The best home office accessories

Kit out your workspace with the best accessories to keep you motivated throughout the working day

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Looking for home office accessories to complement your new home office design? Well, you're going to need lots of ideas to add to your shopping list, and home accessories are rather important in making your workspace nice. From storage solutions to lamps and even plants, we've got everything you need for your home office redesign to look the part.

We're assuming you've already carefully chosen the perfect desk, picked the best office chair and hidden away clutter with plenty of storage, so why not refer to our buying guides for more recommendations? After all, you couldn't have chosen a better time for a revamp as Black Friday deals are just around the corner. 

 Framed chalk board

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1. Framed chalk board

A stylish way to brainstorm in the office

Best for:
Colour: Black
Dimensions: Various
Reasons to buy
+Tidy way of brainstorming+Great for teams
Reasons to avoid
-Can't keep what's written on it as it has to be wiped off

Part of a team? Or find it hard to come up with ideas without writing them down? A chalk board is all you need. It'll look good on the wall, provide an ideal place to brainstorm and unlike white boards, they don't require special cleaning care. Oh, and they're eco-friendly in comparison. 

Tamurt Leather & Wood Clock

(Image credit: La Redoute)

2. Tamurt Leather & Wood Clock

You'll never be late again (hopefully)

Best for: Time management
Colour: Brown
Dimensions: D30cm x D1.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Minimalist looking
Reasons to avoid
-No numbers

Every home office needs a clock, and what better than this sophisticated La Redoute one? Made from a mix of leather and wood, it'll look gorgeous hung on your wall, and will ensure both you, and your clientele aren't late again. 

3. Cox and Cox Tore Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary for style conscious homes

Best for: Style-lovers
Colour: Copper
Dimensions: H80cm x D18cm
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable lamp+Sturdy
Reasons to avoid
-Quite large 

Add light to your workspace with this stunning copper desk lamp. This classic Anglepoise shape has met with a modern copper finish making it bang on trend. It’s quite large, so smaller desks may find this lamp overbearing; but for larger spaces, this is a great way to get ample lighting wherever you need it. The neck is fully adjustable and it has a sturdy base so it won’t topple over wherever you decide to place it. 

3. Wire Magazine Rack

Keep your files organised with this industrial-style shelving

Best for: Organising documents
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: H87cm x W32cm x D12cm
Reasons to buy
+Space-saver+Stylish and practical 
Reasons to avoid
-Requires wall mounting 

If you’re fed up with the pile of papers on your desk, then you can store them stylishly in this industrial-style magazine rack which gives off an old-school newsroom vibe. Whether it’s letters, newspapers or other documents that are stacking up, this wire rack can keep all your papers off of your desk and in order. 

Medium Foldable Cork Storage Box

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4. Medium Foldable Cork Storage Box

A place to store your knick-knacks which isn't hideous

Best for: Storage
Colour: Cork and black
Dimensions: H25cm x L40cm x W30cm
Reasons to buy
+Useful +Folds away
Reasons to avoid

We all know how quickly paperwork can pile up in the office, and more often than not, it can be a struggle to find somewhere to put it all, especially whilst ensuring your office still looks tidy of course. Grab a storage box to pop your random wires, piles of paperwork or 100 pens in, and it won't just make your life easier when it comes to finding things, but it'll make your home office look the part.

5. Cox and Cox Wooden Letter Rack

Organise your desk with this rustic letter rack

Best for: Shabby-chic homes
Colour: Brown
Dimensions: H23.5cm x W41cm x D24.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Rustic design+Space for letters and stationery
Reasons to avoid
-Not to everyone’s taste 

Those who love the shabby-chic décor will love this wooden letter rack carved from mango wood. It is stylish and a great way to organise your post and other bits and bobs. It would look equally as good in a hallway as in a home office, and would fit nicely on a desk so that you can make sure everything has a place. 

6. Artificial Mixed Succulents Pot

Bring your home office to life with a beautiful succulent

Best for: Bringing your workspace to life
Colour: White and green
Dimensions: W18 x D18cm
Reasons to buy
+Artificial +Realistic
Reasons to avoid
-Could take up space you don't necessarily have

Every home office needs a house plant; but if you’re not very good at maintaining them then this artificial succulent is perfect for you. It’s low maintenance, and won’t make a mess on your desk, making it the perfect way to living up an otherwise drab looking workspace. 

Tree-Shaped Hat and Coat Rack

(Image credit: Wayfair)

7. Tree-Shaped Hat and Coat Rack

A place to store coats, hats, scarves and what ever else your clients bring to the office

Best for: Storage
Colour: Espresso or white
Dimensions: H175cm x W61cm x D61cm
Reasons to buy
+Can hold a lot+Comes in two different colours
Reasons to avoid
-Maybe too plain looking for some 

Not just a place for guests to store their coats, bags and other belongings, but you'll probably end up using this too. You'll hang your laptop bag from there, a coat which you only wear for work meetings or anything else that can realistically be hung up. It'll make your home office look neater, all whilst taking up a small amount of floor space.

Bosign Medium Hideaway Cable Organiser in White and Natural

(Image credit: Bosign)

8. Bosign Medium Hideaway Cable Organiser in White and Natural

A handy way to organise and hide all of your wires

Best for: Wire organising
Colour: White and natural
Dimensions: H13.8cm x D18cm x W30cm
Reasons to buy
+Can hold several wires+Ideal for anywhere in a room
Reasons to avoid
-Although it looks it, it's not authentic wood

A place to pop your extension leads, wires and adaptors, a cable organiser is a must if you have a home office. It'll make your space look tidy, prevent wires from being pulled around or broken and it can sit anywhere, including on the floor as it has silicone skidders to protect floors from scratches. 

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