11 cheap home office ideas – create a GREAT work space for under £100

No home office? No problem. Here is how to create one quickly and cheaply

Ikea home office
(Image credit: Ikea)

Bet you don't think working from home is all that great now do you? Sure it's a fab idea when you need a lie in because you accidentally drank too much wine watching Love is Blind or if you don't want to see anyone the day after the office party. But now? Well now it's just boring and your productivity is dwindling by the hour.

So you know what you need? A good home office set up. A work space that you can 'go to' every morning and feel productive and inspired to get stuff done. If you don't have a proper home office in your home don't worry, because all you need is a little corner, a small desk, a chair and of course some cute accessories. So we have rounded up all our fave home office bits to help you create the perfect home office for under £100. 

Home office desks for under £100

Argos Home Office Desk and Chair Set | £50
You don't just get a desk, you get a chair too, both for £50! Literally, home office sorted in one order. This has some fab reviews too, it's easy to build, sturdy and actually looks quite stylish. The chair probably isn't the most comfy but stick a cushion on, take regular breaks to stretch your legs and it should be fine. View Deal

Argos Home Bolitzo Office Desk | £50
If you want something that's a bit more stylish to pop in the corner of your living room or bedroom, this is perfect. It's really compact, but you can still fit your laptop or computer and a bucket of coffee, really what else do you need room for?View Deal

Ikea Malm dressing table | £75
If you want a desk that's really subtle, the Malm is really compact and simple in design. There's a handy drawer too for storing your stationery and laptop at the end of the day. View Deal

MultiWare Adjustable Laptop Desk | £25.99
What a bargain buy! This is great if you have a surface to work on but also like to stand while you type. This is a much cheaper and much more compact solution than just buying a whole new standing desk. Plus you can use it while sat on the sofa. View Deal

Home office chairs for under £100

Argos Home Alvar Faux Leather Office Chair | £80
We like this because it's stylish, so won't look totally out of place in your living room, but also really comfy and adjustable. Plus it has arms so you have some support while you type. View Deal

Argos Home Plastic Office Chair | £35
Cute and cheap, we love this Argos office chair. The colour would be perfect for adding some much needed sunny vibes into your home and could help you start a colour palette for your new home office space. View Deal

MacadamBlue metal folding chair | £12
Again, just love the colour. And it's £12! £12! If you are just after a super cheap chair and not too concerned with comfort this is ideal. Again, pop a cushion on it and just don't sit at it for really long periods. View Deal

Cute home office accessories for under £100

Nicoline Self Adhesive Cork Pin Board Tiles | £10.49
These cork board squares are stick on so great if you are renting or won't need them up once all this madness is over. Use them to keep your calendar and lists but also add pictures and quotes to add some personality to the space. View Deal

Ikea Forsa work lamp | £15
And if you are need of a cheap, stylish desk lamp look no further. This Ikea desk lamp comes in a few cute colours too. View Deal

Storage basket | £12.99
f you need some small cheap home office storage might as well make it pretty. This would be ideal for just storing the clutter like chargers, note pads, your diary, etc. etc. View Deal

Motivational prints | from £3.95
Because if we ever needed a cheesy motivation print then now is the time. View Deal