6 TikTok interior trends for 2024 — design experts predict these will be huge

These TikTok interior trends for 2024 are perfect for giving your home a glow up this year

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When searching for design ideas, TikTok interior trends can be a great first stop. The app showcases endless, fun, design decor ideas from talented homes experts and creators, making it a natural place to search for inspiration.

So what are TikTok's interior trends for 2024? If you don’t like spending hours scrolling but want to know how to decorate your home with them, our expert interior designers and in-house social media expert have you covered.

Keeping in mind the latest small space interior design trends when decorating your home is a great way to refresh your space with current trends and look stylish. From modern styles to playful colors, there are TikTok interior trends to suit everyone, no matter your aesthetic. 

Looking for small space decorating ideas? These TikTok trends are easy to use in any sized home. We’ve also rounded up some of our on-trend buys, in case you're feel inspired.

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1. Nature-inspired pieces


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Last year saw the comeback of cottagecore, as well as fun variants including playful fairycore, luscious forestcore, and even dark cottagecore. These styles, as well as a more realistic take on achieving these looks, will be big in 2024. 

“The biophilic design trend has been on the rise for a while now, and it's no surprise this has also taken over TikTok,” says Ricky Allen, interior designer and founder of Ever Wallpaper. “People are incorporating natural elements like indoor plants, wood, and stone into their living spaces to create a sense of connection with the earth.” 

Whether you do this with an aesthetic in mind or not, adding a touch of nature to your interiors will bring calmness and vibrancy to your home.

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Ricky Allen

Ricky Allen is an interior designer and the director of Ever Wallpaper. It sells high-quality wallpapers and murals, using non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly materials.

2. Vintage revival


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Nostalgia is a big part of social media trends at the moment — and it's no different for TikTok interior design in 2024. 

“On TikTok, people are bringing vintage styles and incorporating them into modern spaces,” explains Ricky. “This trend also ties in with sustainability, as secondhand items are being given a new life.” 

You could take a leaf out of that particularly environmentally-friendly book by shopping at secondhand furniture stores like Goodwill, upcycling pieces, or thrifting to find trinkets and treasures. 

3. Moody martini


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Another TikTok interior trend which brings in newstalgia (mixing new with vintage) is the moody martini aesthetic. “This is the chic vibe you get from the homes of celebrities like Ashley Benson, Ashley Tisdale, and Laura Harrier, which we've never been able to sum up into words — until now,” says Nishaa Sharma, social editor at Real Homes

“The moody martini aesthetic is all about vintage-inspired decor, ornate glassware, indulgent fabrics, and warm but moody tones.” Don’t forget the olive and martini motif itself, too.

photo of Nishaa Sharma, social editor
Nishaa Sharma

Nishaa Sharma is the social editor here at Real Homes. She's always on top of the latest design trends, thanks to her managing the Real Homes TikTok and our other pages.

4. Post-modern pastel


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The year 2023 was officially the year of pink, with bright hues boldly storming into interiors everywhere.

Nishaa explains, “Thanks to the release of the Barbie movie, 2023 saw the renaissance of ‘girlhood’ and a love for embracing our inner child, which we're going to see elevated in 2024.

“Touches of bright colors and dopamine-decorating are meeting Mediterranean, Danish, and French style through hand-painted dinnerware, candles, and fun shapes and patterns in our textiles and soft furnishings.”

Pastels are also a key 2024 small space color trend.

5. Mid-century modern


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For those who love the idea of the moody martini trend, but like using more color, mid-century modern is also set to be a big TikTok interior trend for 2024. 

“This enduring style features vintage beauty with elements like tapered legs, arc-shaped lamps, and retro colors like avocado green and mustard yellow,” says Mohammad Ahmed, interior designer and founder of The Home Guidance. 

You only need a couple of furniture and decor pieces in these styles to make a statement.  

A picture of Mohammad Ahmed in a brown suit
Mohammad Ahmed

Mohammad Ahmed is an interior designer and home expert, designing functional and beautiful spaces for clients.

6. Curated maximalism


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While there’s always a place for making your small space look luxe with minimalistic, monochromatic interiors, 2024 is all about color. “TikTok has brought back the bold and colorful trend of maximalism,” says Ricky. “People are now not afraid to make a statement in their homes, from vibrant wall colors to patterned furniture.” 

There will be less of a focus on the extreme end of this in 2024, though — be playful, but don’t overwhelm the space.


What are the TikTok interior trends for 2024?

The main TikTok design trends for 2024 are nature-inspired interiors, vintage revival, mid-century modern, post-modern pastel, moody martini, and curated maximalism.

Why is TikTok a good place to look for interior trends?

TikTok is a good place to look for interior trends because it has millions of different creators from around the world on it, which means it’s always on top of the latest styles and often develops new ones, too.

When bringing TikTok trends into your home, Ricky suggests not to go all-in straight away. “Incorporate cost-effective decor like throw pillows or cheap wall art and see if you like the style before adding more,” he explains. “Also, feel free to mix and match different styles.” Get creative and use these ideas to bring in your personality.

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