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Modern home decor is deceivingly difficult to get right, especially when you’re a high-maintenance queen posing as a cool, calm, and collected girlie, like yours truly. If you’re like me, you’re looking to curate a space that feels effortlessly lived-in whilst exuding elevated, contemporary vibes to boot. It’s not too much of an ask, is it? 

Achieving this look is all about detecting opportunities for modern flourishes. And finding where to buy cheap home decor so that you don't break the bank in the process, obvs. Perhaps all that sterile rental bathroom of yours needs is a statement mirror. And that bare wall probably needs some color in the form of a bookshelf or print. Oh, and those floorboards are crying out for a modern rug but you’re stuck for which one to pick. Whatever your dilemma, I’m here to help. Sorry not sorry if this roundup ends up adding more than you bargained for to your basket... but it's just so cute!

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So, if you’re looking for some modern home décor buys to refresh your space, it’s time to get to business. I’m an interiors pro and these are the pieces I’ve spotted on a lot of wishlists, backed up by rave reviews and, of course, the Real Homes seal of approval. So, whether it's modern small living room buys you're searching for or pieces to spruce your bedroom, keep scrolling.

12 modern home décor buys

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Modern living room decor

We've collated all of our favorite modern bedroom ideas for you to browse, but here's what you need to buy if your space is looking a little bare RN.

Modern bedroom decor

Onto the bedroom and all of the modern bedroom ideas you need to see. Find the pieces you need to buy to get your space looking expensive AF but on a budget.

What does "modern" home décor mean?

The term modern home decor is pretty vague, so I asked Lubo Todorov, the Head of Visual Merchandising at Raft Furniture , how he navigates this title and what it means to him when dressing Raft showrooms and photoshoots. "When presented with the term 'modern home,' it's tempting to think of futuristic sharp lines, tech-centric spaces, and (let's be honest) a lack of soul," Lubo says. 

"However, the modern home actually celebrates sustainability and rejects the cookie-cutter style that lacks personality and depth. Modern home decor is about injecting some contemporary character into a timeless space. It's like that cool belt you buy to elevate those classic jeans." 

Where to buy modern home decor

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