7 ways to make a small bathroom feel like a spa

I feel more relaxed just thinking about these spa-inspired bathroom ideas

Bathtub with brush and candle
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Make your small bathroom feel like a spa with some clever tricks and upgrades. We all deserve a bathroom that feels like a little slice of heaven — a relaxing getaway from everyday life, and a place where we can totally just chill the hell out. 

Here, I’ve spoken to experts and founders to get the details on the best ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa —  no matter its size. From tiny touches such as simply buying a new scented candle to more substantial ones, like renovating the space, keep reading to give your bathroom a luxury, spa makeover. 

I hope you love these space-conscious solutions and if you’re on the lookout for more small bathroom ideas, we have plenty of inspiration.

How to make your small bathroom feel like a spa

Whether large or tiny, colorful or minimalist, every bathroom can be made better with a sprinkle of spa treatment. Think botanical scents, fluffy robes, and calming music: anything that brings a soothing spa feeling. 

1. Prioritize natural scents

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One of the first things you’ll notice when entering a spa is that wonderful, relaxing scent. Usually rooted in botanicals, spas use the best scented candles, as well as reed and electric diffusers to fill the space with calming aromatherapy. 

Heather Gilberthorpe, founder of independent candle brand Lit Home, says: “Adding natural fragrance to your bathroom is a clever way to shift the identity of the space away from its everyday use and into something special. 

"A good quality natural candle is perfect, especially one containing fresh, 'green' notes — such as rosemary, clary sage, black spruce, and geranium — that conjure a sense of being outdoors, enveloped in nature. Try to steer clear of synthetic fragrance, and your mind and body will benefit from the aromatherapy of natural fragrance, derived from essential oils.”

Heather Gilberthorpe

Heather is the founder of Lit Home, an independent, natural candle brand.

2. Invest in a new set of towels, and display them with style

Small bathroom with sage green cabinet

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That spa life is all about the small comforts, so if your towels are getting a little dry and rough, it could be time to invest in some new ones, like this highly-rated set of white towels available on Amazon.

But, it’s not enough to simply snag a couple of soft and bouncy towels, go the extra mile and pick out a nifty storage display to keep them on. Rustic wooden ladders leaned against a wall make great towel storage ideas, as does this overall bathroom unit used by Gemma at House On The Meadow. 

3. Embrace a curved bath

Bathtub with scrub brush and candles

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As Jorge Hernandez, Product and Design Manager at Crosswater says, a freestanding bath makes for a great statement piece and is the ultimate bathroom power move if your space allows. Investing in some creative small bathroom bathtub ideas will really make a difference.

“Opt for a contemporary, curved shape to soften the room and evoke the feeling of a luxury spa. For smaller bathrooms short on space, opt for a back-to-wall bath instead. This bath shape provides the same impact as a freestanding bath without the need for additional floor space.”

Jorge Hernandez

 Jorge Hernandez is Product and Design Manager at Crosswater, a bathroom speacialist.

4. Splurge on fancy hand soap

Blue tiled bathroom with sink

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As mentioned, engaging the senses is an important part of creating a spa experience, and if there’s just one thing you can change in your bathroom this month, splash out on some luxury hand soap. 

Earthy, botanical scents and exfoliating textures will momentarily take you to another place. This gorgeous picture from Ellen Mallernee on Instagram shows off a cult buy of Aesop hand soap, but we also like the Restore exfoliating hand soap from Cowshed.

5. Treat yourself to a fluffy robe

Bathrobe in colorful bathroom

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Rule 101 of creating a spa experience is imagining you’re at a spa — and what’s the first thing you do? Slip a super soft robe on, of course. There are plenty of types of robes you can buy — with a rougher, toweling edge to help you dry off, soft but durable cotton mixes, or plush, fleece finishes that are best for snuggling up in. I love this crisp white bathrobe available from Amazon for a spa look.

Opt for a crisp white for a luxurious look and, if possible, having your initials embroidered on the front is a nice touch. Fit a peg (we like these best adhesive hooks for any room in the house) so that you can hang your robe pride of place, instead of leaving it on the back of a door somewhere.

6. Make the most of natural light

Blue-green bathroom with orange sink

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Jorge Hernandez, Product and Design Manager at Crosswater advises putting your efforts into maximizing the natural light and brightening your small bathroom.

“Enhancing natural light will provide your bathroom with a touch of luxury, so invest in a large bathroom mirror to bounce natural light around the room and create an illusion of more space. You can also switch out your current accessories for more indulgent ones that will guarantee a hotel-worthy aesthetic.”

I'm loving this large arched bathroom mirror available on Amazon to reflect more light in a small bathroom.

7. Use a bath caddy for lotions and potions

Bathtub caddy with glass of wine and iPad

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A bath is the ultimate indulgence when it comes a truly relaxing at-home experience, and just as in a spa you’d be pampered within an inch of your life, here you can surround yourself with bath salts and oils. 

Show them off in one of the best bath caddies and add an extra flourish with a small vase or plant, too. 

“A good bath caddy needs to be able to hold your essential body wash products and be able to be cleaned as easily as possible.” says organization expert Laura Mountford — AKA @lauracleanaholic.

This bamboo bathtub caddy from Target is a great option but if you need more storage try installing a larger shelving unit. 

Lauren Mountford outside
Laura Mountford

Social Media Content Creator and Influencer, Laura Mountford, shares cleaning tips to help her audience enjoy looking after their homes. 


What’s the easiest change for a small bathroom?

Scent makes the biggest impact and is the easiest thing to do — so this is a no brainer. It doesn’t need to be a fancy scented candle from an expensive brand, go for an independent brand or a local store and select a fragrance with rosemary, lavender or bay. I personally love this Frenshe lavender candle available from Target for mellow vibes. You could also use one of our favorite reed diffusers to incorporate more relaxing scents.

How important is lighting for a spa feel?

We all feel more relaxed with the lights dimmed, so create atmosphere in your bathroom with easy lighting fixes which work for a smaller space. Buy some pillar or taper candles (like these unscented pillar candles from Amazon), try a battery-operated lamp or add a dimmer to your main, overhead light. 

I might not be able to afford to go to a spa right now, but at least I’ll have a mini experience at home! Before I start redecorating though, I like to deep clean my small bathroom so I can truly relax without focusing on any dirt or debris. Give everything a wipe down and try using cleaning products with nice scents to keep the good vibes going.