13 makeup storage ideas to declutter and organize cosmetics

Keep beauty faves in perfect-pout order

Makeup mirror with exposed bulbs, and fresh flower bouquet in orange and rouge hues on counter
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Does your makeup stash currently resemble a game of pick-up sticks? Are your vanity drawers a frenzied battleground of mascara wands and muddled lipsticks? And all those nail varnishes... Sure there's one in every rainbow color, but how many are still in date and sans clumps?! It's probably time to tackle your cluttered cosmetics puzzle with simple but effective makeup storage solutions.

"If not stored properly, your makeup will deteriorate, and could even lead to skin irritations," says Valerie Barnett, aesthetician, beauty expert, and founder of PleasingCare. "If it's exposed to too much heat, the makeup formula will slowly decompose and break down. To preserve the shelf life and maintain the quality of makeup, place it somewhere dark, dry, and cool."

Whether you store cosmetics in the bedroom or your walk-in closet, or if it comes under your enviable bathroom organization routine, these makeup storage ideas will glow up your space so that YOU can put on the ultimate daily glow and go. Clutter-free cosmetics ahoy...

1. Color-coord a makeup shelfie

Color-coordinated beauty products in pinks on white, tiered open shelving

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If you're seeking fresh ways to organize a small bathroom, then look no further than space-saving open shelving. Create an eye-catching display by color-coordinating your go-to faves, whilst freeing up every vital counter or vanity space. And you'll be encouraged to actually use what you've got now that it's all so stylishly on peacock show. 

Learn how to style shelves like an interior designer with 4 awesome tips. 

2. Or glow-up a makeup wall

Open shelving cabinet with makeup assortment in clear makeup organizers

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If you're a dazzling diva in demand, you'll have the full glam squad kit (and possibly crew) on constant standby. Stay on top of ever-evolving makeup mountains with a sassy bit of categorization. 

Group similar or related items and designate a clear makeup organizer (more on these later) per collection. Use a cabinet with multi-shelving options to neatly arrange your best cosmetics buys and blush up your space (and face!) with ease.

Just make sure to clean your makeup brushes before getting started to they're ready to use. 

3. Make organizing a ritual

Colored makeup drawers stacked in orange and pink, with candle and sculptural figurine

(Image credit: MakeupDrawers at Etsy)

According to @makeup.drawers, the best way to organize is to simply get started. "Start with decluttering the things and objects you know you don’t like or will not use," they say. "Regift them to a friend or loved one or recycle them at your nearest recycling center or TerraCycle."

They note that once you've made that first step, you can move on to the fun part of the actual organizing. "Ultimately, we would all love to spend less time tidying and spend more time doing things we love. If you form consistent habits around decluttering and organizing, you’ll stay tidier for longer. Remember if the product doesn’t excite, it’s not right."

Pack a punch of color into your cosmetics storage with these Makeup Organizer Drawers by MakeupDrawers at Etsy — they're ideal for tall beauty products and cosmetics.

4. Organize cosmetics with drawer dividers

Makeup drawer with drawer organizers

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Love a sleek and streamlined space? Then you'll most likely want all your makeup tucked away and out of sight. Utilize every inch of drawer space with a game-changing drawer divider. They're a great way to ensure that everything has a dedicated home, your nail varnishes remain upright, and you can find everything quickly and easily. 

"By keeping your makeup tucked away in drawers, you're preserving the formula of your makeup and preventing the build-up of mold and bacteria," says Barnett.

5. Go for a transparent drawer set

Clear makeup storage box with tiered drawers and neatly arranged cosmetics

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Transparency is the way to "glow"! Peep-show drawers are the easiest way to ensure your makeup stays organized, whilst giving access to individual favorites quickly. You might even discover a brand-new cosmetics regime with such an efficient storage solution!

"Figure out what best works with your decor aesthetic," says Laura, digital creator of @laurainstaglam. "Try organizing by product and mixing textures/colors. I personally love neutrals and a pop of pink."

