The best home office gadgets

Kit out your home office with digital assistants, stylish tech, and organising accessories

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When you work from home, whether it’s full-time as a freelancer or odd days when you’re not in the office, it can be more difficult than ever to strike a successful work- but on your space, too.

That means, if you can, designing a home office, and kitting it out as you would a regular office for a professional environment that’ll keep you right on track. And don’t think that means sacrificing comfort or convenience — far from it. In fact, that’s where our pick of the best home office gadgets comes in.

If you’re not the most technologically minded, the word “gadgets” can bring with it images of hefty price tags and even bigger books of instructions, but it needn’t be so. We’ve rounded up everything from desk lamps and handy storage accessories to smart home devices and webcams.

1. Apple iPad 9.7 (2017)

The original and best for portable computing

Best for: Almost everything
Power: Rechargeable USB
Type: Device
Reasons to buy
+ Powerful processing + Large, clear screen 
Reasons to avoid
- Not quite as capable for a laptop 

If you don’t work from home seven days a week, and thus don’t fancy investing in a high powered laptop for home use, the tablet is the next best thing, and it’s still Apple’s iPad that reigns supreme. Short of the far more expensive iPad Pro, it’s the largest screen available in the range, giving you plenty of space to navigate spreadsheets or watch the odd cheeky episode of your favourite show at coffee time (we won’t tell if you don’t). It also packs lots of processing power into a portable body, making it easy to slip into a bag if you do need to face the outside world, and an HD FaceTime camera for video calls with clients. 

2. Amazon Echo Plus

Stay organised and in communication with this hands-free hub

Best for: Home assistant
Power: Mains powered
Type: Home hub
Reasons to buy
+ Set reminders, make calls and play music + Good for work and play 
Reasons to avoid
- Sound quality not the best 

The Amazon Echo Plus is the most advanced in the range, and connects to the brand’s home assistant Alexa to organise every facet of your life. As well as streaming your favourite instrumental tracks to get you focused, you can call anyone in your phonebook hands-free for impromptu check-ins, and ask Alexa for updates on your schedule, such as when your next client meeting is. More high-tech and, let’s face it, more fun than a paper planner, this home hub squeezes lots of functions into one slimline package, so it more than earns the desk space it needs. 

3. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

High quality video and audio for professional calls

Best for: Office video meetings
Power: USB
Type: Webcam
Reasons to buy
+ Noise reduction and low-light correction + Hugely compatible 
Reasons to avoid
- Separate microphone would offer better quality 

There’s nothing more frustrating than a dark, fuzzy picture ruining your video call, especially when that call is with someone you’re looking to impress, so make sure you put your best face forward with a high-tech webcam. It’s USB-powered and engineered to work with Skype on Windows operating systems 7 and later, and FaceTime on Mac OS 10.6 or later, so no need to worry about compatibility (unless you’re still tapping away on an Amiga 3000). It also aims to combat the most common niggles with automatic low-light correction and built-in dual stereo mics with automatic noise reduction, good news for those with noisy neighbours. 

4. Logitech Multi-Device K480

Is it a phone? Is it a laptop? Is it a tablet? Well, why not all three?

Best for: Multiple devices
Power: AAA battery X 2
Type: Keyboard
Reasons to buy
+ Switch between devices quickly + Ideal laptop replacement for infrequent use 
Reasons to avoid
- Keys are a bit cluttered 

Keeping track of which notes you’ve typed up where and which calendar that meeting was on can be a bit of a ‘mare, unless you can cover all bases with a keyboard that allows you to switch between devices with ease. This Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech can act as a keyboard for your computer monitor, but also works with your tablet and smartphone, act6ing as an impromptu laptop with its angled cradle for your smaller devices, and allowing you to switch between up to three screens with a simple dial. If all your tech comes from different places, you might take comfort in the keyboard layout, which lists shortcuts from Windows and Mac, Android and iOS alike.


Keeps your wires in line and your ducks in a row

Best for: Tidy wires
Power: N/A
Type: Cable tidy
Reasons to buy
+ Strong but flexible + Self-adhesive 
Reasons to avoid
- Random colours chosen 

You know what they say about messy desks and messy minds, so clear away those cobwebs, and the annoying clutter, with cable tidies. These silicone cable holders are self adhesive and can be stuck to any surface, great for keeping flighty chargers in place, frequently-used cables neatly routed to where you need them, and earbuds untangled. The rubber jaws, according to Betron, are designed to be sturdy enough for even notoriously chunky FireWire cables, but flexible enough for easy adding and removal without damage.

6. Logitech MX Anywhere 2

A capable wireless mouse for comfortable scrolling

Best for: Freedom of movement
Power: Rechargeable battery
Type: Wireless mouse
Reasons to buy
+ Hyperfast scrolling mode + Syncs to three devices 
Reasons to avoid
- Some found the non-clicking wheel an annoyance 

While it might seem silly when you cast your eye over the vast array of high-tech mice (mouses?) on the market, if you’re using one every day, it’s got to be comfortable. This Logitech mouse has been chosen for its wireless design, which means you’re not tethered or tangled up by a too-short or over-long cable, and its ‘hyperfast’ scroll mode designed to make navigating very long documents a breeze, with no niggly RSI pain in sight. That it can sync to up to three machines also makes it a great option for the home office, as family members with their own laptops can use it without issue. 

7. Poweradd Touch Sensitive LED Desk Lamp

Treat your eyes in any light with this clever multi-function lamp

Best for: Lighting
Power: Rechargeable micro USB
Type: Desk lamp
Reasons to buy
+ Rechargeable wireless lamp + Light options for different types of working 
Reasons to avoid
- Can’t replace bulb 

If you find yourself working early in the morning or late at night and a weak overhead light won’t cut it, a focused task lamp is a good solution, and especially beats eye strain from looking at bright screens in the dark. This LED desk lamp has three colour modes and six brightness levels to suit all kinds of tasks, including yellow light for screens, warm white for reading, and cool white for writing. It’s also easy to move around the house if the location of your office depends on who’s doing what where, with a light foldable construction and rechargeable Li-ion battery. 

8. Bamboo Spark Gadget Case

Never lose an idea again with this note and doodle-friendly case

Best for: Backup
Power: Rechargeable USB
Type: Smart pen and pad
Reasons to buy
+ 100 pages internal memory + Good for artists as well as writers 
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t always register perfectly 

Always writing stuff down on paper to find you’ve no idea where you put it? Eliminate the risk of forgetting your most brilliant schemes with this amazing digital notebook by Bamboo. It’s compatible with any A5 pad of paper and comes with its own ballpoint pen, and it’s after that that things start getting high-tech — when you connect a device, the Spark Gadget Case will back up whatever you’ve written to it. Even if you run out of battery or forget your phone, the case has its own 100-page internal memory, so you’ll never find yourself stranded. Just remember to keep it charged to its full 8 hours of use. 

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