7 DIY projects to do this weekend (it's the new going out)

From how to paint a wall to how to put up wallpaper, these DIY projects will keep you busy and have your space looking fab

7 DIY projects to do this weekend
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Looking for DIY projects? We are sure you know exactly what jobs need doing to your home because they will have been on an often ignored imaginary to do list for months now. And since we are having to spend this weekend indoors, there has never been a better time to get some of those jobs done. 

Below we have rounded up 7 DIY projects that anyone can do this weekend. There is a handy step-by-step video for each, so don your dungarees and get to work. 

1. Get painting your walls 

Come one, for the last week you have been staring at the same wall thinking, man that's grubby could do with a lick of paint. Or maybe you have been scrolling through Instagram seeing all the lovely brightly painted rooms and want in on the colourful trend. Either way now is the time to get out the paint and paintbrush and follow this easy video to get the best results. 

If you are after inspiration we have bathroom paint ideas, bedroom paint ideas, hallway paint ideas and kitchen paint ideas, all filled with lovely rooms you will want to copy. 

2. Create stylish paint effects 

If you want to use paint to create more of a feature in your room, this paint hack is really easy to follow and you just need masking tape to get the look. Here we have created a grid pattern, but really you can use masking tape to create any shapes and patterns you like. 

For more easy paint ideas head over to our inspiring feature. 

3. Spruce up your window frames

You probably haven't noticed that your window frames have got a bit grubby until you started staring out of them so much. Giving your window frames a new coat of paint, whether inside or out, can give a room a fresher feel. It's a DIY project that you can do in just weekend, and why not be brave and not go with white, pick a bold colour to add some interest to your space. Just click play on this video for the steps frames or head to our guide to how to paint wooden window frames

4. Give your doors an update too

And since you are sprucing up your windows, might as well do your doors too. This video will show you how to paint interior doors, but if it's just an exterior door or front door that needs a paint, head to our guide to how to paint a door.

5. Learn how to wallpaper a wall 

It's really not as tricky as you might think and wallpaper is a great way to instantly add pattern to any room. Click this video for all the practical advice on how to wallpaper a wall, but if you are after inspiration, check out our living room wallpaper ideas, bedroom wallpaper ideas and kitchen wallpaper ideas

6. Add a pop of colour to your garden 

Get out in the garden too and start some DIY projects while the sun is shining. This video will show you how to add some funky patterns to your fences, sheds and decking. They are all really fun ideas, which you could get your kid's involved in too, if you trust them with a paintbrush that is. 

7. Master how to tile a splash back 

Kitchen or bathroom splash back looking a bit tired? You can tile a new splash back yourself in just a weekend. Have a watch of this video to get you started and if you need more advice, head to our easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to tile a splash back

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