Outdoor fireplace ideas: keep warm while enjoying your garden in winter

These outdoor fireplace ideas will help you rethink how you use your garden during the colder months

Outdoor fireplace ideas: Sunjoy fireplace
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If you tend not to use your garden much in winter, we hope that these out door fireplace ideas will help you reconsider. It is true a cold and rainy night is probably best suited to spending it indoors (unless your outdoor area is covered), but a crisp, wintry evening enjoyed by a fire is wonderful. 

Outdoor fireplaces tend to be more substantial than fire pits and should be considered when you're planning on sitting outside for longer or have a larger family. Some outdoor fireplace designs can only really be achieved with the help of an architect, but many designs in this gallery are freestanding and don't require complex installation. 

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1. Choose a traditional outdoor fireplace shape

Sunjoy A304001100 Gwendolyn Wood Burning Fireplace

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Part of the enjoy of getting an outdoor fireplace is the traditional shape and brick structure – more substantial and imposing than just a patio heater. These things aren't small, so you'll want to position yours in the center of your patio, so choose a design you really like and a good-quality stone and steel finish. 

This sturdy and reassuringly heavy design by Sunjoy also comes with screened doors to protect you from sparks, so you can sit quite close to it. 

2. Choose a see-through design for a contemporary look

Empire Comfort Systems Carol Rose Outdoor SS See-through 48" Linear Fireplace

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Want a more streamlined, contemporary outdoor fireplace? Look for an electric or gas outdoor fireplace insert. These are rectangular stainless steel fireplaces that can be built into your garden wall (you will need professional help doing this). 

The Carol Rose Outdoor See-Through Fireplace is gas-burning and is enhanced with color-changing LEDs. 

3. Go for a table fireplace for an ultra-modern look

Alazhia Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table

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If you want something that will look sleek and contemporary that you can also just switch on, consider a tabletop outdoor fireplaces. Essentially, these are somewhere between fire pits and fireplaces and give you the added benefit of doubling up as an outdoor coffee table when not in use. 

The Alazhia Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table is our favorite design – it's made from fiber glass-reinforced concrete and has a contemporary, minimalist look that will fit right in an urban patio. 

4. Or opt for a chimenea if your outdoor space is small

Saunderson Wood Burning Chiminea

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Chimeneas offer a great compromise for those who don't have much room for a huge outdoor fireplace. Chimeneas come in a wide variety of designs, but the most recognisable ones are the cone-shaped or chimney-shaped structures with log stores at the bottom. They will keep you warmer than fire pits but can still fit onto a tiny patio. 

Or try a deconstructed chimenea – it's somewhere between an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit, and will look stunning in a contemporary garden. 

Iolo Black Steel Wood Burning Chiminea

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