5 outdoor decor trends you need to try this summer

The great outdoors

Outdoor swing chair with black fence
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Feeling uninspired by your patio or backyard? Then let me introduce you to some of the top outdoor decor trends for 2023, in the hope that it’ll get those creative juices flowing.

After watching far too many TikToks, scouring all my favorite outdoor furniture and — most importantly — consulting some actual interior designers, I’ve pulled together a selection of top trends that I know you’ll love.

Whether you’re into a sleek and chic resort-style look, a quaint countryside feel, or a bold and tropical vibe, there’s bound to be an outdoor aesthetic that would work perfectly in your space — regardless of its size.

1) Add a touch of the tropics instead 

Outdoor patio with yellow walls and furniture

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Fancy something a little bold and bright? Then swap the bland backyard for more of a tropical vibe. Natural textures are key — but instead of going for artisanal types of wood and stone, opt for lightweight materials like bamboo and rattan to achieve more of a boho look.

You’ll also want to go big on the bright colors and patterns if you want to fully achieve this tropical aesthetic. And don’t forget to bring the beach club vibes to your backyard by also throwing in a bean bag or two!

2) Create a layered lighting scheme 

Outdoor patio with couch, chairs, and fire pit

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I hate to break it to you, but it’s no longer enough to simply string up some fairy lights, and call it a day. If you want to truly ace the outdoor living aesthetic, you need to get sophisticated with your illumination — so think about investing in some proper bulb festoon lights, or putting LED tubing down the side of your paving stones.

But to create a truly cozy outdoor living space, you’ll need to also have some ambient lighting options on hand. “Grab some rechargeable or battery-operated portable lamps,” suggests Ashley Baker, a Senior Interior Designer at Vesta. “They’re all the rage now, and as the nights get shorter, these lamps will create a magical atmosphere.” 

3) Embrace biophilic design with a stand-out living wall 

Outdoor wall with plants

(Image credit: @becs_bakers_abode)

4) Create a cute cottagecore outdoor set-up 

Green picnic table outside

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Quaint and rather frilly, cottagecore is an aesthetic that genuinely sits right at the opposite end of the spectrum to chic and contemporary Mediterranean style. I blame Bridgerton, for making us all full head-over-heels in love with English country gardens (and Regé-Jean Page!)

To bring this period style into your outdoor space, make your garden a useful space by installing a small vegetable patch or herb trough, and also grow colorful flowers with romantic associations — like roses or carnations. In terms of seating, pick a Parisian bistro set or a pretty picnic bench, and accessorize it with a patterned tablecloth, gingham seat cushions, and woven wicker place mats.

5) Go big on the soft furnishings and accessories 

Backyard with wooden fence and yellow beanbag

(Image credit: @ellashausofcolour)

It may seem pretty obvious, but just in case you weren’t 100% sure, I’m delighted to inform you that the outdoor living aesthetic is still very much a thing. So, make your patio or balcony the ultimate al fresco lounge by picking up some outdoor sofas and a coffee table that’ll work well for socializing with friends and family.

Or, for a more bohemian and budget-friendly vibe, swap the sofas for a bean bag chair instead. “If you love color and pattern, I recommend trying to incorporate an outdoor rug and some comfy floor cushions,” says Tori Malone of Vesta. “This can create a unique space filled with personality, and is perfect for relaxed entertaining in the sun.”

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