The hottest Pinterest summer decor trends that are going to be everywhere this season

These Pinterest summer decor trends will have you wanting to switch up your home's style immediately

Pinterest summer decor trends are so stylish. Here is a backyard space with a rectangular table with pink gingham cloth, glasses, colorful candles and floral placemats on it, green and wooden chairs around it, multicolored gingham bunting above it, and trees and fencing
(Image credit: Talking Tables)

I'm officially in love with these Pinterest summer decor trends that social media has predicted will be everywhere this season.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the Pinterest Summer Trends Report that it released on May 22, and let me tell you — it's filled with aesthetics that are all about showcasing personality. With expert help, I've broken down each home design trend and explained how to style them in your own place.

When it comes to scouting out the latest home decor trends, seeing what people are searching for on socials is a brilliant indicator as to what's about to hit the mainstream and what interior designers will be reaching for next.

I'm always scrolling through Pinterest for interior design ideas, and if you're the same as me, you're going to love the styles it's predicting will be huge this season.

For each aesthetic I've also curated high-quality matching buys, in case you want to bring them straight into your place.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

Nancy Meyers core

A bedroom with white paneled walls, a beige tufted bed with dark blue throw pillows and velvet throws, a wooden side table with two vases, and a jute scalloped runner rug

(Image credit: French Bedroom)

This is one trend that I did not predict making the big time this year, but it’s actually not a surprise. With quiet luxury being one of the top trends last year, it makes sense that the design world has transitioned to a more comforting, elegant take on it.

“Nancy Meyers' movies have such a distinct look and feel that's perfect for the summer. It's a mix of peppy and traditional style with modern touches thrown in to keep things fresh,” says Emily Lambe, deputy editor at Real Homes

“Picture spacious kitchens with white cabinetry, plush furniture, soft neutral tones, and a touch of timelessness,” adds Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design. 

She continues, “These spaces feel lived-in and warmly inviting, with personal touches and thoughtful details throughout.”

Pinterest has seen an increase of 2055% of people searching for Nancy Meyers homes this year. Some of her films with iconic interiors include The Holiday, The Parent Trap, and Father of the Bride.

“To get the look, use a palette of whites, creams, and soft blues, invest in quality furniture, and incorporate natural materials,” Nina says. These also hallmarks of the coastal grandmother trend.

For those looking to add these in subtly and sweetly, you can add personal touches such as framed family photos, fresh flowers, and soft throw blankets (the Latitude Run Teshena Blanket from Wayfair is similar to the one above, can be tumble dried, and has a one year warranty).

Dopamine decor

A green living room with a wall shelf of colorful books, a green couch, and a coffee table

(Image credit: Dani Dazey Design / Divine Savages)

I have seen dopamine decor come and go over the years, but it has made a big, bold comeback again this year, as many are now designing with personality in mind.

Two expansions of dopamine decor that Pinterest has seen a jump in this year so far include whimsical decor which is up 4690% and color drenching which is up 990%.

Emily says, “Dopamine decor is great if you're a 'more is more' person. Embrace bold colors, loud patterns, and strong shapes with a maximalist feel.”

In terms of bringing this in, Nina suggests using bright colors like yellows, pinks, and greens, bringing in quirky art pieces (I have Desenio's Candy Garden Waterfall Print in my basket, which has a unique mosaic pattern), and layering textures and materials.

Eclectic vintage

A bathoom with a gold fringed lamp, a marble side table with a glass bottle and cocktail glass, and a bath tub with a dark blue, white and gold throw pillow in it and a matching blanket hanging from the edge

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

When I’ve spoken to interior designers this year, I’ve found so many of them recommending vintage style decor as a stylish way to bring refined style into the home.

Nina explains, “Eclectic vintage is all about blending old and new, mixing antique finds with modern elements.”

“The style celebrates individuality, showcasing a curated collection of treasures that tell a story,” she says.

This particular take on vintage has shot up 1418% in Pinterest searches this year, with complementary tea sets vintage up 168% and vintage dinnerware up 212%. 

It’s important not to be afraid to choose pieces you like and pair them together, rather than trying to meticulously curate. “Let your imagination run wild with kooky accents and fun pops of color — you might surprise yourself with what you end up styling,” Emily adds.

Themed dinner parties

A backyard space with a rectangular table with pink gingham cloth, glasses, colorful candles and floral placemats on it, green and wooden chairs around it, multicolored gingham bunting above it, and trees and fencing

(Image credit: Talking Tables)

Summer days are made for having guests round, serving up delicious food on dining tables, and chatting around the table while the sun sets.

These have taken a whole new life on Pinterest, with searches up 430% for Bridgerton design tea parties, fairycore dinner parties up 150%, and Greek dinner parties up 75%.

I've also seen Amalficore come up the ranks on TikTok and Pinterest and think it's going to be one of the hottest design trends this summer.

“What's not to love about a themed dinner party in the summer? Pick something you know and love and run with the style,” Emily says.

“They create memorable experiences through creative decor, tailored menus, and engaging activities,” Nina adds.

You can customize your event with everything from themed music and food to fun ice cubes (the Xgunion Plastic Ice Cubes from Amazon are reusable and non-diluting) and personalized place settings.

No matter what your style, there is a Pinterest summer decor trend that will work for you. By using these, you can show off your sparkling personality by bringing in pieces you love and dazzle guests with how stylish your space is. 

If you want to carry on decorating your home for the season, learning how to refresh your home for summer is a fabulous idea.

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