8 minimalist small bathroom ideas to keep things simple

Embrace these minimalist small bathroom ideas with subtle decor and sleek storage

Two small bathroom with wooden vanities and round mirrors
(Image credit: @homeonthegrove & @renovating_rosemore)

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed at home, try some minimalist small bathroom ideas to keep things simple. While this super paired-back aesthetic gets a lot of airtime on social media, there’s more to creating a minimalist look than painting everything in your apartment white. 

If your bathroom needs a makeover or is looking a little messy, a minimalist glow-up might be just the thing. For tiny rooms especially, going minimal will help you save on space and maybe even give you the nudge to get rid of those old, half-full bottles of hair masks. Am I right? 

Here, we’ve spoken to experts and influencers for their best small bathroom ideas, from the products to buy, colors to use, and floral arrangements to try out. 

Minimalist small bathroom ideas as approved by design experts

Minimalist style is all about practicality — the aesthetic must be well designed in every way, not just look pretty. From great bathroom storage solutions to thinking about the reality of your daily routine, these tips can help your bathroom look and feel well-kept and calming. 

The minimalist trend nods to Scandinavian design and looks great when using a mixture of natural colors. It's all about getting the balance between style and substance.

1. Uniformed tiling

Small white tiled bathroom with purple curtains

(Image credit: Lindsey Isla)

Create a uniform look with some subtle small bathroom tile ideas. I absolutely love this result from influencer Lindsey Isla who has, by the way, one of the dreamiest homes on the ‘gram. She’s opted for super simple, all-white, square tiling in her bathroom and it creates an uber-fresh, clean look. 

This style is really popular in Scandinavia, but what I particularly love about this design is that Lindsey’s signature passion for color still comes through with contrasting grout (which you can DIY pretty easily at home with our tile grouting guide). It’s little touches like this that can make a space your own. 

You can recreate the look yourself with this basic white ceramic tile available at Amazon.

2. Opt for smooth, curved lines

Bathroom sink with beige drawers and a round mirror

(Image credit: Home on the Grove)

In a minimalist small bathroom we want the vibes to be as chill as possible, and opting for curved lines across furniture, sanitary ware, and bathroom accessories helps the eye relax. 

Here, Home on The Grove has mimicked circular forms in her bathroom mirror and vase, which combined with the pale colors and lack of pattern, makes the whole space feel effortlessly calm. You can recreate this idea at home with curved accessories like Home Depot’s classic oval mirror, which I love. 

3. If in doubt, go monochrome

Black bathroom with round mirror and wall sign

(Image credit: Northern Key Interiors)

Earth-toned hues such as browns, beiges, grays, and greens all look gorgeous in a paired-back space but if you’re not sure how to blend a mix of shades, stick to black and white. Black bathrooms look so chic and everything you add to it is sure to match.

The beauty here is that this combo always makes a statement, so even if you haven’t meant to create a super design-led look, monochrome always has a professional feel. 

To try this at home, try painting your furniture and walls with a rich, dark color like this cool, soft black paint from Lick.

4. Minimal styling

Small neutral bathroom with beige vanity and floating shelves

(Image credit: Renovating Rosemore)

Milly Summer, interiors influencer on her Instagram account The House on Forest Hill, is a huge fan of modern decor and recognizes that usually, less is more. 

“I love reworking corners of my home in a minimalist vibe and the trick is not to over-style. Leave space, let there be gaps between decor items and plants or flowers. This allows the room to breathe and creates the feeling of space.” 

Recreate this look from Renovating Rosemore with a stylish wall shelf of your own, like this wooden wall shelf from Urban Outfitters.

Milly Summer

Milly Summer shares home updates on her Instagram account, The House On Forest Hill. 

5. Ornamental branches

White bathtub with towels and a vase with branches

(Image credit: It's All About The House)

Floral decorations and indoor plants are an important part of styling any space but it’s important that whatever you choose is in keeping with the aesthetic. Choosing the wrong floral display and going with an outdated small bathroom trend will make the room look cluttered.

For a minimalist small bathroom, ornamental branches look striking and impactful
— a super design-led choice. I am obsessed with this sandblasted Manzanita branch from Afloral which would look incredible in a rustic, ceramic vase. 

6. Marble touches

Small bathroom with marble shower

(Image credit: The House That Black Built)

Marble is a great choice in any room and is sure to make your small bathroom feel like a spa. Farzana Janjua, head of homeware and buying at Anthropologie, says that bringing natural elements into a minimalist scheme helps bring warmth. 

“Creating a sense of calm in your bathroom is crucial to a  minimalist look. One way to do this is to nod to natural materials, using marble or stoneware, to warm up the space and introduce texture without being ‘too much’.” 

This green marble soap dispenser from Anthropologie really adds a luxurious touch.

7. Embrace bare walls

Room with plain white walls and wooden cabinet

(Image credit: Living Room Danishly)

While adding inexpensive wall art is usually one of my favorite parts of decorating a space, minimalist bathrooms can look great with nothing on the walls, as shown by Living Room Danishly’s paired-back space. 

The key here is that the other elements of the room also feel low-key and unassuming, totally matching the relaxed vibe. Keeping things pared back is a great way to declutter your small bathroom and truly embrace the minimalist feel. Plus, it will come in handy when deep cleaning the bathroom.

8. Focus on storage

Bathroom with wooden vanity and mirror

(Image credit: Nads Bacchus)

It’s a no-brainer that a minimalist small bathroom should feel uncluttered. The trick to getting this right is nailing your small bathroom storage ideas

Over-sink cabinets, stacking crates (like these pastel crates available on Amazon), storage baskets — whatever it is that works for you. Go full Mary Kondo on your space with inner-drawer dividers (I personally love this 25-piece set drawer organizers from Amazon) and even in-shower shelves and hooks. 

The more effort you put into a great storage system, the tidier the place is going to look. For a really clever solution, invest in a bathroom mirror with storage to keep things off your countertop.

Minimalist small bathroom buys


How can I declutter my small bathroom to make it minimalist?

First off, walk through your daily routine and pick out the products you use every single day. Ensure these are displayed in an easy place for you to reach, and store everything else in a basket, drawer, or cabinet instead. 

How do I choose a color palette for my minimalist small bathroom?

If in doubt stick with off-white walls (bright white will feel too clinical) and bring some color with accessories. A combination of oatmeal, cream, and coffee is always a good way to go. Or, if you prefer slightly more vivid hues, just use a few accessories like a vase, soap dispenser, and bath mat to add a touch of color, such as green. Just avoid the worst colors to paint a small bathroom that will make it look too busy or cluttered.

Remember, try not to let your minimalist bathroom feel clinical. Mixing a range of textures across the room will help the space to feel lived in, too, from a shaggy bath mat and ceramic vase to unglazed tiles and a knotted wall hanging. 

One of the best ways to make a small bathroom look more minimal is to make the most of natural light so it doesn't look too gloomy. Luckily, there are some pretty easy ways to brighten up a small bathroom so it will look more lively and energetic.