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Hands up if you love the summer! And wave your hands in the air like you’re at a Beyoncé concert if you also love lounging?! Girl, say no more!!!! As a certified sun worshipper, I will take ANY opportunity to slide my sunglasses up my nose and bask in those rays — and I’m super lucky to have some outside space with my rental. Sure, my landlord may bleed me dry of my (fairly) hard-earned money and he still hasn’t fixed my broken shower, but at least my rental has that going for it. 

But while I love heading outside for my morning iced coffee or late-night Vanderpump debriefs with my bestie, I’ve never really had anywhere to properly sit in my yard… ya know? That’s why I’ve been researching the best outdoor furniture stores so that I know where to shop for my yard. Of course, I’m not made of money and I don’t have oodles of space to work with (shout out to my fellow small space dwellers), which is why I’ve decided that an outdoor lounge chair is what I really need.

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Yuh-huh, these things offer the best of both worlds. Outdoor lounge chairs are super comfy, but they’re also sooooo practical. They’re great for just hanging out and soaking up the sun, but many lounge chairs are also designed to fold up when they’re not in use — or they’re designed to be smaller and a 'lil more compact than a full-on patio furniture set. So, if you’re lacking space like me, you don’t have to sacrifice your daily yoga sessions because there’s a lounge chair in the way.

These lounge chairs are the perfect way to spruce up your outdoor space and add a bit of personality to your yard, and I’ve found nine different options to suit all styles (and budgets!). From foldable lounge chairs to chic wicker options, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is deciding which one you love best. 

The best outdoor lounge chairs to buy in 2024

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"Outdoor lounge chairs have come a long way. Remember the rickety old plastic of your youth? They were made for outside — and you wouldn’t think of bringing them inside," says Katie Fritz, content manager at Article.

"These days, modern outdoor furniture can be indistinguishable from indoor furniture. It’s given the same attention to detail and thoughtful design but with added weather-proofing. Outdoor spaces are often last on a home’s to-do list, but modern outdoor lounge chairs are an easy first pick that’ll bring extra life to your garden or your living room."

Foldable outdoor lounge chairs

Is there anything better than having a li’l afternoon nap in the sun on a hot summer’s day? No, I think not. Foldable outdoor lounge chairs are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Not only are these things the comfiest chilling chairs, but they’re also great for those who don’t want their outdoor furniture to take up all of their space all of the time. Simply fold them up and move them out of the way.

Modern outdoor lounge chairs

At the moment, I’m crushing hard over wild modern luxury. Sure, I’m working hard on making my outdoor space more wildlife friendly (shout out to the bees), but I’m also trying to find the perfect balance between natural living and my modern style. And these modern outdoor lounge chairs suit that vibe PERFECTLY! They blend perfectly with the natural world outside, but they’re also sleek, chic, and totally sophisticated, and they’ll add a little somethin’ somethin’ extra to what could be a boring outdoor space.

Wicker outdoor lounge chairs

Wicker patio furniture is EVERYWHERE, and I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s totally timeless, not only in its appearance but also in terms of its practicality. After all, its natural vibe works perfectly in the great outdoors, but it’s also super durable — which is perfect for those who don’t want to shell out their dollar dollar bills on new outdoor furniture every year. Just make sure you know how to clean your wicker outdoor lounge chairs, people. 


What makes an outdoor chair comfortable?

I may be an expert in lounging outdoors, but I decided to ask an actual expert to answer this question! Luxury homeware brand Daniel Stores told me, “Chairs that aren’t made from plastic often make the most comfortable loungers. Opt for a material that provides adequate support and cushioning — such as rattan with season-proof cushions. Features such as adjustable headrests, padded armrests, and multi-height seat backs are important to ensure maximum comfort.” Well, there ya have it. What more could you need to know?

How do I choose an outdoor chaise lounge?

Size: It’s important to measure your outdoor space, but also decide how much space you want your chaise lounge to take up. Before placing your order, make sure you know whether you want your chaise lounge to take up your whole patio or balcony, or just a small section.

Material: The material of your outdoor furniture will determine how long it lasts — especially if you’re leaving it outside all year round. Materials such as aluminum, wicker, or hardwoods are naturally hard-wearing. However, many other materials are also treated to be weather-resistant. Just make sure to read the write-up of each product before you buy.

Practicality: Are you able to leave your chaise lounge outside all the time without it getting in the way? If the answer is no, you might want to opt for a chaise lounge or outdoor lounge chair that folds up. This way, you can store it out of the way when you’re not using it.

Where to buy an outdoor lounge chair

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How we chose these outdoor lounge chairs

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