10 ways to make a small kitchen feel bigger

Want to make a small kitchen feel bigger? Check out these hacks for making the most of your square footage...

A wall of bi-fold doors make a small kitchen feel bigger
(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Want to make a small kitchen feel bigger? You've obviously come to the right place. We get that making a kitchen functional as well as beautiful can often be a challenge, particularly when square footage is in short supply, so we've put together some simple tips that will help you make the most of even the smallest of kitchen spaces...

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1. Draw the eye to the ceiling to make a small kitchen feel bigger 

Floating shelves to go up to the ceiling make a small kitchen feel bigger

Using open shelving that goes right up to the ceiling will give your kitchen height, plus they make for pretty (and practical) kitchen storage 

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Been blessed with high ceilings? Make the most of them! Building up with cabinetry is the most obvious strategy here, but don’t forget to give those spaces some decorative love too. Add in open shelving for practical small kitchen storage that you can also use to display cute common house plants, plates, prints, etc. 

Bring the eye up with beautiful mouldings, a painted ceiling and statement kitchen light fixtures, too. Adding style above your head will make a big impact without wasting any floor space. 

Obviously, if your small kitchen isn’t graced with a high ceiling, you can still use the same concepts when it comes to vertical storage and even low ceilings can look cool when painted in a light, feature colour – just check out our guide to how to paint ceilings

2. Leave no kitchen storage opportunity unused

Hanging storage used to make a small kitchen feel bigger

A small shelving unit like this one from the Suffolk range by Neptune fits neatly in a small space. Make the use of every inch with a rail for utensils — it creates a nice feature too

(Image credit: Neptune)

When designing a small kitchen, you not only have to think about designing the look of the overall space but also how each cabinet will be used. By doing so, you can use add-ons to make the interior of the cabinets more efficient, and the workflow of the kitchen more effective. 

Consider the back of doors as hanging space, the underside of shelves for cup hooks and every inch of corners and high cabinets for occasional storage. Where custom building, use often overlooked small spaces like the cabinet kickboards (the area beneath the cabinets, which can be made into hidden, pull-out drawers for larger items such as baking trays), the area above doors and the ceiling for clever storage spaces. 

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3. Use clever lighting to make a small kitchen feel bigger 

Copper pendant lights used to make a small kitchen feel bigger

Pendant lighting over a worktop creates a practical and beautiful feature. These copper pendants are from Pooky

(Image credit: Pooky)

Planning good kitchen lighting will go a long way to making a small kitchen feel bigger. When planning kitchen lighting, you will need overall ambient lighting and task lighting at the very least. Adding decorative and spot lighting will also help make the space feel open and well planned. Consider how and where you’ll complete tasks in the space and light them accordingly. Remember that the colour of your finishes will have an impact as well – the darker the cabinets, counters and walls, the more wattage you will need.

4. Limit your kitchen's colour palette

Kitchen painted in dark green and white to make the small space feel bigger

Don't fear colour in a small space, we love the dark green of these kitchen cabinets (try Farrow & Ball Green Smoke for something similar) 

(Image credit: Brett Charles)

The specific colour you choose is a completely personal decision but keep that choice to one or two predominate colours and you will make a small kitchen feel bigger easily. This technique also creates a more coordinated look without you being a master decorator. 

Feel free to use different shades of the same colour as you mix and match to create some visual texture but avoid big blocks of contrasting walls so that the eye sees the room as one continuous unit rather than smaller blocks.

Get inspiration for your kitchen paint ideas in our feature, plus if you are doing up a kitchen on a budget you could always paint your own kitchen cabinets; just check out our guide. 

5. Declutter like Marie Kondo

A well organised space with plenty of storage that makes a small kitchen feel bigger

Be super organised with your kitchen storage to make the most of the room you have. Here lots of different types of Ikea storage make this small kitchen feel much bigger 

(Image credit: Ikea)

Make like Marie Kondo and be a ruthless editor (get inspiration and organising tips from our guide). The less you have to store, the more organised and functional your kitchen will be.

