Summer decor trends — 7 sunny styles that interior designers say will be everywhere this season

These summer decor trends are stylish and sizzling

Summer decor trends are so chic. Here are three of these - a white dining table with tennis balls and a pavlova on top of it and a strawberry print on the wall, a living room with a white couch, large glass windows and a striped blue rug, and a kitchen with a blue cabinet with lemons on and blue and white wall decor on the walls
(Image credit: Wayfair / Coastal Living by Universal Home / Desenio)

I'm so ready to bring summer decor trends into my home. While I do love spring, I am getting a little tired of pastel colors (*gasp*) and want to bring fresh shades and vibrancy into my home.

I've asked interior designers what they're going to be reaching for this summer when decorating, and there are plenty of styles that are chic and will last into other seasons. Coastal Hamptons vibes, playful pattern mixing, and luxe gold tones are just a few that will do the rounds this season.

If you want to welcome in the latest interior design trends into your home, there is such a variety to choose from. I am in love with all of these for different reasons, and I'm sure you'll be a big fan of them, too.

Whether you're looking for small space trends or have a larger home to decorate, these trends will add sunshine to your space.

Our designers have recommended specific decor pieces to help you achieve these, which I have curated matching picks for throughout in case you want to start re-decorating (I know I do!).

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1. Gold tones

Two gold curved pots - one with a tall leafy plant and one with rolled towels on it - a white console table with a basin, white paneled walls behind them and gray wooden panels on the floor

(Image credit: Melody Maison)

Bringing in color trends for the year is an easy way to glow up your space and change how it looks completely.

“Gold and warm tones are making a significant impact in home decor this summer because they instantly brighten spaces and create a cheerful, inviting atmosphere,” says Andrea Schumacher, interior designer and founder of Andrea Schumacher Interiors.

“These colors evoke warmth, luxury, and comfort, making any room feel more welcoming and lively,” she adds.

To bring gold in, Andrea recommends starting with picture frames and decorative objects (the Vietri Moon Glass Leaf Small Bowl from Saks is chic, hand wash only, and made from glass) and then gradually building up with mirrors, furniture, and even feature walls.

She adds, “Layer various warm tones to create a rich, cohesive look and ensure they complement the existing color palette and decor elements.”

2. Coastal Hamptons

A white living room with large windows, a white couch with blue throw pillows, a round rattan coffee table with a tray with blue flowers on it, and a striped blue and white rug underneath it

(Image credit: Coastal Living by Universal Home)

I was a huge fan of the coastal grandmother trend that made a splash last year, and have seen nautical interiors sneaking back again, albeit in a slightly different way this year.

"For summer 2024, I'm seeing so many signs that upscale Coastal Hamptons is going to be the look of the season,” explains Kathy Kuo, interior designer and founder of Kathy Kuo Home. “The Coastal Hamptons look is all about a sense of laidback luxury, with plenty of visual nods to the beach and the seaside environment."

To bring this look in, Kathy recommends going for weathered teak patio furniture with crisp white and blue pillows and throw blankets, statement lighting featuring capiz shell (you can grab 100 two-inch capiz discs from Etsy and customize existing items) and driftwood.

Consider too some super-chic nautical-inspired dishware and glassware for entertaining poolside (the Novobey Shell Snack Plates from Walmart are stackable, lightweight, and non-slip). 

3. Bright, bold hues

A rich wooden pergola with pink, blue, and yellow patterned throws and throw pillows underneath it, with a lawn in front of it and green trees around it

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Big, bold shades are back this year, and they’re a brilliant way to energize your decor with summer trends.

“Incorporate vibrant accent pieces such as pillows, artwork, or area rugs in shades like citrusy yellow, coral pink, or turquoise blue,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design. 

Inside, she suggests balancing these hues with neutral backgrounds for a striking yet harmonious look.

I also like the idea of bringing these outside, such as with patterned throw pillows to create a cozy place to relax under the sun (this is one of my favorite stylish pergola ideas). For example, the Bay Isle Home Berkeley Throw Pillow from Wayfair is reversible, comes with an insert, and is machine washable.