6. Create a beauty station with a vanity table

Light and bright beauty vanity table set-up with cosmetics mirror, fresh florals, white vanity table, and styled arrangement of makeup pots

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If you have a free corner in your bedroom, then a vanity table is an absolute must to achieve celeb-chic goals. Choose one with thin, narrow drawers in which to store your essential makeup pieces, keeping them close to hand for pre-event glamming. Opt for a sleek, slimline, and chic design, and voila — the ultimate goddess corner.

7. Combine makeup storage with your small closet

Closet idea and dress rail combining wardrobe and cosmetics organization and storage

(Image credit: @jujhavens)

If you're a bit of a fashionista designing a tiny apartment on a budget, look to combo storage solutions that "kill two birds with one stone" as the saying, albeit randomly, goes. 

We're swooning at this small closet idea from @makeuploveusa that marries cute shades, hanging lovelies, chicly curated beauty products, and cosmetics into a boutique-inspired accessories display. 

8. Save space with tiered storage

Tiered cosmetics organizer on bathroom vanity

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Organize bathroom countertops and keep your cozy space clutter-free by taking storage solutions up, up, and away with a tiered caddy or even a savvy bathroom trolley on wheels. Tiered systems are fantastic for adding instant, accessible storage, and visual interest in any scheme. 

You could even have a bash at making your very own DIY trolley if you're feeling like some trolley dolly craftiness on a weekend?!  

9. Line up your lippies

Lipstick and nail varnish tray displaying assorted collection

(Image credit: @strictlysal)

Is there anything more satisfying on the eyes than a beautifully uniform arrangement of favorite lippies and nail varnishes standing to attention? We think not! So grab yourself a lipstick organizer like the Gospire 40 space lipstick holder from Amazon, and get arranging for a mindful, therapeutic afternoon...

10. Blend storage with your decor

Glam cosmetics corner with wall-mounted vanity, blush and gold dressing chair, round wall mirror, and brass makeup storage accessories

(Image credit: Lustliving.co.uk)

If you want your makeup storage to coordinate effortlessly with your bedroom décor, choose storage pieces that fit the bedroom design. An accent color or a metallic shade will help create a cohesive look for a styled beauty area. When you want your beauty products on show, make a feature of them by using storage jars

Olivia Silk, interior blogger at Lust Living, has created a beautiful setup for her makeup. The gold accents create a luxe, glamorous aesthetic.

11. Choose easy-access pots for makeup brushes

Sculptural, bubble-ribbed pot with makeup brushes

(Image credit: @scandisculptures)

It’s always handy to have your makeup brushes easily accessible — you’ll find your morning routine so much easier if you’re not rummaging through drawers for your favorite blusher brush.

"Consider using candle holders as a unique way to store makeup brushes," says Dino Ha, founder and CEO of MBX. "Holders that are usually four inches deep and four inches wide are the ideal size. Whether you're looking for something to match the interior decor or to stay on trend with the holidays, it's a fun and foolproof way to store brushes and add some personality to your vanity. For the ultimate organization, use two candle holders to separate your eye brushes from face brushes."

12. Think about portable options

Luxe cosmetics travel case packed with travel and pamper essentials

(Image credit: Ellis James Designs)

Constantly a goddess on the go? As well as home organization, it’s important to be able to store your makeup and brushes effectively whilst traveling. Stylish cosmetics bags in a selection of sizes help keep your beauty products well-ordered, and a good makeup brush holder is essential. Brushes are the first thing to be damaged in your hand luggage or suitcase, so a sturdy yet attractive case is ideal.

(Shown above): Experience organized bliss and effortless elegance with the luxe makeup bags by Ellis James Designs at Amazon. 

13. Choose rotating storage for ease

Rotating makeup brush storage

(Image credit: ArteurHouse at Etsy)

Rotating makeup storage is a brilliant way to max out limited surface space in a small bedroom. Featuring multi compartments so you can fit everything in from your lipgloss to your eyebrow brush, this simple spinning design from ArteurHouse at Etsy, allows you to see everything you have with the utmost ease.