That means not taking grandma’s old microwave but investing in a compact microwave, or keeping that extra crepe pan 'just in case'. Help yourself stick to this goal by creating a space for every single item you store in the kitchen.

When you have run out of space, be strict with yourself and don’t allow one more item to come in until you have made room by parting with something else. 

6. Use light-reflecting, decorative accessories 

Copper accessories used to make a small kitchen feel bigger

Adding a few metallic accessories or utensils with help lift a small kitchen

(Image credit: Nest)

Once you have a well-designed kitchen layout, don’t stop there. Treat the kitchen as you would any other room. You don’t stop decorating your bedroom with just a bed, so why stop in the kitchen with just the cabinet and appliances? Used sparingly and in the right scale, small decorative touches really add personality to a kitchen. To make a small kitchen feel bigger, pick out accessories that will bounce light around the room. Basically that means all the metallics. We already mentioned using metallic pendant lights so get some pieces to match – plant pots, picture frames, even practical things like copper pans and metallic utensil pots can help. Not into metallics? White will do.

Check out these copper kitchen accessories for more ideas. 

7. Go for an all white scheme 

An all white colour scheme used to make a small kitchen feel bigger

(Image credit: Steel)

Nothing new here, white reflects a ton of light and makes a small kitchen feel bigger instantly. Paint kitchen cabinets and walls the same (or similar) shade of white, plus use paint to camouflage any bulky radiators. Create some contrast by choosing a worktop in granite or wood and add a few pops of colour in the form of accessories and decorations.  

Have a look at more of our white kitchen design ideas for inspiration. And don't miss our guide to the best kitchen paints to pick the right finish for the right surface.

8. Clever flooring choices can make a small kitchen feel bigger 

kitchen with blue walls and black aga and brown cabinets with stairs and christmas decorations

Cleverly use your kitchen flooring to create the illusion of more space

(Image credit: Joyce Vloet/Coco Features)

You know how with clothes, the likes of Tan from Queer Eye always go on that stripes can have this optical illusion effect, making you look taller, shorter, wider, slimmer, blah blah blah? Well, you can actually put that theory to use on your kitchen floors. Dealing with a narrow galley kitchen? Using flooring boards or patterned flooring that runs parallel with the length of your kitchen to make it appear longer. If you want to make your kitchen feel wider, do the opposite, using flooring that runs across the width of the room. Laying tiles? Put them down diagonally to make the room feel longer and wider.  

Go and have a read of our guide to kitchen flooring for more tips and ideas. 

9. Slim down your kitchen furniture 

This small kitchen feels bigger thanks to the slimline chairs and reflective island

This small kitchen feels much bigger thanks to the slimline, tall chais and the reflective surfaces of the small island 

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Obviously when you are trying to make a small kitchen feel bigger pick out furniture that has a small footprint, but also choose pieces that are slimline. Avoid furniture with chunky legs or thick outlines that are going to add a load of visual bulk to your small space. 

Instead, think streamlined chairs, dainty bar stools, maybe you could even fit in a compact kitchen island – we have loads of kitchen island ideas that could work in a small kitchen. 

10. Make a small kitchen feel bigger with glass fronted cabinets 

Glass fronts used on wall cabinets to make a small kitchen feel bigger

Obviously the window massively helps here, but the glass fronted wall cabinets also help light bounce around the small space

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Glass fronts are going to lighten the look of your kitchen cabinetry and will expand your space as the eye will travel through the cabinets. Just make sure you don't fill the glass cabinets with loads of stuff as this will defeat the purpose. Keep lower cabinets doors solid and use them to store all your unsightly practical bits and then add glass fronts to your wall cabinets and keep your best plates, mugs and plants on show in those. Light the interiors to heighten the space-enhancing effect in the evening, too.

Check out our feature on kitchen cabinetry design ideas, you will find loads of inspirations for small kitchens over there. 

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