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This super easy room divider hack will save your working from home woes

Make a home office instantly with this easy hack

Ikea open plan room with room divider
(Image credit: Ikea)

Working from at the moment? Ditto. And while it has its perks, working in your pjs, not having to make endless rounds of tea and so and so forth, we are finding the workspace aspect of it all a bit hard to adjust to. It's all well and good working from your sofa for a day every now and then, but full time your back will start to hate you?

So what's the answer if you don't have room for a dedicated home office? Well people, the answer is a room divider a.k.a a strategically placed bookshelf. This will create a 'zone' for you to work within and place that you associate with getting stuff done. 

Keep scrolling to find out how to make a room divider work for you are where to buy the best ones, and head over to our home office ideas feature more advice and ideas. 

Kya Extending Shelves | £329 at
When looking for the perfect room divider to essentially act as a home office wall we think the best option is to get a two sided bookcase. That way you aren't left with a lovely bookshelf on one side and a blank wall on the other (although than can sometimes work, more on that later).

What we love about this bookshelf is it is extendable. You can adjust the width based on the space and how much storage you need. Ingenius. 

View Deal

Polygon Shelving Unit | £299 at
We love that this would create a real feature in your room as well as being a practical room divider. This is also a great choice for small spaces, when you want to create 'zones' but need pieces of furniture that aren't too bulky and don't stop light following around the room.View Deal

Drew Bamboo and white lacquer wide 4-shelf bookcase | £80 at Habitat
If you are after the look on a budget this bookcase from Habitat is amazing quality at a great price. Plus it looks super cute. You could always stand a couple next to each other if you need to create a bigger 'wall'. View Deal

Deuba Bookcase Tall Vela Bookshelf | £37.95 at Amazon
And if you are on a real real budget, a few of these in row would do the trick. You do have the issue of the blank side, but we think you could easily spruce it up by wall papering the back or decorating it with posters and artwork.  View Deal

4-Door 2-Drawer Bookcase with White Ladder | £1731 from Maison du Monde
If you have the space and are committed to the look, we think the bookshelf would look amazing as a room divider. You would basically be creating your own library in your home office space! Treat the other side as a proper wall, pop a small console table up against it to really create the feeling of two rooms. View Deal

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