12 home office storage ideas for a tidy and inspiring work space

Keep your home office neat and organised with this selection of storage ideas from furniture to accessories

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Modular shelving from Elfa is the perfect storage solution in a busy office space

Now we live in a largely digital world, a lot of us have the option to work at home from time to time. Even for those who don't, a dedicated home office space for 'life admin' or for the kids to do their homework is a great way to keep paperwork in one place.

Whether this is a whole room, or just a nook in a living area, bedroom or hallway, keeping this space tidy is crucial. Here is a gallery of home office storage ideas to guarantee a tidy desk and a tidy-ish mind.

1. Flexible options

Look for adaptable storage systems that can grow and be altered as your storage needs change. Even if your work is largely paperless, the unavoidable creep of bills, post and archived documents needs to be pre-empted. 

Choose adjustable shelves that can be repositioned. This allows you to maximise the available space, fitting the shelves to your items, rather than being left with wasted voids.

Skandium string desk in white and string wall storage in grey

(Image: © Skandium)

String adjustable desk in white, £1,541, String Works storage unit In white, from £324, String System wall storage in grey, from £42, all from Skandium

2. Super space saver

Whether it is a spot for homework or colouring, it can be hard to fit a desk into a child's room. A loft bed with integrated storage and a desk is the best way to save space.

Stuva loft bed combo with desk 3 drawers and 2 doors

(Image: © Ikea)

The Stuva loft bed combo with three drawers, two doors, a desk and shelves can be adapted to fit the space. The desk can be rotated 90 degrees to fit completely under the bed, or in L-shape formation as seen here. It costs £295 from Ikea

3. Modular office storage

Build an adaptable storage wall with floor-to-ceiling supports and brackets. Open storage systems like this really do offer total control over the storage space. Not only can you get shelves of every depth, but handy pegboard-style panels, or drawers can be added too for stationery.

Wall storage from Elfa for a home office

(Image: © Elfa)

Elfa storage systems can be adapted to suit any space. You can move and add to the system as required. They also offer magazine rack modules as seen in the image at the top of this page

4. A place for everything

A computer and desk are not all you need for a productive day's work — don't forget all the stationery that comes with the job. A storage box with different slots for pens, paperclips and notepads will cut time spent rummaging around for a working highlighter pen, or a post-it note.

Keep a few essentials close at hand in neat pots on your desk, then spares can be neatly tucked away in a dedicated storage shelf or unit.

Luxury leather stationery storage unit

(Image: © Life of Riley)

The timeless Leather Stationery Box, available from Life of Riley has three drawers and six compartments, ideal for storing paper and writing accessories. The two Brass handles make closing the box easy. 38cm x 22cm x 24cm, £325

5. Go bespoke

Many furniture companies and joinery specialists will be able to design and build home office storage to perfectly suit your requirements. No matter how big or small the space is, this can be the best way to make the most of every nook and cranny of the room.

Desks can be crafted as part of the storage, creating a coordinated look. Ask for a combination of open shelving (for pretty storage boxes and decorative items), as well as cupboards to hide away clutter and tech. 

Ask the designer to include trunking and portholes to keep that unsightly tangle of wires at bay.

Built in home office from Crown Imperial with cream and wood shelving

(Image: © Crown Imperial)

Maximise every centimetre of space by using floor to ceiling space, and reduced depth shelving to maintain a spacious yet balanced look. The modern classic Midsomer in painted pure cream oak, paired with the Textura modular shelving collection from Crown Imperial Furniture can be customised to fit your storage needs

6. Make it a feature

Make the necessity of storage into something beautiful with a feature wall of shelving. This is the perfect solution for those integrating a home office in to a living room or communal space. Remember to leave plenty of space to display treasured items keeping it as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Feature wall in a living room of dark shelving for a home office

(Image: © Rory Corrigan)

This office sits at one end of the living room in Rory and Louise Corrigan's family home. The couple asked interior designer Claire Hammond to come up with a design for a stylish work station, which was then made by Manor House Design

7. Mix it up

Go for a variety of storage types. Shelves for books, magazine files and ornaments; drawers with file hangers for paperwork; drawers for pens; and cupboards to hide away printers or bulky items.

Oak fitted office furniture in a loft

(Image: © Hartleys Bedrooms)

Sorrento fitted home office in oak, from Hartleys

8. Room for two

Sharing a workspace means squeezing a desk and two people's paperwork and sundries into the space. Maximise the available room with a double desk and workstation with integrated storage.

freestanding office desks and shelf storage from Ikea

(Image: © Ikea)

Try a customisable, freestanding workstation like this one from Ikea

9. Foldaway desk

A foldaway desk is a space-saving solution for any room and provides enough work space for admin or using a laptop. Using a shelf-cum-desk also means all of your storage is in arm's reach.

Morris bookcase with foldaway desk

(Image: © Cuckooland)

The Morris bookcase comes in grey, mint (pictured above) and natural finishes. It is the perfect homework station for a kid's bedroom. £395 from Cuckooland

10. Storage desk

For a clutter-free office, look for a streamlined desk with drawers. Use the drawers for notepads and files, then make a feature of stationery storage with a selection of beautiful pen pots and magazine files.

Copper and mango wood Franklin desk from Made.com

(Image: © Made.com)

The Franklin desk £399 from Made.com with a mango wood frame and copper drawers would make a stylish addition to any workspace

11. Wall-to-wall

Where space allows, fill a wall or corner with shelving. Remember that if you are going for height, you will need to be able to reach the top shelves, and this is where a library-style ladder and rail comes in handy.

Corner of wall storage with a corner desk from Neville Johnson

(Image: © Neville Johnson)

A desk is neatly nestled in the corner of this Grey Roma storage solution from Neville Johnson, making it the perfect choice in a multifunctional space like a living room

12. Industrial influence

Storage inspired by the utilitarian furniture of workshops always offers plenty of space for all of your bits and bobs. 

Industrial style desk and shelving from Maisons du Monde

(Image: © Maisons du Monde)

The Archibald desk, £439 from Maisons du Monde, is made from solid mango wood on a strong metal base

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