4. Amalficore decor

A kitchen with a white wall with three prints on the wall, a chopping area with blue and white mosaic tiles and a wooden sideboard with lemons on top of it and cornflower blue drawers and curtains underneath

(Image credit: Desenio)

The bright red and yellow tomato summer aesthetic was one of the biggest TikTok decor trends last year, but it is its grown-up Mediterranean counterpart that designers are seeing loved this year. I’m officially calling it Amalficore, by the way.

“Think of earthy tones, like terracotta, ochre, and olive green, complemented by crisp whites and deep blues reminiscent of the sea,” explains Nina.

“Complete the look with artisanal accents like mosaic patterns, vintage pottery, and intricate metalwork to create a warm, inviting ambiance,” she adds.

To get the summer decor trend look myself, I have the Spritz and Spa Breeze Poster from Desenio in my basket at the moment, which I’m going to style above my gold bar cart. 

5. Pattern mixing

A dining room with tropical gold and green tree printed wallpaper, a rectangular white dining table with flowers, glasses, and plates on top, with four light rattan chairs on the sides of it

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

Retro styles such as 2000s interior design have made a huge comeback this year, thanks to people leaning heavily into nostalgic decor. One of these is pattern mixing, which is a key summer decor trend.

“Pattern mixing is a hot trend for summer 2024 because it adds a fun, unique, and dynamic element to home decor. This trend allows for creativity and personalization, making spaces feel more vibrant and interesting,” says Andrea.

“Mixing patterns can transform a room, giving it depth and character while reflecting the homeowner's personality,” she adds. 

To implement pattern mixing in your home, Andrea recommends starting by identifying a colorful focal point, such as a cherished piece of art or a unique heirloom, and letting that inspire your color palette. 

“You don't have to dive headfirst into bold wallpapers — instead, consider incorporating color through smaller elements like statement lamps or lively area rugs (the Absida Rainbow Rug from Ruggable is an Instagram favorite and has five color options), which can be easily swapped out if needed,” she adds.

6. Textured walls

A living room with pink wavy wallpaper, a red scalloped shelf, a light pink armchair with a round throw pillow and disco ball on it, and a pink and green checked rug in front of it

(Image credit: Lust Home)

Create an eye-catching focal point in your home by bringing in textured walls filled with personality.

“Textured walls are making a bold statement this summer — especially those featuring graphic patterns,” says Andrea.

“To incorporate textured walls into your home, start by selecting a color pattern that complements your existing hardware and furniture,” she says. “Then, choose textures and graphics that enhance the room’s overall aesthetic, ensuring they bring out the colors of surrounding decor.”

When selecting a textured wall, Andrea recommends considering the room's purpose and the desired ambiance. 

“From here, balance the textured wall with neutral tones in the rest of the decor to prevent the room from feeling too busy,” she says.

I really love the Gracie Oaks Jahlissa Roll from Wayfair which has a beautiful patterned texture that is giving me all the Bridgerton design vibes and is water and heat resistant. 

7. Tenniscore

A dining room with a white tablecloth with a pavlova, plates, tennis balls, white flowers, and a glass trophy on top with three wooden rattan chairs around it and a pink strawberry print above it

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Thanks to the Challengers movie starring Zendaya, tenniscore has swung into the summer decor trends list.

Nina explains, “Tenniscore interior design is a stylish trend inspired by the elegance of tennis and country club aesthetics, blending classic sports elements with refined decor.”

“To achieve this look, use a color palette of whites, greens, and navy blues, incorporate natural materials like wood and rattan, and select timeless furniture pieces,” she says.

You can also decorate with vintage style decor tennis memorabilia, such as framed rackets and tournament posters. I think one of the Salvagedvintagegoods Rackets from Etsy, which have authentic worn patinas and come in different styles, would look amazing in a wooden frame.

With these summer decor trends, you can transform your home into a serene and stylish retreat.

“Welcome the warmth and vibrancy of summer by incorporating these summer decor trend ideas, and create a home that feels fresh, inviting, and perfectly aligned with the season's laid-back charm,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you’re reading this and want to take things back a season, spring home decor ideas may come in useful for you instead.

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