Pink room ideas: 22 ways to use this rosy hue

From that forever famous dusty pink, to earthy, more romantic hues, these pink room design ideas will inspire you to add this on-trend colour to your home...

Pink room ideas: 22 ways to use this rosy hue
(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Looking for pink room ideas? We bet you the last time you wanted to redecorate a room pink you were probably about 11. But after a decade (or two) of being associated with tweens' bedrooms, pink is most definitely back – and not just in bedrooms either...

There are, however, a few rules for mastering this candy colour. First one being, avoid anything that vaguely reminds you of a colour Barbie would wear; blush-toned, muted pinks are the way to go. And keep finishes matte – anything shiny and pink, and you are entering 11-year-old's bedroom territory again. 

So, with those little gems of wisdom in mind, keep scrolling for our favourite pink room design ideas (just try to stop your inner child squealing with joy).

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1. A grey and pink living room? Dreamy combination 

Elegant fireplace with large mirror and patterned rug on the floor

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

See, pink rooms don't always have to be super-girly. Your home needn't look like the inside of a Polly Pocket house. Pair these sugary hues with a simple monochrome scheme for a grown up take on the trend. The bold print of the rug and the dark fireplace surround really work to ground the room, stopping it becoming too... pink. 

You can find a similar rug to this one at Wayfair (opens in new tab)

2. Keep it quirky with pink polka dots

Wallpaper in home office in pink and green by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Pink was made for polkadots. Bear with us, we know what you are thinking. But just look how this pink spotty wallpaper has been used in this work space. By dividing the wall a quarter of the way up with a dark, earth green (try something like Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke (opens in new tab)), the overall vibe isn't too twee. Plus, combining it with a quirky vintage desk and Mid-century modern style chair only helps balance out the look.

3. Go with dusky pink for a vintage vibe

Sulking Room Pink Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Let's move away from pastel pink rooms for a second. Yes, they may be having a moment but there are other pinks out there. If you are after a shade that's more... mature, pick a paint that has a warmer, duskier undertone. Something like Farrow and Ball's Sulking Room Pink (opens in new tab), which has been used in this living room. Keep the look fresh by pairing it with bright, crisp whites. 

For more living room paint ideas, check out our full feature for tips and inspiration. 

4. Choose a barely-there pink as an alternative neutral

A bar area at the end of a run of kitchen units complete with copper coating and wooden bar stools

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Pink doesn't have to be a bold choice, you can almost use it as a neutral shade. In this kitchen you can barely notice the pinky hues of the walls. But how gorgeous does it look with the sage kitchen cabinets and gold highlights? 

Take our tour around the rest of this candy coloured kitchen

5. Go bold with pink kitchen cabinets

If you know your love of pink is going to stick around for a while (and that you're not going anywhere fast either), why not choose pink kitchen cabinets? We are in love with this kitchen from Naked Kitchens (opens in new tab), the combination of the pink and deep purple cabinets is beautiful, and the light wood panelled walls? Dreamy.

If you are doing up your kitchen on a budget, you could always paint your kitchen cabinets pink yourself. 

6. Or just tile a small section for a splash of pink

If you aren't ready to fully commit by painting your whole kitchen pink, try adding a few pops of the colour instead. You could tile a splashback with pink tiles, switch up your kitchen hardware or just incorporate some pink kitchen accessories.

You could also pinch this idea and make a feature of a breakfast bar or kitchen island by tiling a section of it with pink tiles.

7. Mix pastel pinks with emerald greens

Pink walls in a green kitchen with green tiles by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

Who would have thought that flesh-tones in a kitchen would ever be a thing? But when teamed with emerald tiles and deep blue kitchen cabinets it totally works. This gorgeous kitchen is from deVOL (opens in new tab) and painted in their Clerkenwell Blue. For a similar pink shade try Setting Plaster (opens in new tab) from Farrow & Ball. 

8. Add a pop of pink with a feature wall

Another way to incorporate pink into your kitchen is the humble feature wall. They get a lot of stick for being a bit of a cop out option but when it comes to bold colors, committing to four walls just might not be an option. This kitchen paint ideas is the perfect combo with the navy cabinets, plus the well placed pink accessories only enhance the feature wall. 

