it’s always handy to have your makeup brushes easily accessible. Firstly, it keeps them neat and tidy, and secondly, you’ll find your morning routine so much easier if you’re not rummaging through drawers for your favorite blusher brush. Use an old candle pot or invest in something specifically designed to do the job.

This smooth white marble brush holder from Oliver Bonas (opens in new tab) will add a luxe finish to your dressing table, and the gold detailing is bang on trend. 

'Consider using candle holders as a unique way to store makeup brushes. Holders that are usually four inches deep and four inches wide are the ideal size. Whether you're looking for something to match the interior decor or to stay on trend with the holidays, it's a fun and foolproof way to store brushes and add some personality to your vanity. For the ultimate organization, use two candle holders to separate your eye brushes from face brushes,' says Dino Ha, founder and CEO of MBX (opens in new tab).

11. Set up a jazzy beauty station

dream dressing table by Apartment No. 4

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As well as looking great, your makeup storage has to be functional and compact, particularly when it form part of your bathroom storage. If you don’t want to go rummaging in drawers, your essential pieces will need to be kept out on display. Lipstick in lidded boxes, brushes in the right pots. Keep it all easily accessible, and your morning routine will be quicker. 

Victoria, from the blog Apartment No.4 (opens in new tab) has created a stunning beauty station combing gold accents and streamlined styling. Brush pot from a selection at HomeSense (opens in new tab)

12. Put up a makeup shelf

Makeup shelf with mirror from Cuckooland

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If you’re looking for more quirky makeup storage, then choosing a mirror and shelf all in one could be what you need. Keep a few essentials for when you need them – perhaps a lipstick and fresh powder – next to the mirror for a quick getaway. Ideal for the hallway or smaller bathroom where you don’t need or have space for the full selection of products.

13. Keep it minimal and on display

clear plastic makeup boxes from The Holding Company

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Keep your products clean and neatly stored using makeup storage boxes with lids. Acrylic or perspex material helps the visibility of your makeup, so you know exactly where each and every piece is stored. And using a combination of sizes in the same style means being able to keep different items neatly organised and ordered. UK retailer The Holding Company (opens in new tab) offers a number of clear plastic makeup storage combinations that are budget-friendly.

14. Think about portable options

makeup brush pocket from Oliver Bonas

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As well as home storage, it’s important to be able to store your makeup and brushes effectively whilst your traveling. Good makeup bags in a selection of sizes help keep your beauty products well ordered, and a good makeup brush holder is essential. Brushes are the first thing to be damaged in your hand luggage or suitcase, so a sturdy yet attractive case is ideal. The Nellie Makeup Brush Set from Oliver Bonas (opens in new tab) comes in its own handy pink case with metallic embellishments.

How can I organize my make up in a small space?

In a small space, organization is key. You don't want to have too much clutter on show as this will make your space feel chaotic and leave you with less workable room. It's firstly a good idea to have a good declutter. Any opened make up that's over a year old needs to go. Consider multi purpose storage solutions, such as bathroom mirror cabinets with built in cupboards where you can store your makeup. You should also look to make the most of your wall space – wall hung cabinets are great for ensuring your makeup is protected against bathroom splashes, or choose wall-hung open shelving to put your products on display. A rotating countertop storage contraption is a good idea for storing lots of makeup in once place, while allowing easy access to every piece.

Where should makeup brushes be stored?

Makeup brushes are the tools of the trade so you need to look after them with as much care as possible. If any of your brushes are slightly knotted or matted, you need to throw them away, as this will effect the way your makeup looks when you apply it. Where possible, make up brushes should be kept upright, in a pot, so that their bristles don't get damaged. Alternatively, you could invest in a brush roll. This is a makeup bag with individual compartments for each make up brush, ensuring the brushes are adequately spaced out from each other and protected. This is especially useful if you want to take all your make up brushes with you on your travels, as it'll ensure they're kept safe and sound. Make sure to clean your brushes at least once a week, and leave them out to dry completely before storing them away again.