7 gorgeous outdoor decor trends to spruce up your space with

Our designers explain the outdoor decor trends you need on your radar

Outdoor decor trends are so chic. Here is a green outdoor awning over a patio scene with black and white tiles, dark brown decking, potted plants, and a blue wicker set with three round seats and a coffee table with a black side table with colorful flowers
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You might be in need of some outdoor decor trends, if you're feeling uninspired by your patio or backyard. These gorgeous ideas will be sure to get those creative juices flowing.

We've pulled together a selection of top trends we reckon you’ll love straight from the design experts who have all made outdoor spaces look beautiful. Stylish, sustainable choices and beautiful biophilic designs are just a couple they adore.

Whether you’re into a sleek and chic resort-style look, a quaint countryside feel, or a bold and tropical vibe, there’s bound to be backyard ideas perfect for your space — regardless of its size.

From the best outdoor furniture to fabulous finishing touches, there are so many ways to refresh your outdoor space for the year.

Our pros have recommended outdoor decor buys throughout, we've curated picks so you can start designing and styling your dream space.

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1. Try tropicalcore

Outdoor patio with yellow wooden fences, vases, furniture and soft furnishing

(Image credit: @our_townhouse_by_the_sea)

If you like pina coladas but not getting caught in the rain, adding a tropical vibe to your outdoor decor is a key trend for this year.

“The tropicalcore aesthetic is a great example of what a little wicker can do for your patio or backyard,” explains Rafi Friedman, design expert and president of Coastal Luxury Outdoors.

He suggests pairing up wicker outdoor furniture pieces with bright and vibrant accent pillows (we like the Maena Accent Pillows from Anthropologie) to create a cozy space to lounge.

2. Create a layered lighting scheme

Outdoor patio with couch, chairs, and fire pit

(Image credit: @kylamagrathinteriors)

We hate to break it to you, but it’s no longer enough to simply light your best candles in the evening and call it a day.

If you want to truly ace outdoor decor trends, channel sophistication with your illumination by investing in some bulb outdoor string lights, or LED tubing down the side of your paving stones.

To create a truly cozy outdoor living space, ambient lighting options are great to have on hand. “Grab some rechargeable or battery-operated portable lamps (we like the Tubicen Outdoor Table Lamps from Amazon),” suggests Ashley Baker, senior interior designer at Vesta. 

“They’re all the rage now, and as the nights get shorter, these lamps will create a magical atmosphere,” she adds.

3. Embrace biophilic design

Outdoor wooden pergola with wicker seats on gray pebbles and surrounding green plants

(Image credit: @becs_bakers_abode)

Celebrating natural beauty is one of the best outdoor decor trends as it’s easy to do and will make your space look like a true open-air retreat. 

“This trend emphasizes the incorporation of organic materials, lush greenery, and natural light into outdoor spaces,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“Picture a serene patio adorned with living walls, reclaimed wood furniture, and strategically placed potted plants (how sweet are these Juvale Seagrass Planter Pots from Target?),” she says.

You could always DIY your own reclaimed wood pieces to create a unique piece you can show off to family and friends.

4. Pick sustainable materials

Green picnic table outside

(Image credit: @anitarussellinteriors)

One of the most important interior design trends for the year has also made its way to outdoor decor trends, too.

“Embrace eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic lumber, reclaimed wood, and natural stone for furniture, decking, and landscaping,” Nina suggests. "I always opt for sustainable materials including bamboo for furniture and accessories."

The Flash Furniture Bamboo Folding Chair from Amazon would be perfect for those looking for small balcony ideas.

You can also search for reclaimed wood furniture, which you could either DIY yourself or scout out at secondhand furniture stores such as Goodwill.

As well as furniture, the sustainable landscaping trend is also a major player this year.

5. Choose soft furnishings and decor

Backyard with wooden fence and yellow beanbag

(Image credit: @ellashausofcolour)

The outdoor living aesthetic is still very much a thing. So, make your patio or balcony the ultimate al fresco lounge by picking up some comfy outdoor seating that’ll work well for socializing with friends and family.

“If you love color and pattern, I recommend trying to incorporate an outdoor rug and some comfy floor cushions,” says Tori Malone of Vesta. "This can create a unique space filled with personality, and is perfect for relaxed entertaining in the sun.”

For those looking to upgrade their seats fully, you can also swap bulky chairs for a bean bag chair (such as the highly-rated Latitude Run Bean Bag Chair from Wayfair) instead. 

6. Opt for smart decor

A green outdoor awning over a patio scene with black and white tiles, dark brown decking, potted plants, and a blue wicker set with three round seats and a coffee table with a black side table with colorful flowers

(Image credit: Hillarys)

For those who like contemporary design, you’re going to love bringing in sleek, techy decor into your backyard.

“Think voice-activated outdoor speakers, app-controlled heating systems, and automated retractable awnings (such as this Outsunny Retractable Cover from Wayfair),” explains Nina.

We love these Mofokeay Outdoor Speakers from Amazon, which are water-resistant and even have a stylish flame effect.

“Incorporating these into outdoor spaces not only enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the home but also aligns with the broader preference for smart, sustainable living,” adds Drew Hamblan, design expert and president of Fairview Custom Homes.

7. Maximize space with multi-functionality

An outdoor day bed with a dark brown frame and light gray pillows and cushions on it with a grass wall to the back of it, a beige wall to the right of it, and black festoon lights strung above it

(Image credit: Danetti)

Making the most of what you have space-wise is a useful tip for those looking for small backyard ideas and larger ones alike.

Nina explains, “Incorporate modular furniture solutions that can be easily rearranged to accommodate different activities, from al fresco dining to lounging and socializing.”

She suggests investing in convertible pieces such as outdoor daybeds that transform into seating arrangements or storage, like this Hokku Designs Arnger Wicker Bed from Wayfair

By embracing biophilic design, integrating swish technology, and focusing on sustainability, you can follow outdoor decor trends and create a space as beautiful as it is functional.

“Whether you're revamping a cozy urban balcony or designing a sprawling backyard oasis, outdoor decor trends can transform your outdoor living experience,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you’re really gearing up for warmer months, summer outdoor decor ideas may also help you bring sunshine to your space.

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