9. Opt for pink window treatments

Shutters in pink in dining room by The Shutter Store

(Image credit: The Shutter Store)

Switch out your window treatments for ones that embrace the pink trend. If you have blinds around your house this could be a really cheap and easy way to add some colour. If you are after something more permanent, we love these shutters from The Shutter Store (opens in new tab) , the coral pink looks stunning in this simple dining room set up. We've lots more info about choosing shutters in our guide.

10. Create a soft look in a pink bedroom

Pink bedroom by Furniture Village

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Is there anything more calming than a blush, whispering rose color in a bedroom? Super soft and adorably chic, the piled up pinks in this bedroom make it look so inviting. To make this bedroom paint idea really pop, add in some grey tones and metallic accessories for a match made in Pinterest heaven. 

11. Choose complementing colors for a subtle look

Pink bedroom with pom pom bedding and pink colour block walls

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Company)

We couldn't not include this beautiful bedding from The French Bedroom Company (opens in new tab)! Also note the subtle color blocking ideas in this bedroom – using two similar shades that have just enough of a contrast adds interest to a room without becoming the sole focus. 

12. Pick out a pink wallpaper

Bedroom with contemporary wallpaper in pink by Sandberg

(Image credit: Sandberg)

Clearly we just can't get enough of the pale pink/dark navy combo. Recreate this pink decorating idea by choosing a bold patterned bedroom wallpaper idea and painting your woodwork in a darker hue. In this traditional bedroom, Sandberg's Marie (opens in new tab) has been used alongside Farrow & Ball's Railings (opens in new tab)

13. Add some texture with distressed walls

Bedroom in boho style with pink walls by Debenhams

(Image credit: Debenhams)

Before you panic, we aren't suggesting that rag-rolled walls are making a comeback... no, they can stay firmly in the '80s. But there is something sophisticated about a plastered-coloured, subtly distressed wall. While you could recreate this unfinished look with paint, we think the easiest way is with a pink wallpaper. For a similar look, try Osborne & Little's Fresco (opens in new tab) .

14. Choose a pink color scheme in a kid’s bedroom

Pink kid's bedroom with a pink canopy and gallery wall

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

Clichéd as it may be, pastels do always tend to work in a children's room. Unlike the Barbie pink of our childhood bedroom dreams, dusky pinks mixed in with grey and white create a really stylish space that your child and (more importantly) you, will love. Plus they are less likely to grow out of these more muted colours and they definitely have more staying power than hot magenta.  

Designing a kid's bedroom from scratch? Go and have a read through our guide for everything you need to know. 

15. Bring a splash of pink to the bathroom 

Bathroom with shower enclosure, patterned floor tiles and a pink wooden basin unit

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

If you want to add a little pink to your bathroom, try painting your vanity unit (check out our guide to painting furniture for some tips). Keep it looking modern by teaming pops of pink with boldly patterned monochrome flooring and an array of house plants. 

Pink tiles in a dark painted bathroom

(Image credit: Tile Flair)

If you want to skip the painting, add a pink splashback. We love these glossy tiles from Tile Flair (opens in new tab)

Or you could go all out and pick a statement free standing bath...

16. Paint your interior doors pink 

We are all very focused on the color of our front doors, but don't neglect what it looks like on the inside! Painting the inside of your front door could be all you need to add a subtle splash of color to your hallway – and you can really easily DIY it on the cheap. Use our guide to painting a door to get your finish spot on.

Another pink room idea for those commitment-phobes is to create a gallery wall idea with a mostly pink color scheme. That way you can incorporate some pink into your interiors but once you are over your fuchsia love affair you can switch up your photos and prints again. 

18. Add a pop of pink with a wall mural 

Dark floral room designs are a big trend at the moment. Gone are the saccharine pastel hues you would normally associate with floral designs, this look is about gothic, lush, moody prints in deep inky hues (with the odd touch of pink, of course), and we love it. 

Surface View (opens in new tab) is our go-to for dark romantic floral design; they have a huge collection of wallpaper, mural and ceramic tiles.

19. Anything in a flamingo print goes

Have fun with a pink room design and choose a quirky wallpaper print. This flamingo print from Cole & Son (opens in new tab) is an obvious choice!

