These 9 office chairs prove you can WFH in comfort and style — shoppers really rate them

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Wayfair white faux leather office chair in an office, and an Amazon white faux leather desk chair in a corner of a room by a desk
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Looking to buy a new office chair for your home? Whether you work from your dining table ATM or you've got a cute li'l home office in a corner of your bedroom, your office chair is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture that you'll own in your lifetime. Just after your mattress and sofa, that is. How come? Let's say you work eight hours a day, minus one hour for lunch. That's seven hours that you're spending on this chair. Arguably, this is similar to the amount of time that you spend on your mattress every night. Get where we're going?

So, we've done the hard job for you and we've already rounded up the very best desk chairs on the web today. We've collated the best-rated office chairs, as reviewed by shoppers far and wide — from Amazon to Staples and Wayfair — to help you choose wisely. This way, you'll only have the choice between actually decent office chairs that stand the test of time. So go for whichever one will look the best in your home, underneath your stylish desk!

Do remember: a desk chair needs to offer good support for your back, but depending on your preference, it might also be handy for it to sit on wheels — and for it to swivel. For most, height adjustability is a non-negotiable, too. We've whittled this guide down to three sections to make it easy for you to digest. While we will be adding more sections as our research continues, for now, we've listed ergonomic office chairs, (faux) leather office chairs, and white office chairs as these are the most popular types of desk chair RN. All of our picks below sit at less than $250, too, so you can sit comfortably for less.

9 of the highest rated office chairs — for function and style

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Before you get to choosing, there are a few features that you might want to make sure your new office chair has, and these are:

- A swivel base so that you can spin 360º without having to stand
- Wheels so that you can move around the room with ease
- A waterfall-style seat to reduce the pressure on your legs
- A tilt mechanism so that you can lean back on your chair without the legs lifting off the floor
- Height adjustability so that your sit at the perfect level for your height
- Arm adjustability for extra comfort
- Lumbar support which means the back of the chair is S-shaped to support your spine

For some people, a few of these will be non-negotiables. We've listed the features each chair has below, although in some cases you can see the features in the images (for example lumbar support and a waterfall-style seat).

Ergonomic office chairs

If you'll be using your office chair for long periods of time, then it's best to go for an ergonomic one. They're very popular, and for good reason. What exactly is an ergonomic office chair? It's the most supportive type of desk chair that you can buy, and usually, it boasts an S-shaped backrest to offer support where you need it the most. This cradles your lower back and supports your spine, right up to your neck. This encourages better posture as you type or video call your day away. Ergonomic desk chairs are also height-adjustable and may have other parts that can be adapted to your most comfortable sitting position. Here are our three favorites, as rated by happy reviewers:

Faux leather office chairs

We've done more research around faux leather office chairs, too. So if you've got a modern space to decorate or if you love the leather look, then you're all set! The leather desk chairs below are all easy to keep clean as they're wipeable, just bear in mind that they might have a larger frame than you're used to, so be sure to measure and check that it fits into your space before you buy.

White office chairs

White office chairs are seriously popular, and it's quite easy to understand why. No one wants their office chair to standout, right? And a white one will be sure to blend in seamlessly with your decor. Here are three white office chairs we're obsessed with, and that shoppers rate the highest. With prices from $50...

5 things to consider before buying an office chair

There are many factors to consider when buying an office chair — we've listed a few of them here. Remember, your personal preference for each of these considerations might be different than someone else's. There's no right or wrong!

1. Comfort
Comfort is almost entirely subjective, however, you should keep an eye out for the material used in the seat. If it's padded, make sure the foam is not too hard, and if it's mesh, make sure you feel well-supported. The back should also make you feel supported (see more on that below), and the armrests should be well padded.

2. Back/Lumbar Support
One of the most important aspects of an office chair is back/lumbar support, but the amount of support you need will be based on the shape and size of your body. What you'll want to look out for, then, is adjustability, which leads us to...

3. Adjustability
Adjustability shouldn't be limited to lumbar support. Your chair should be as adjustable as possible — from recline to armrest positions to seat depth — to ensure the best possible fit for your body.

4. Style
Obviously, you'll want to pick an office chair that matches the decor of your home! Most of the contemporary office chairs that provide the best support aren't very design-forward, though. However, many models are customizable to some extent, so you can at least pick a nice color.

5. Material
If you typically run hot, consider a mesh desk chair — they're far more breathable than chairs with upholstered seats and backs.

How did we choose these office chairs?

How did we choose these office chairs?

Each and every one of these office chairs has been very carefully chosen by our Head Ecommerce Editor, who before writing this guide did a whole bunch of research into desk and office chairs. She then browsed the best places to buy an office chair, as if she were shopping for herself, and checked the credentials of those that grabbed her eye (and were in that all-important sub $250 budget).

Only desk chairs with top ratings from shoppers have been included in this guide, and it has been split into sections based on what people search for the most. Rest assured each of the desk chairs featured are comfortable, stylish and best of all: rated more than four stars by hundreds, if not thousands, of reviewers.

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