Instagrammer's download: Lisa Dawson on Bank Holiday DIY

Home decor Instagram queen Lisa Dawson tells us her home truths in her monthly column. This month, she talks about the joys and challenges of doing DIY on a Bank Holiday

Lisa Dawson gallery wall
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Love the idea of installing a bar in your home? Lisa Dawson's gone the whole hog with hers and here she tells us how to create yours as the perfect party centrepiece.

If you're part of our growing #sorealhomes Instagram community (if not, check it out @real_homes, it's fab), you'll know interior decor Instagrammer Lisa Dawson well. If not, let us introduce you to this doyenne of interior makeovers in her new, monthly column. Lisa's speciality? Mixing modern and vintage finds to create a home that's affordable and packed with character. Here's how she does it – in her own words.

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Lisa Dawson is an award-winning interiors writer, blogger and co-host of Revamp Lifestyle Reveal. She is the monthly columnist for Real Homes.


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"From a distance, the door looked great. a courier said it looked as if it’d been painted by a five year old."

'It’s not long until Easter and this can only mean one thing. I’m not talking about furtively throwing a chocolate bunny into your Aldi shop, feeding lambs or eating more hot cross buns than hot dinners. I’m talking clearing out the shed, Marie Kondo-ing your drawers and battling the crowds by the paint mixer at B&Q. All out, brushes primed, trowels ready for some serious Bank Holiday DIY.'

'There is nothing better than a good weekend project. As the lighter days arrive, so does our urge to make some changes and breathe life into  our living spaces. Daffodils raise their heads in the garden, and the idea  of basking on your patio with a glass  of wine come summer feels like  an actual possibility. Well, as possible as  it can get in North Yorkshire, anyway.'

'I recently undertook a weekend project that didn’t quite work out as  I’d hoped. I live in a Georgian house and the original front door is, to put it mildly, fairly large. Built in 1759, it’s a whopper – almost four foot wide and panelled – and it was painted red. Upon investigation, I discovered one  of the reasons people painted their doors in this colour was not only because it was considered lucky, but also to show their home was paid off. Hmmm. 

'Seeing as our mortgage can only be rivalled by the National Debt,  the chances of this occurring are slim. Concerned I was borderline fraudulent, I decided I’d paint it pink. Apparently, this colour reflects a person who is fun loving and fearless, someone who enjoys making a statement and most of all, signifies hope. Forever hopeful of my mortgage being reduced by a lottery win, I fearlessly set to work transforming the door into a glorious entrance worthy of Palm Springs. It quickly became apparent that it was, of course, a significantly larger job than I’d anticipated. 

'Unfortunately, I am not the most well prepared, nor the most patient, decorator and after one coat, I decided I was done. Finito. From a distance, it looked great. I positioned olive trees either side and took a photograph for my Instagram account.  Winning. Well, I was until a courier came to deliver a parcel and told my husband that the door looked as if it had been painted by a five year old. Rude. I still haven’t got around to doing the second coat (I’m blaming the cold weather) so come the Bank Holiday, it’s going back on the to-do list. Argh.' 

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'Front door aside, this month  I’m undertaking a project of epic proportions – the family bathroom.  Currently a no-go area due to a broken shower, a cupboard full of duvets used by my son’s 15-year-old friends for sleepovers and a permanently open window for the cat (meaning the room temperature  is arctic), I’m going to be transforming the space for the social media project that I run with my friend, Bianca Hall – Revamp Restyle Reveal (take a peek at this spring's makeovers). 

'Running for four weeks, the concept is to challenge 10 bloggers to revamp one room in their home over a four-week period, using every DIY hack in the book. You can follow both mine and the bloggers progress on and also via the @revamprestylereveal Instagram page. And even better, you can join in the fun and post your own DIY projects to the #revamprestylereveal hashtag.   

'Now all you have to do is to work out which project you’re going to focus on. Just one suggestion from me – know your limits and don’t take on more than you can chew. Unless you’re holding an Aldi chocolate bunny or a hot cross bun, of course.'

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