The best home office shelving

Never underestimate the power of a home office shelving unit. Declutter, rearrange and store all matter of necessary business items with our selection of the most stylish and practical shelving units below

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Running your own business is stressful, but you can regain some control just by making sure everything is organised - remember, tidy room, tidy mind. Investing in a home office shelving unit is a sure-fire way to declutter surfaces and make head or tail of the piles of various business-related paraphernalia that may or may not be building around your desk. 

Shelving units are great places to store folders, account files and various books. You can also use a shelving unit to create a system for your business; whether that’s an incoming shelf and an outgoing shelf, product shelf or just somewhere to store prototypes, samples or previous project files. 

As much as the thought of a home office shelving unit may sound boring, actually, it doesn’t have to be. Home office shelving can be stylish, unique and add something to your office that it didn’t have before. Whether you go for wood, metal or a mix of the two, shelving can be traditional, modern or retro, allowing you to create an interior design theme that’ll give your home office a personalised edge, just like the rest of your home. Just because it’s your place of work, doesn’t mean it has to be bland.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best home office shelving from the likes of John Lewis and Marks and Spencer to provide you with a list that is full of both stylish and functional shelving units. From oak to iron, we’ve made sure a range of interior design themes are covered so you can find the perfect one for your office. 

1. Design Project by John Lewis No.004 Display Unit

The ideal shelving unit if you love linear designs

Best for: Contemporary style
Colour: Oak
Material: Solid oak, oak veneers
Dimensions: H180xW120xD35
Reasons to buy
+ Solid and hard wearing + Made from real wood 
Reasons to avoid
- Perhaps too modern for traditional homes 

This contemporary home office shelving unit from John Lewis plays with cubism to create a product that is both stylish and functional. The designers have chosen to use both oak and oak veneer to give it a sturdy, hardwearing structure, perfect for storing files, books and other necessary office items. The boxes at the end of each shelf can be used to frame a lamp, ornaments or even a vase, so you can extend your unique taste to your home office.  

2. Sanford Parquet Bookcase

This rough and ready shelving unit provides ample storage

Best for: Shabby chic interiors
Colour: Dark wood, black
Material: Solid Mango Wood, iron
Dimensions: H170xW100xD35
Reasons to buy
+ 5 shelves provide ample storage + Fairly lightweight for moving 
Reasons to avoid
- Perhaps too industrial for traditional homes 

If you’re a fan of shabby chic, this shelving unit from Marks and Spencer combines iron and wood to create a rough and ready, industrial feel shelving unit that would look great as a statement piece for your office. Featuring 5 shelves, there’s plenty of room for you to create an organisation system as complex as you like. Whether it’s baskets of spare stationary on the bottom shelf, books on another and files on top, you won’t be stripped for space.  

3. Cox & Cox Two Industrial Shelves

Cleanly designed shelves for a completely uncluttered office

Best for: Minimalists
Colour: Black
Material: Iron
Dimensions: H35xW100xD25 and H34xW70xD25
Reasons to buy
+ One large, one small + Made from sturdy iron 
Reasons to avoid
- No fixtures and fittings included 

Of course, home office shelves can be decorative too.  This pair of industrial shelves combine a black iron frame with a shelf surface to create units that are minimal yet stylish. They therefore lend themselves to displaying rather than storing, so any picture frames or business awards would look great taking pride of place on either of these shelving units. Bear in mind that fixtures and fittings aren’t included with these units and will come at a separate cost. 

4. Garden Trading Aldsworth Wide Shelf Ladder

An upcycled chic shelving unit that provides lots of storage room

Best for: Shelf space
Colour: Wood
Material: Wood
Dimensions: H180xW80xD35
Reasons to buy
+ 6 shelves + Shelves have various depths 
Reasons to avoid
- Takes up more floor space than a regular unit 

If you’re looking for a substantial shelving unit that contributes to the interior design of your home office, this rustic unit from John Lewis could be just the thing. Whether you’re looking for plenty of room to store files and books or display decorative items, the varying depths of the 6 shelves gives you plenty of ways in which to use the unit. Because the shelfs are angled like a ladder, this unit will take up more room than your standard set of wall shelves, so it may be best suited to large home office spaces.  

5. Heart of House Elford 3 Shelf 2 Drawer Bookcase

The perfect buy if you’re looking for additional storage too

Best for: Storage and shelf space
Colour: Various
Material: Wood and metal
Dimensions: H189.5xW90xD40.7
Reasons to buy
+ 4 shelves, 2 drawers + A range of colours available 
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t have much character 

This traditional shelving unit comes in variety of effects, including white, oak, walnut and grey, so there’s plenty of choice if you’re stuck trying to find one that fits with your existing interior themes. There’s four shelves, perfect for storing a combination of books, files and photos. There’s the added bonus of two drawers at the bottom of the unit, which are great for storing clutter that you’d rather keep hidden. Plus, Argos say that the unit comes fully assembled, so you won’t even have to take time out of your busy schedule to put the unit together.  

6. Reclaimed Wood And Steel Industrial Style Shelf Unit

Try this alternative iron and wood unit for size

Best for: Stylish, yet compact
Colour: Wood and grey
Material: Wood and steel
Dimensions: H60xW60xD15
Reasons to buy
+ Made from recycled material + Great for shabby chic offices 
Reasons to avoid
- Not as much shelf space as others 

If you like the look of our pick from Marks and Spencer but don’t have the room for a floor standing shelving unit, you may be interested in this selection from Not On The High Street. Combining steel and reclaimed wood, it’s industrial in style, even in the way in which the brackets fix the unit to the wall. There’s three shelves which are fairly short in length, so it’s a great choice if you’re only looking to store stationery or trinkets. You may need to consider something bigger if you require substantial space for storing your ever-expanding file collection. 

7. Hygena Squares Plus 16 Cube Storage Unit

Use this shelving unit for decorative or storage purposes

Best for: Versatility
Colour: Various
Material: Wood
Dimensions: H145xW146xD39
Reasons to buy
+ Lots of shelving space + Available in a range of colours 
Reasons to avoid
- Takes up a fair amount of room 

This versatile unit can be used in multiple different ways depending on your purpose for it. Each individual cube is perfect for those who love creating organisation systems, but you could also mix and match with drawers to create places where you can store items that you’d rather keep tucked away. You may even use some cubes for filing and some for displaying ornaments. The unit is available to purchase in white gloss, white matt, beech, or oak, so it should offer a colour suited to your taste and existing decor.  

8. House by John Lewis Mix it 120cm Floating Shelf Unit

The solution to running out of desk space

Best for: Simplicity
Colour: Various
Material: Foil wrapped chipboard
Dimensions: H22xW120xD20
Reasons to buy
+ Contemporary touch + Compact unit 
Reasons to avoid
- Not real wood 

Sometimes all you need is a unit above your desk where you can easily reach important documents, spare stationary and books. This shelving unit from John Lewis offers two rows on which to store necessary or decorative items. It comes in variety of colours to suit contemporary and traditional home offices and at less than £100 per unit, you could purchase a couple to ensure everything in your office has its place.