10 ideas for conservatory blinds

Add colour and texture to create a stylish, comfortable and welcoming space with these ideas for conservatory blinds

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Conservatories can be a beautiful addition to a home, allowing you to enjoy your garden on cool, rainy days, grow container plants, and entertain guests. But conservatory blinds are a must-have because a conservatory comes with potential temperature regulation issues – they tend to get too hot or too cold – and might be overlooked by neighbours, too. 

If you are using your conservatory for prolonged periods of time (for example, as a home office or dining room), sun glare can also become a problem. Blinds are a great solution to all of these problems – follow our guide to choosing conservatory blinds for the most practical and stylish options. 

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1. Enhance the light in north-facing conservatories

In north-facing conservatories, heat and light will be at a premium.
 As you may not need sun-reflective backings, you can really experiment, choosing from a wide range of colours and textures. Consider using blinds with an opaque finish, which will give the room a soft, cosy glow. Fabrics in bright shades bring in the sunshine, whatever the weather might be like.

Room by Ikea

Find ideas for designing a north-facing living room to best effect.

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2. Save space with pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are set to be a major trend this summer. A great choice for a minimal look, they fold away to almost nothing, and can fit snugly into the window recess to give a lovely neat appearance when down. 

Pleated treatments, such as the Pleated EasyFit Conservatory Blinds by Blinds 2go, aren’t just for glass rooms; they work well in any setting, from a living room to a sleek kitchen, so you can continue them throughout the ground floor.

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3. Keep the look streamlined with a roof blind

Roof blinds will often look lighter than those at the side windows, as the light filters through at different angles. These roof blinds from Duette allow the light to flood in from above but without the glare. A protective finish helps keep the fabric clean, while its remote-control operation means the blind’s position can be altered at the touch of a button once the sun has gone down.

glass and brick conservatory with duette blinds

4. Choose sheer roller blinds for a softer look

Roller blinds in different fabrics allow you to vary the amount of light let into the conservatory. Try adding delicate translucent styles, which will offer a modern alternative to net curtains. Make them as individual as you are with shapes at the bottom, braids and accessories. 

We love these Voile Roman blinds from Hillarys.

How to choose blinds for doors

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5. Add warmth with wooden venetian blinds

Stylish Venetian blinds come in a range of shades and finishes, meaning they can be softly subtle or make a striking statement. Wood or wood effect Venetians are ideal for warming up the look of the space, and bringing a little of the outside in. They also look as good from the outside.

6. Pick Roman blinds instead of curtains

For the soft, relaxed feel of curtains with added simplicity, try Roman blinds. Plus, when you are using your conservatory at night, lined Roman blinds will give a feeling of warmth. English Blinds have tonnes of lovely colours and fabric that are made-to-measure. 

Roman blinds by English blinds in a conservatory

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7. Control temperature with all-weather blinds

Reduce overheating with roof blinds

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The majority of heat and light enters a conservatory through the roof, so if you’re looking to make the room more comfortable you will need roof blinds to make a real difference. The best roof blinds are those that will reduce heat and glare but still let through enough natural light to make sure the room doesn’t get too dark. That way you can keep your conservatory bright and comfortable.

Transform your conservatory into an ideal spot for dining with a window treatment that helps to control the temperature. These adjustable honeycomb blinds from Conservatory Blinds Ltd limit heat loss in the cooler months and reflect the sun when it’s warmer, stabilising the temperature and reducing the need for air conditioning and extra heating. If your room has partial or full brick walls, try using pale blinds for the main windows, contrasting with a slightly darker shade overhead.

roof blinds in a kitchen conservatory

These specialist pure™ Pleated Blinds from Conservatory Blinds Ltd help reduce heat and glare and increase privacy, while still letting through enough light to keep the bright and airy feel of the conservatory

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8. Match your blinds to the conservatory frame

All-white roof blinds can look incongruous if the frames of your conservatory are a different colour. Instead, try to match the two for a cohesive feel that won’t detract from your outside views. 

These pinoleum blinds from Vale Garden Houses are finished in the same soft grey as the interior paintwork, a hue that works as well with pale greens inside as in the garden.

Vale Garden Houses grey conservatory blinds

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9. Choose French pinoleum blinds for traditional conservatories

The delicate woven wood structure of French pinoleum blinds is perfect for creating a timeless look – ideal if the style of your conservatory or furniture is more on the traditional side. The filtered, muted light they cast helps to minimise the glare on books or screens, even in the height of summer.

Pinoleum blinds by Bridgman

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10. Choose smart control blinds for ease

If you've chosen roof blinds, ensure you pick blinds you can adjust at the touch of a button or via your mobile screen. This won't only make controlling your blinds completely hassle-free, it also means there will be no unsightly wires or cords for small hands to grab. These blinds are by Thomas Sanderson.

white blinds in conservatory Thomas Sanderson

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