Home office shelving: the best storage soltutions to declutter

These home office shelving solutions are the most stylish and practical around. Working from home has never been easier (and more aesthetically pleasing)

Home office shelving: Neptune Carter desk, Brompton desk lamp in Antique Brass , City plan print
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Recently started working from home? On the hunt for home office shelving to store away your paperwork, electronics and some general clutter? Whether you have a dedicated room for your home office or you call your home office a corner of your living room *guilty*, we've found six different space-saving solutions to ensure you can park your paperwork away in style. Because let's face it: no one likes to be reminded of work while they're chilling on the sofa binge-watching Netflix on a Saturday evening.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best home office shelving to provide you with a list of both stylish and functional shelving units. Enjoy decluttering your space!

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Design Project by John Lewis & Partners No.004 Display Unit

1. Design Project by John Lewis & Partners No.004 Display Unit

The ideal home office shelving unit if you love linear designs and contemporary styles – we love!

Colour: Oak
Material: Solid oak, oak veneers
Dimensions: H180cm x W120cm x D35cm
Reasons to buy
+Solid and hard-wearing +Made from real wood 
Reasons to avoid
-Perhaps too modern for traditional homes-Pricey

This contemporary home office shelving unit from John Lewis & Partners is both stylish and functional. The designers have chosen to use both oak and oak veneer to give it a sturdy, hardwearing structure which is perfect for storing files, books and other necessary office items. The boxes at the end of each shelf can be used to frame a lamp or ornaments, so you can extend your unique taste to your home office. 

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Sanford Parquet Bookcase

2. Sanford Parquet Bookcase

This rough and ready home office shelving unit provides ample storage, and shabby chic lovers will adore

Colour: Dark wood, black
Material: Solid Mango Wood, iron
Dimensions: H170cm x W100cm x D35cm
Reasons to buy
+Lots of storage+Fairly lightweight for moving 
Reasons to avoid
-Perhaps too industrial for traditional homes 

If you’re a fan of shabby chic, the Sanford Parquet Bookcase from Marks and Spencer combines iron and wood to create a smart industrial–feel shelving unit that would look great as a statement piece for your office. Featuring five shelves, there’s plenty of room for you to create an organisation system. Whether it’s baskets of spare stationery on the bottom shelf, books on another and files on top, one thing's for sure: you won’t be strapped for space. 

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Cox & Cox Two Industrial Shelves, black, on a wall with decorations ontop

(Image credit: Cox & Cox )

3. Cox & Cox Two Industrial Shelves

Cleanly designed shelves for a completely uncluttered office, this home office shelving solution is great for minimalists

Colour: Black
Material: Iron
Dimensions: H35cm x W100cm x D25cm and H34cm x W70cm x D25cm
Reasons to buy
+ One large, one small + Made from sturdy iron 
Reasons to avoid
- No fixtures and fittings included 

Didn't you know? Home office shelving can be decorative too! This pair of industrial shelves from Cox & Cox combine a black iron frame with a shelf surface to create units that are minimal yet stylish. They lend themselves to displaying rather than storing, so any picture frames or business awards would look great taking pride of place on either of these shelving units. Bear in mind that fixtures and fittings aren’t included with these units and will come at a separate cost. 

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Garden Trading Aldsworth Wide Shelf Ladder

4. Garden Trading Aldsworth Wide Shelf Ladder

An upcycled chic shelving unit that provides lots of storage room

Colour: Wood
Material: Wood
Dimensions: H180cm x W80cm x D35cm
Reasons to buy
+6 shelves +Shelves have various depths 
Reasons to avoid
-Takes up quite a lot of floor space

If you’re looking for a substantial shelving unit that contributes to the interior design of your home office, the rustic Garden Trading Aldsworth Wide Shelf Ladder from John Lewis could be just the thing. Whether you’re after plenty of room to store files and books or display decorative items, the varying depths of the six shelves gives you plenty of ways in which to use the unit. Because the shelves are angled like a ladder, this unit will take up more room than your standard set of wall shelves, so it may be best suited to large home office spaces.  

Hygena Squares Plus 16 Cube Storage Unit

5. Hygena Squares Plus 16 Cube Storage Unit

Use this home office shelving unit for decorative or storage purposes – the opportunities are endless!

Colour: Various
Material: Wood
Dimensions: H145cm x W146cm x D39cm
Reasons to buy
+Lots of shelving space +Available in a range of colours 
Reasons to avoid
-Takes up a fair amount of room 

The very versatile Hygena Squares Plus 16 Cube Storage Unit can be used in multiple different ways depending on your needs. It also reminds us of a certain IKEA number. Each individual cube is perfect for those who love creating organisation systems, but you could also mix and match with drawers to create places where you can store items that you’d rather keep tucked away. You may even use some cubes for filing and some for displaying ornaments. The unit is available to purchase in white gloss, white matt, beech, or oak, so it should offer a colour suited to your taste and existing decor. 

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Watford Steel and Walnut Shelving Unit

(Image credit: La Redoute)

6. Watford Steel and Walnut Shelving Unit

This storage savvy home office shelving unit is the best simple solution to running out of desk space

Colour: Walnut and black
Material: Steel, MDF
Dimensions: W80cm x H123cm x D33cm
Reasons to buy
+Industrial chic+Has both shelves and cupboards
Reasons to avoid
-Not real wood

Sometimes all you need is a storage unit that can tick all the boxes. The Watford Steel and Walnut Shelving Unit from La Redoute offers three shelves to store necessary or decorative items (you can move the shelves to different heights to suit), and two cupboards – which merge into one compartment – to store important documents safely away. So that's practicalities out of the way, so,  what about looks? As you can see, it's a shapely take on Mid-century modern style, which makes it ideal for both contemporary and traditional-style homes. 

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