Small-scale extension

Adding a single storey rear and loft extension to a semi-detached house. The ground floor has been completely reconfigured to create a family kitchen-diner space, while the loft has been converted into an extra bedroom. The project cost £200,000

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The extension, plus a reconfigured ground floor layout, has made room for a family kitchen-dining area.

The design

A single-storey rear and loft extension to a semi-detached house

The budget


The brief

To create a large family kitchen/dining/living room with utility area, plus a loft extension

The semi-detached house before and after the extension

Jude Tugman of architectural services company Architect Your Home explains how the brief was achieved:

‘This house was in need of a complete refurbishment, so the brief was to extend and reconfigure the existing ground floor to create a large family space, as well as adding an extra bedroom upstairs.

‘Most of the additional space that the homeowner wanted downstairs was found by remodelling the existing rooms, and therefore the size of the extension itself was fairly small. Adding two sets of doors has enabled direct access to the garden from the extended dining and living areas.’