Samsung's genius monitor is perfect for small home offices – and neat freaks

Small home office or work space? The space-clever Samsung Space Monitor is just what you're looking for...

space saver monitor in home office by samsung
(Image credit: Samsung)

Having the space for a dedicated home office isn't a choice we can all make – but that doesn't mean you still won't need to work from home occasionally, find space for a passion project or need a specific spot for the kids to sit down and do their homework. So, what to do if you're limited on space, and particularly desk space? The clever, space-saving (clue's in the name) Space Monitor could be the answer. 

What makes it so special? Put simply, it's a super slimline screen that can be placed, flush, against a wall, as well as adjusted to variety of other angles, depending on what suits you. 

small space monitor by samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

So, no matter how small your space, it's super easy to set up a sleek and stylish home office. Here are out favourite features:

Easy to adjust

Thanks to an easily adjustable arm, this handy monitor is designed to suit the whole family. Whether it's you, or the kids, using the computer, it's easy to alter the height and distance to minimise back and neck strain.

Minimal design

Designed with a stylishly minimalist, fully integrated arm, which clamps to the desk, this model takes up minimal space, making it perfect for even the smallest of desks.

Plus, easy port access and a discreet cable management system means you won't have to worry about your desk being overwhelmed by wires and other attachments.

High performance

In addition to its stylish and highly functional design, this model also offers impressive performance. Built in WQHD resolution means detailed, pin sharp images that those with even the highest of standards, when it comes to image quality.

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