The best noticeboards for your home office

Ready for optimum organisation? Our favourite noticeboards keep everything that makes your world go round within easy reach with pegs, pins, magnets and more

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For many of us, the first part of the year is prime time for decluttering, and after the high of donating those shrunken jumpers and dog-eared books and finally braving that spider-infested corner of the attic, you might just be ready to tackle the piles of paper that seem to appear, as if by magic, in every corner of the house. But let’s face it, admin is no-one’s favourite task, so why not get it all organised in the first instance with a handy noticeboard? From magnetic noticeboards that hold tight to all your notes to cute takes on the traditional cork board, there’s a surprising amount of variety out there, and our list of the best noticeboards has got one for all interior styles.

No matter whether you’ve got a whole brood to organise or it’s just the one or two of you, having a surface where you can jot down reminders and shopping list items as you think of them is a winning strategy for optimum organisation, so why not look for a chalkboard or even a cool-as-can-be sheet of glass that you can doodle on directly? These aren’t traditional noticeboards where you can keep files and flyers in check, but if you’re after a home accessory that’ll help you hatch grand schemes and keep track of to-dos, these are a fun option.

If your main aim, however, is to keep all those scraps of paper in check or keep tabs on incomers and outgoers, or even make an inspiring scrapbook-style photo board for your bedroom, craft room studio or office, a traditional pin or magnetised noticeboard, or one where you can customise with clips, is just the ticket.

1. MADE V&A Plywood Memo Board

A gorgeous-looking memo board for stylish walls

Best for: Design
Size: H50 x W58 cm
Material: Engineered wood
Colour: Ash/black
Reasons to buy
+ Space for paper and hand-written notes + Handy pen holder keeps everything together 
Reasons to avoid
- Chalkboard isn’t the biggest 

If anyone knows aesthetics, it’s surely the V&A, and it’s from their plywood-themed collab with MADE that this stylish memo board hails. A celebration of form and function, it’s part organiser, part art-piece. Made of three overlapping circles - a magnetic-backed ash plywood body, a petite chalkboard, and a pen holder - it makes a delightful change from the standard rectangle. It keeps notes neatly corralled and writing implements on hand, and it looks great even covered in bills and shopping lists. What’s not to love? 

2. MADE Moss Wire Memo Board

An industrial style notice board that takes anything you can throw at it

Best for: Small spaces
Size: H50 x W35 x D15cm
Material: Metal
Colour: Black, copper
Reasons to buy
+ Included letter holder + Attach anything 
Reasons to avoid
- Have to buy clips separately 

With its clever integrated letter holder, streamlined design and small wall footprint, this wire memo board is perfect for a hallway or other space where organising can prove a bit of a squeeze. Endlessly customisable, it’s not just for notes - you can attach all manner of things to it using bulldog clips or pegs, and the scooped design makes it a great outbox to keep by the door or desk. Best of all, its minimal grid design is neutral enough that it fits in almost anywhere stylewise, too, making it a great versatile option. 

3. Ryman Write-on Glass Whiteboards

A glossy modern take on the charming chalkboard

Best for: Contemporary kitchens
Size: H60 x W45 cm
Material: Glass
Colour: Black, white
Reasons to buy
+ Looks sleek and modern + Magnetic and write-on surface 
Reasons to avoid
- No magnets included 

These ultra-modern whiteboards make a great addition to a contemporary kitchen, offering two handy ways to organise with its write-on surface and magnetic backing. More befitting of modern spaces than a chalkboard, and without the grubby-looking ghosting that can occur on a whiteboard, the glass surface looks sleek and spotless after every use - just jot or doodle as the whim takes you and wipe clean when you’re done. And why not pick up a few magnets while you’re at it for double the functionality? A great does-all solution for busy households. 

4. Cox & Cox Oak Frame Chalk Board

Add some whimsy to the everyday with a fun and functional chalkboard

Best for: Creativity
Size: H60 x W90 x D2 cm
Material: Oak
Colour: Black/oak
Reasons to buy
+ Unrestricted writing and doodling + Can use it forever 
Reasons to avoid
- Not for attaching notes 

While not a noticeboard in the strictest sense, we couldn’t just couldn’t write this article without mentioning chalkboards. Their timeless look means they fit almost any theme, from traditional country kitchens in period cottages to austere industrial spaces, and this version from Cox & Cox is our pick of them all. Unrivalled for creative potential and longevity, you can use this board to list, jot, doodle and even practice your hand lettering time and time again, and the handsome and durable blonde oak frame adds a touch of warmth that keeps your kitchen from looking too much like a schoolroom. 

5. Memo Mountain Cork Board

Bring the outdoors in with this cute shaped corkboard

Best for: Quirky offices and kids’ rooms
Size: W30.5 x H8.3 x D2.5 cm
Material: Cork
Colour: Natural
Reasons to buy
+ Fun take on the corkboard  + Comes with push pins 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the biggest capacity 

This quirky offering from Not on the High Street is an unusual take on the classic corkboard that’ll look right at home in any modern office. It mimics the silhouette of a mountain range and comes with a set of nine adorable tree-shaped push pins, so it’ll help ease the pain of missing the great outdoors while you’re working hard indoors. Like all cork notice boards it’s lightweight and easy to mount, but with the added benefit of having an adhesive strip for quick and simple no-nails set-up. Plus, it’s petite enough to fit anywhere you like, even on top of a monitor, making it our winner for small spaces. 

6. Maisons du Monde Oiseau Memo Board

A sweet-as-can-be vintage-style memo board for dreamy interiors

Best for: Shabby chic style
Size: H80 x L51 x PR3.5 cm
Material: Metal
Colour: Cream
Reasons to buy
+ Pretty and practical + Comes with mini pegs 
Reasons to avoid
- On the heavy side 

If you’re in the middle of decorating a shabby chic study or girl’s room, and looking for something that draws a line between practical and oh-so pretty, look no further than this sweet metal memo board from Maisons du Monde. It’s shaped from cream-coloured wire to resemble an old-fashioned birdcage, complete with dainty scrollwork and handmade-looking accoutrements, and comes with handy mini pegs included to hang up your handy notes and favourite photos. 

7. Dotty Ribbon Cream Linen Memo Board

A delightfully dotty handcrafted memo board for instant inspiration

Best for: Girly rooms
Size: Various (from 30x30cm)
Material: Cotton
Colour: Cream
Reasons to buy
+ Lovely handmade option + Customisable size and colour 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the most useful for very small notes 

Keep tickets, receipts and correspondence from cluttering up your workspace with this charming fabric memo board. Made from tactile cotton in your choice of size, and finished with your choice of dotty ribbon in pink, cream, sage green or red, it has a real handmade feel to it that’s hard to beat, and even harder to replicate on the high street. The best part is that you don’t have to pin a hole in your favourite photos, just tuck them behind the ribbons at random for a haphazard scrapbooked feel. We think it would look especially fabulous in a craft room used as an inspiration board, but there’s no limit to its charm wherever you put it.