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When you're working from home, sitting on a dining chair or fold-out stool is fine for a few hours. But if these seats have become your replacement office chair, it's time to break the habit. The same goes for your couch — while it may look cozy, it's not doing you (or your back) any favors. You really should be sitting in one of the best office chairs instead for the most supportive and comfy WFH set-up. And don't worry, these at-home options are much cuter than what corporate picked out for you in the past.

So whether you're looking to improve your posture, want to test the hyped-up #amazonofficechair for yourself, or need to upgrade your current home office, then these are the seats worth scrolling through, no matter how you like to sit.

9 of the best Amazon office chairs

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How we chose these office chairs

There's no denying that there is an overwhelming number of office chairs to choose from on Amazon. So how did we go about sorting the best from the rest? Well, we spent time reading reviews and ratings, looking at price points (and specs), and comparing them against our sitting experience from testing the best office chairs. We also picked out options from our favorite Amazon furniture brands

4 things to consider before you buy 

There are thousands of office chairs on Amazon. Instead of scrolling through unlimited pages, we recommend considering these factors before you start your search: 

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1. Style and support
Ergonomic, executive, task, and stackable styles, there is a big variety of office chair types and each offers different levels of support. If you suffer from back pain, an executive chair's height and padding will give you great support. Though we'd suggest an ergonomic option for anyone who finds themselves sitting down for more than a few hours at a time. These fit the curve of your lower back, relieving pressure and pain. If support isn't a priority, then swivel chairs offer comfort without the technical fuss.

2. Adjustability
Almost every chair on this list has height and arm adjustment, which should be at the top of your chair checklist. Why? Fitting your chair to you and your work desk will make all the difference in your posture. If more than one person is planning on using the chair, this feature is essential. 

3. Material
There are leather, mesh, and padded chairs to choose from. While this mainly comes down to personal preference and whether it fits with your current home aesthetic, the type of material can impact your comfort.

4. Wheel base
Most office chairs have a wheeled base, which is important for limiting strain and improving your mobility while seated. Choosing between a swivel or caster style matters, too. We'd suggest opting for a swivel chair that can move 360 degrees.

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