Best power tools: get those DIY jobs sorted

These are the best power tools you can buy. Whether it's a loose screw or errant roof felting that needs fixing, make sure you have the right tool for the job

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The best power tools

Looking for the best power tools to update your tool kit? There’s nothing us Brits love more than a bit of DIY on a Bank Holiday weekend but, in order to ensure you don’t do a botched job, you’re going to need some of the best power tools on the market. Whether you’re building something up or cutting something down, ensuring you have not only a good piece of equipment, but the correct tool for the job, will help you get it done quickly and effectively. To make life easier, we've gathered together our pick of the best power tools. 

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How to buy the best power tools

What you should be looking for is a reliable brand, such as Bosch, that’s fairly simple to use, even for a complete novice. We recommend keeping an eye out for tools from the likes of Black & Decker, too; they offer a great range of basic electric tools for both home and garden renovations, such as their Black+Decker 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

DeWalt is another brand that is particularly good for power tools, offering everything from nail guns to jigsaws for those bigger DIY jobs that need doing. Our list includes a range of power tools that would suit both a beginner and the more experienced handyperson. 


Best screwdriver: Bosch PSR Select 3.6 Volt Cordless Screwdriver

Best screwdriver: Bosch PSR Select 3.6 Volt Cordless Screwdriver

Make a tedious job quick and easy with a cordless screwdriver

Reasons to buy
+ Rechargeable battery + Up to 90 screws in one charge 

This cordless screwdriver makes it quick and easy to put things together. This power tool requires minimum effort to use, and has 12 types of cylinder bit, which means you’ve got everything you need in one rather than having to scour the house for a particular type of screwdriver for a particular job. The battery life is good, allowing up to 90 screws before needing to be recharged, and the powerful LED light allows you to see into the tightest of corners for ultimate precision. 

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Best nail gun: DeWalt DCN680 Nail Gun

Best nail gun: DeWalt DCN680 Nail Gun

The safer way to nail with precision

Reasons to buy
+ Compact and lightweight 

Nails can be tricky to apply with precision by hand, and if you have a large-scale job you're taking on, this DeWalt nail gun is a sound piece of kit to invest in. This power tool is fairly compact, which makes it easy to hold and apply the nails where needed, and the brushless motor is designed to make the battery life of this nail gun even longer. You can adjust the depth of the drive to suit whatever project you are undertaking and those who have tried it found it to be a very professional tool that saved them much time and energy on their DIY projects. 

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Best chainsaw: Black & Decker GKC3630L20 Chainsaw

Best chainsaw: Black & Decker GKC3630L20 Chainsaw

Chop down those pesky branches with confidence and ease

Reasons to buy
+ Powerful motor  + Quiet for a chainsaw 

Chainsaws should be used with great caution, but competent DIYers will find this Black & Decker model is both easy to use and maintain, making it great for larger garden jobs. It has a powerful motor which is powered by a chain, and it is self-oiling, which means you never have to worry about the chain coming off. The powerful 36V battery lasts a decent amount of time for bigger jobs and its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, with a lock off safety switch that gives you peace of mind this power tool won’t develop a mind of its own. 

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Best circular saw: Makita DSS611Z LXT Body Only Cordless 18 V Circular Saw

Best circular saw: Makita DSS611Z LXT Body Only Cordless 18 V Circular Saw

An efficient and powerful cutting tool

Reasons to buy
+ Smooth and controlled + Cordless 
Reasons to avoid
- Battery and charger sold separately  

For those who are really into their DIY, a circular saw is a good investment if you want to save time and effort. This model from Makita will cut through wood like butter, making light work out of any project. It has variable speeds and a dust blower which will keep materials clear while you cut. Users have said it’s fairly lightweight and love the fact that it’s cordless as it makes work a whole lot easier. Just be aware that this is an investment piece as you will need to purchase the battery and charger separately for this power tool.  

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Best drill driver: DeWalt DEWDCD790D2 Drill Drivers

Best drill driver: DeWalt DEWDCD790D2 Drill Driver

A reliable drill driver for any and all jobs

Reasons to buy
+ Brushless motor technology + Long run-time  

Need to save space in your DIY cupboard with a versatile, two-in-one tool? This drill drivers will make light work of any DIY job, with a brushless motor which is fast and efficient, and a two-speed all metal transmission, which means you can expect the battery life to be long-lasting and reliable. It’s a compact size, which makes it easy to fit into tight corners and comes in a sturdy carry case for easy storage and transport.

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Best hammer drill: Black+Decker 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

Best hammer drill: Black+Decker 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

A must-have for any beginner's tool kit

Reasons to buy
+ 11 torque settings + Compact carry case 

This hammer drill is one of those items you need to have in your basic tool kit for all the odd jobs around the house. Whether you’re putting up shelves, building furniture or hanging a picture frame, the 11 torque settings allow you to use this power tool for all types of jobs. It comes with an 18V 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery and charger with a handy carry case, too. If you’re looking for power tools on a budget, this hammer drill is one to try. 

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