Looking for home office setup ideas? This one is quick, cheap, chic and small space-friendly

Need space to work from home... but don't have one? You need this GENIUS home office setup idea: it's quick, easy and super stylish. Here's how to do it

Home office setup idea: space with colourful paint effect wall
(Image credit: Dulux)

This neat home office setup idea is a speedy, easy and budget-friendly way to create a dedicated area where you can work from home, and is ideal for a corner of your bedroom or living room. 

Using clever paint effects to transform a small corner of your home into a colourful work space will help to zone your room and clearly mark out the work area, plus you'll have something far more inspiring than a blank wall to stare at during your morning coffee break.  

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Home office space in a corner of a bedroom with a colourful paint effect behind the desk

Main wall painted in White Mist; mural colours clockwise from top left, Goose Down, Mint Macaroon, Warm Pewter, Urban Obsession, all £29.16 for 2.5ltrs of matt emulsion, Dulux  

(Image credit: Dulux)

You will need:

Step one: choose the right location for your work area

The ideal spot is somewhere quiet and preferably with some natural light – a corner of your bedroom, living area or dining room could work well. Make sure there's plenty of space for your desk and a chair, and ideally some storage where you can stash your work essentials at the end of the day. 

Step two: work out the size of your painted backdrop

Measure the width of your desk so you can ensure your painted design will extend slightly wider than the edges of your desk, helping to frame the furniture and zone your work area. Mark out the frame of your painted design on the wall in pencil, using a long ruler and spirit level to ensure you get the outer lines completely straight.

Step three: create your design

It's a good idea to do a rough sketch of your design on paper first to fine-tune your ideas, then replicate this on the wall. A series of large geometric shapes such as this is simple to achieve and doesn't require any great artistic skill. 

Our top tip for achieving perfectly straight lines for the internal shapes? Apply chalk to a piece of string, attach it to the wall with masking tap at each end, pull tightly and ping the string against the wall. The chalk dust on the string will leave a straight line on the wall, which you can then place low-tack tap over the top for super-smooth edges and to stop the paint bleeding. 

Step four: paint the geometric shapes

Choose a mix of complementary colours to paint your geometric shapes. In this room, the paint colours work really well with the soft, watery hues used elsewhere in the room to create a relaxed vibe, but you can be as bold and colourful as you want! 

Paint each shape with two coats of emulsion (use a couple of tester pots of each colour rather than buying large tins of paint), and allow to dry fully before you take off the tape, removing carefully to avoid damaging the paint. 

Step five: style up your new work space

No home office space is complete without a few finishing touches, so add your chosen essentials. A good desk lamp is a must for those dark winter afternoons, and stylish desk accessories will inject some extra personality. And if you're anything like us, you'll snap up the chance to add another houseplant or flowers to your trolley on your next shopping trip too. Job done! 

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