20. Same for anything in pink neon

Not sure this quite counts as a pink room idea... But the light from a neon pink sign bathes an entire room in a pinky glow, so we say it's all good. Make like Lisa Dawson and add a neon sign of your favourite quote to your hallway so you can show it off to every guest. You can have neon signs made to order from stores like Bag & Bones (opens in new tab), but if you are on a budget, Amazon (opens in new tab) have some cute, cheaper offerings.

21. Go for a more traditional-style pink bedroom

For all its flamingoes and neon connotations, pink can also work in a more classically-styled space. If this traditional bedroom idea is more your style, recreate the look by choosing a classic rose print wallpaper and matching throw cushions. Pick out a pink patterned window treatment and a floral bedspread and you are there.

22. Make a statement by mixing yellow and pink

Who'd have thought that pink and yellow could look so cool together? While not quite contrasting colours, they both definitely bring something different to the party and we love how these mute plaster pinks work with the deep mustardy yellows – we reckon this colour combo could be a big one come spring and summer. 

Oh, and would you look a that? We just happen to have a round up of our favourite yellow sofas, should you want to recreate this look. 

Expert tips on breaking boundaries with pink

We spoke to Yvonne Keal, senior product manager at Hillary's (opens in new tab), shares her rule-breaking tips for styling pink in any room. 

  • Make pink the gateway to your home: Promote a calm entrance to your home and paint your front door a pastel pink shade. By steering away from traditional front door colors like black or blue, your house will stand proudly on your street reflecting your style perfectly for guests and passersby. Consider planting some flowers and plants around your pink door to compliment the relaxing, welcoming style.
  • Introduce pinks to the kitchen: Don’t think pink belongs in the kitchen? Think again! Introduce pinks into your kitchen by painting the walls a beautiful dusty tone, which is a simple and easy upgrade to make. Pink is actually a versatile color for the kitchen, pair with soft cream cabinets for a romantic regency-core style or fuse with rich coppers and dark greens for a fresh, vibrant space. 
  • The perfect color for productivity: Pink is a color we don't often see in offices as a lot of us take the safe option and stick with whites, not knowing that these colors have zero productivity benefits. The color pink has a calming effect on our nerves and helps relieve feelings of anger and neglect, which is perfect for staying focused on tasks that have the potential to overwhelm you.
  • Use classy combinations: A complementary color scheme such as green and pink work best when one of the colors is more dominant than the other. Use a darker shade of green like forest green as the base color and enhance the sophisticated look with blush pink accessories. Add some gold hanging light fixtures and candlesticks on a side table to modernize your interior even further and create a space oozing with glamour.
  • 5. Incorporate striking pink patterns 
  • One of the best things we can do to promote a great night’s sleep is to cultivate a nurturing and peaceful atmosphere in our bedrooms and pink can add personality and warmth to any space.  For a quick style update, add a rose velvet headboard to your bed or alternatively focus on your bedroom's window dressings and brighten up your room with a striking-patterned pink roller blind. 
  • 6. Use a splash of pink in your bathroom: Introducing pink into your bathroom can be a risk worth taking. If you like the idea of using a subtle splash of pink, a chalky pink can compliment earthy colors perfectly to create a serene spa-like space. 

Which colors compliment pink interiors? 

'My personal favorite is white with pink.' says Natalia Miyar (opens in new tab), interior designer, architect and part of the LuxDeco 100 (opens in new tab) top stylists.

'A subtle trick you can use to bring these together is to select a white with an undertone in the same shade. I also use a lot of grey and pink with accents of black. This helps to move away from the girly look sometimes associated with the color. Mixing pink with cream and peach can also look super feminine but incredibly grown-up.'

How do you make a pink room elegant?

'Pink can be extremely elegant. There are many pink tones to choose from, and the key is to choose something that does not have an affiliation with a particular style but stands out for being different,' says Miyar.

'If you are going heavy on pink, my advice is to start by choosing your tone and let that guide your material choices, furniture and accessories. If you are aiming for elegance, you need to get all these components right to create the desired atmosphere in your room.'

How to master a pink room that’s not too feminine

'Anchor your room with bold style statements for drama when using pink. We use the same trick when throwing a leather jacket over a flowery dress,' says Miyar.

'For me, black works well as an accent in many color schemes and goes particularly well with pink. If you have something feminine in your room, work in something that will contrast with that.'

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