The best home office accessories

Kit out your workspace with the best gadgets and accessories to keep you motivated throughout the working day

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Working from home can be enjoyable, especially when you get to kit out your very own home office just the way you like it. You can make going to work all the more appealing with a range of home office accessories that cater to your own individual style. 

From funky desk lamps and plant pots that will liven up your desktop to printers and desk organisers to help you work more efficiently; we’ve picked out some of the best home office accessories that will create a professional yet personal environment for you to work in. 

When kitting out your home office, make sure you make use of the space the way you see fit. The saying goes “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, then to what is an empty desk?”, but we’re not here to judge how you work. Whether you like to have everything in its place, or your desk is filled with post its, you can create a workspace that caters to your style. 

Your desk is a sacred space where you spend most of your waking hours, so we think it deserves a little personalisation and TLC. Check out our list of home office accessories that will make your home office a stress-free and stylish. 

1. Epson EcoTank ET-3600

A reliable printer that’s quick, efficient and economical

Best for: Home printing
Colour: Black
Dimensions: H30xW48.9xD16.9cm
Reasons to buy
+Colour printing+Refillable ink – no cartridges
Reasons to avoid
-Tricky to set up  

Reliable printing is a necessity for a home office, but we know how costly it can become. This Epson EcoTank printer uses refillable ink rather than the standard cartridges, which makes it a much more economical machine. Customers found that they didn’t have to change the ink so regularly, and that this printer was very good at printing both word documents and photos in high quality. It is sleek and black which would fit into any modern home nicely, and although it takes a bit of setting up, once it’s done, it will become a reliable feature in your home office for years to come. It features Wi-Fi, comes with 2 years’ worth of ink, and can print up to 11,000 pages. A must-have home office accessory for everyone.  

2. Amazon Echo (2017)

Your very own personal assistant

Best for: Smart homes
Colour: Charcoal, Heather, Oak
Dimensions: H14.8xW8.8xD8.8cm
Reasons to buy
+New fabric exterior+Hands-free calling 
Reasons to avoid
-Not for technophobes 

If you’ve jumped on the smart home bandwagon, then bringing Alexa into your home will make your life a whole lot easier. The Amazon Echo 2nd Generation has had a huge makeover, making it look much more homely as opposed to its former space-like self. You can choose from a coloured fabric to suit your home office interior and take advantage of having your very own personal assistant. Make calls, ask questions and play music with this voice recognition tool. Alexa uses seven microphones to detect your voice from anywhere in the room and she can hear you even when music is playing. You can also broaden her skills throughout the whole house so she can switch on the lights, the TV and even control the thermostat. She can be tricky to get on with if you’re not very tech savvy, but it’s a great way to keep on top of digital trends.  

3. Cox and Cox Tore Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary for style conscious homes

Best for: Style-lovers
Colour: Copper
Dimensions: H80xD18cm
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable lamp+Sturdy
Reasons to avoid
-Quite large 

Add light to your workspace with this stunning copper desk lamp. This is a classic “pixar lamp” design which has been met with a modern copper finish which makes it bang on trend for furnishing your home office this season. It’s quite large, so smaller desks may find this lamp overbearing; but for larger spaces, this is a great way to get ample lighting wherever you need it. The neck is fully adjustable and it has a sturdy base so it won’t topple over wherever you decide to place it. This lamp would make the perfect home office accessory for stylish homes.  

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3. Wire Magazine Rack

Keep your files organised with this industrial-style shelving

Best for: Organising documents
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: H87xW32xD12cm
Reasons to buy
+Space-saver+Stylish and practical 
Reasons to avoid
-Requires wall mounting 

If you’re fed up with the pile of papers on your desk, then you can store them stylishly in this industrial-style magazine rack which gives off an old-school newsroom vibe. Whether it’s letters, newspapers or other documents that are stacking up, this wire rack can keep all your papers off of your desk and in order. It does require wall mounting, but it’s the perfect space-saver for smaller home offices, and will allow you to de-clutter and create the most stylishly modern workspace.  

4. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

Dispose of sensitive data quickly and safely with this jam-proof shredder

Best for: Disposing of sensitive data
Colour: Black
Dimensions: H54.5xW39xD32.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Cross cut+Very quiet
Reasons to avoid
-Slow to feed 

We know how quickly paperwork can pile up in the office, but when you’re at home, you don’t always have the safest means of disposal when you need to get rid of sensitive information such as bank statements or letters. The Fellowes Powershred shredder is a great way to easily handle any data that needs to be destroyed in the comfort of your own home. Customers have said that this shredder is extremely quiet so you won’t disturb the rest of the house if you’re working late at night, and it has an anti-jam function so you won’t have to worry about fighting with your paperwork any longer.  

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5. Cox and Cox Wooden Letter Rack

Organise your desk with this rustic letter rack

Best for: Shabby-chic homes
Colour: Brown
Dimensions: H23.5xW41xD24.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Rustic design+Space for letters and stationery
Reasons to avoid
-Not to everyone’s taste 

Those who love the shabby-chic décor will love this wooden letter rack carved from mango wood. It is stylish and a great way to organise your post and other bits and bobs. It would look equally as good in a hallway as in a home office, and would fit nicely on a desk so that you can make sure everything has a place. Not all home offices have to be sleek and professional, so add a touch of softness and style with this weather-wood effect. 

6. Artificial Mixed Succulents Pot

Bring your home office to life with a beautiful succulent

Best for: Bringing your workspace to life
Colour: White and green
Dimensions: W18xD18cm
Reasons to buy
+Artificial +Realistic
Reasons to avoid
-Could take up space 

Every desk needs a plant; but if you’re not very good with maintaining them then this artificial succulent is perfect for you. It’s low maintenance, and won’t make a mess on your desk, making it the perfect way to living up an otherwise drab looking workspace. Customers love how realistic this succulent looks and how much detail is in the arrangement.  

7. Buffalo 2TB MiniStation Extreme

Back up your work on this external hard drive

Best for: Backing up data
Colour: Silver, Red or Black
Dimensions: H14.1xW9xD2.1cm
Reasons to buy
+Shock-resistant+Large memory
Reasons to avoid
-Turns off after 10 mins  

There’s nothing worse than your computer crashing and losing all your work, so make sure you keep everything backed up with this external hard drive. It’s got plenty of memory and customers love how “bulletproof” it is, which is great for those who are always on the go. It comes in a choice of colours and is easily connected to your laptop or PC. Be advised, it does switch off after around 10 minutes of being connected so it won’t automatically backup your files, but it only takes a click to ensure your data is secure. A must-have for any home office.  

8. Apple iPad Pro 2

A handy extra gadget to have to hand in the office

Best for: Portable device
Colour: Space Grey, Gold, Silver or Rose Gold
Dimensions: H25.6xW17.41xD0.61cm
Reasons to buy
+10.5” screen+Long battery life
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey but reliable 

You might think you don’t need any more gadgets, but you could be wrong. The latest iPad pro makes for a great home office accessory that will allow you to browse the web, watch TV and Movies, listen to music or even call and text. Yes, other devices can do that, too, but the lasting battery life of the iPad pro makes it worth the investment and will allow you to multitask with ease. If you’re on a business call but get a text message come through, you’ll be able to view it on your iPad, and if you want to get a spot of fresh air halfway through your working day, this portable device can come with you if you need to send that all important email. The extra assistance makes all the difference, and teamed with Alexa, it’s even better.