This outdoor room cost under £100 – all you need is paint and a pergola kit*

*and a few cute accessories of course! Here, interiors guru, Lily Sawyer shows us how just a coat of paint can have a big impact

Lily Sawyer's garden transformed with paint
(Image credit: Lily Sawyer)

We have said it before and we will say it again, paint is by far the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to update a space. And that goes for your garden too: give your walls a refresh, paint over your tired fence and add a pop of colour by painting your shed.

And if you need any more proof of just how much one can of paint can do, check out this amazing garden! Interiors Guru Lily Sawyer (follow her on Instagram for some of the most gorgeous room you will ever see) has shared with us her steps for transforming her patio area into this amazing boho, beachy space. All she used was a couple of tins of paint – but the good news is, that pergola can be picked up at B&Q for just £60 and is DIY assembled. Hurrah!

Just keep scrolling to find out how you can get the look, and head over to our DIY hub page for loads more project ideas. 

(Image credit: Lily Sawyer)

Create this indoor-outdoor room with a £60 pergola

This look has been created with a simple pergola kit. Simply assemble, then paint with a couple of coats of a shade to match and complement your scheme, following the instructions below for painting the fence. Need help? We have a step by step feature on how to build a pergola, using the B&Q pergola that's just like this one and costs just £60. And you can buy a pergola canopy from B&Q, too.

Now paint the fence in a colour to match

The big change to this garden was painting the fence that lovely dark hue, the  perfect backdrop for all the textures and neutral colours Lily has decorated with. 

1. Ensure that there fence is clean, free of dust and loose dirt.

2. With a wide good-bristled brush, paint fences with two coats of Frenchic’s ‘Blackjack’ from their Al Fresco range, drying between coats.

And now paint an outdoor rug 

Yes apparently you can do that! It's how the pattern was created on this jute rug.

1. Assuming you have your design ready, use masking tape to mask out the edges and shapes of your design.

2. Press the masking tape into the fabric of the rug to make sure you don't have gaps that might cause some bleeds from painting.

3. With a small to medium brush depending on your design, paint two coats using Frenchic’s ‘Loof' from their Lazy range, drying between coats. We've found stippling works best.

How to accessorise your garden

Now you have finished the DIY jobs, time to get decorating. Here are Lily's tips on how to decorate your space:

1. Collect all accessories you want to style the area with. The more variety of textures you have, the interesting the space will be.

2. Start layering from the ground, building your layers up vertically. Layered rugs, furniture, baskets, cushions, candles, throws, wall hanging, foliage, pendants, lights.

3. Looking at the space from eye-level, tweak your furniture and accessories making sure you have a background, middle-ground and foreground.

4. Add finishing touches such as tea lights and fairy lights for an extra cosy look.

5. Sit back and enjoy the haven you have created.

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