5 rustic home office ideas that make working from home cosy

These lovely home offices will inspire you to create a WFH set up you actually want to spend time in

Home office with pink wallpaper
(Image credit: Made)

Chances are you have been working from home for a while now, it might even have become a permanent thing and you have no plans to go back to an office where you can't wear your PJs all day and have to share your biscuits. So you might have an okay WFH set up sorted, but why not spend a bit of time making more than just a space to work and turn it into an area you actually want to spend time?

Whether you have a dedicated home office or just a nook in the living room, these lovely cosy home offices are sure to inspire you to give your space a little revamp. Make sure you check out our home office ideas gallery too for plenty more where these rooms came from. 

1. Turn a dresser into a home office 

The Dormy House armoire

(Image credit: The Dormy House)

What we love most about this home office idea is when you are done with work for the day you can shut the doors and it just looks like a lovely dresser – great for the whole work-life balance thing. We have found that being able to separate your workspace from where you 'live' is so much better for your mental health than living your work on the kitchen table all evening.

This dresser is from the The Dormy House but you can find similar on Ebay and second-hand shops.  

2. Switch up the positioning of your home office 

Shutters within a home office setting by California Shutters

(Image credit: California Shutters)

One of the benefits of not having a dedicated home office, is you can move your workspace around. Again this is great for just feeling refreshed and more motivated. We personally always love to work near a window, so pop your desk underneath a window and decorate it with some nice accessories and house plants and there you go, a whole new inspiring work space. 

3. Add some colour to your home office nook

Mid-century home office

(Image credit: Alun Callunder )

This office space is actually situated in a living room, but it still feels nicely separate and is a bit of room in itself. The colours all work really nicely to make the area feel more homely and the prints on the wall mean you aren't just staring at a blank space while you work. 

4. Stick up some wallpaper to add pattern 

Pale pink mid-century inspired office

(Image credit: Made.com)

Again, to avoid staring at a blank wall for the majority of your day, pop up some wallpaper behind your desk. Use it as a basis for your colour scheme to you can make the area feel more cohesive and less just an area you had to throw together when lockdown started.

We love this home office because all the colours are nice and soft and muted so won't be distracting but the wallpaper print still adds a bit of subtle pattern. For a similar wallpaper check out Boråstapeter Golden Marble Wallpaper.

5. Build a home office into an alcove 

Home office

(Image credit: Home office)

if you still haven't quite managed to find that perfect WFH space, see if you can put an alcove in your home to use! You can turn it into a mini home office using just shelves and a fold down desk – plus you can personalise it to meet your work needs. For more tips on how to build an alcove office, we have an easy to follow guide so check that out too.  

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