TieDye DIY: Save 20 percent on this tie-dye kit

Your weekend DIY project: a 20 percent saving on tie dye kits at Michaels, through Saturday

TieDye DIY: Save 20 percent on this tie-dye kit
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Tie dye is back in fashion, but was it ever really out? Ok, it was definitely out, but it's back now (thank you, quarantine and TikTok) and we're thrilled. Tie dye is a throwback to some, and a fun new craft activity for others, but with this 20 percent discount at Michaels we can all try this fun fabric-transforming technique. 

We've covered everything you need to know about how to tie dye, and it's about the easiest DIY you can do. There's the classic tie dye tee, as well as tye dye napkins, sheets, cushions, or whatever you fancy, so let your imagination run free with this 20 percent saving at Michael's. The promotion runs through Saturday, May 30 and with code '20MAKE4120'. Keep reading to find out top tye dye kit picks. 

Save on tie dye kits with the Michaels sale