10 comforter storage ideas — expert ways to stash

Experts share their best comforter storage ideas for stashing this bulky item

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Clever comforter storage ideas are a must so these bulky items can be put away tidily when they’re not in use. Whatever size the bedroom, a comforter can take up more than its fair share of storage due to its large volume.

Professional home organizers know all about storing this room’s essentials and they've shared plenty of ingenious ideas. They’re used to coming to the rescue of homeowners and renters, and especially those who don’t enjoy generous space to put things away.

Our pros have shared 10 great bedroom storage ideas for this pesky comforters to keep your room as spacious as possible.

10 comforter storage ideas from our panel of experts

Clever small bedroom storage ideas and solutions will resolve the conundrum of where to store a comforter that's not in use, especially as we move from the chilly winter to milder spring and swap our our bedding

We've asked organization pros for their top tips and tricks, and provided matching items carefully selected by our expert shoppers to help you shop the guide.

1. Centralize supplies in a linen closet

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Gathering like-with-like can make life at home easier and if you have a linen closet, it's is the perfect for comforter storage. 

“Ideally, if there is a linen closet we want to get all bedding in that space,” says Mary Jo Contello, owner/organizer at Organized by MJ in Houston. "A great tip is to dedicate each shelf to a room or bed size.You can add a dryer sheet to keep it smelling nice and fresh. I recommend storing comforters when they have been cleaned so they are ready to use." 

Bear in mind  you can wash a down comforter, although it does require more patience than cleaning one with a synthetic filling.

Mary Jo Contello is a woman with long blonde hair
Mary Jo Contello

Mary Jo Contello has always had a passion for decluttering spaces and bringing order to homes, offices, and the lives of people who are tired of being overwhelmed by clutter. She started Organized by MJ with the goal of not only cleaning and organizing people’s spaces, but also providing them with lasting solutions to avoid clutter hot spots in the future.

2. Use a vacuum bag

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Space-saver bags aren’t just useful when you’re storing a comforter in the linen closet, though. Also known as vacuum bags, they can shrink a comforter down so it fits in all sorts of places where it wouldn’t otherwise go. 

Designs like the Variety Cube vacuum bags from The Container Store just require you to use a brilliant vacuum cleaner to take the air out and suddenly there’s a whole lot more places around your home you can use to store a comforter.

We also like the Cozy Essential Store 20-pack vacuum storage bags on Amazon, which come highly rated by more than 55,000 shoppers. Pop your comforter in, attach your vacuum nozzle to the hole, and watch it compress down into a fraction of the size like magic. You can use the surplus for out-of-season clothes storage to free up space in your closet.

3. Claim under-bed space

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Failing to organize under the bed means foregoing a valuable storage opportunity for a comforter (among plenty of other items). 

“If you do not have a linen closet, the next option is to store in the room the bedding is used in,” says Mary Jo. To keep the comforter in good condition put it into in a low profile under bed storage bin or a vacuum bag, she suggests.  

4. Keep it weathertight

64 Quart Latching Hinged See-Through Plastic Stacking Storage Container Tote with Recessed Lids for Home Organization in Crisp Green

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Sometimes you need to store items away from the living spaces of a home. In the case of a comforter, be aware of the need to protect it well if that’s the case.

“If you don’t have room in the home for storage and it goes to storage, garage, attic or basement, I would recommend storing in a weathertight bin,” says Mary Jo. “This type of bin will keep bugs out and keep the comforter nice and fresh.”

This six-pack Sterilite 64 quart latching hinged see-through plastic stacking storage container tote from Amazon in crisp green is perfect for the job.

5. Maximize closet space with dividers

Organized closet with hanging clothes

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If you think you don’t have any space to spare in a bedroom closet, think again. Just like drawer organizers, closet shelf dividers can make storage furniture ready to accommodate more, including, in this case, a comforter. 

They’ll partition a single shelf where items tend to topple onto one another into neat nooks. They’ll provide flexibility in future, too, although building in partitions is also an option if you’re sure about the closet layout you prefer.

“Closet shelf dividers (these cheap and cheerful acrylic clip on HONSREO shelf dividers from Amazon are perfect for the job) keep comforters neat on a shelf and easy to find, and eliminate shelf chaos,” says interior designer Artem Kropovinsky.

Bear in mind that you might need to shrink comforters down to fit the shelf along with everything else that has to go there, but that’s where vacuum bags (see above) come to the rescue.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York. He’s used to the challenge of making small homes functional and well ordered as well as stylish.

6. Hang it up

A light pink bedroom with a clothes rack with clothes on it, a bed next to it, and a rug in front of it

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Use hanging options for comforters as a savvy small apartment storage ideas, especially if they are lightweight. There is a reason bedding stores display their samples this way, and it's not only space-saving but visually quick to find what you need so you can use a clip hanger in your closet. Use metal clip heavy duty hangers from Homecube USA on Wayfair for the job.

Otherwise, Artem suggests, “Small space solutions include over-the-door organizers that utilize the door space to hold lighter comforters or throws in a very useful manner."

Alternatively, opt for a clothes rack (such as the Simple Houseware double metal clothes rail from Walmart) to drape it over. One of these is perfect for a guest bedroom as well as your own, making it easy for the sleeper to move the comforter to the bed. 

7. Bring in a basket

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Think storage baskets if you have a little floor space available. “Wicker baskets  provide a nice aesthetic and also allows comforters to breathe, and are perfect for putting in the bedroom for easy access,” says Artem.

Try the FIYAMMY Store large lidded rattan basket on Amazon. It's gorgeous, has 13 different size configurations to choose from and sturdy to boot.

Since a bulkier comforter is likely to bulge, the best way to make it neat to go into a basket is to lay it out on a clean surface, fold in thirds along its length, the roll. Secure near either end with matching cords before putting it into the basket.

8. Keep it in an ottoman

A storage ottoman next to a white bed with pillows and sheets inside it

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It’s worth finding space for a storage ottoman in a bedroom if you can, since it not only adds space but is also perfect for perching on to pull on your jeans.

“If you are hoping to store the comforter in the bedroom itself, then I love a trunk (this see-through trunk from Urban Outfitters is modern and fun), storage chest or ottoman situation at the foot of the bed,” says interior designer Chantelle Hartman Malarkey

“This is a great storage solution that can also serve as a decor item — genius. And it makes it very easy for guests to add the comforter to the bed if they are looking for an extra layer.”

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey
Chantelle Hartman Malarkey

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey has been an exclusive interior design consultant for some of the most prestigious homes in San Diego since 2015. She is renowned for transforming every space into its most beautiful version.

9. Opt for flexibility

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Small bedroom storage ideas can feel in short supply, so being flexible about where items — including a comforter — can open the door to more solutions. But if you don’t want to end up lifting containers around, think designs with wheels, or ones that will easily slide across your bedroom floor.

You could pick a shape that fits under the bed like the Sterilite clear view underbed storage bin from Target, which can easily be wheeled elsewhere when you need to fit something else there. 

Alternatively, opt for a deeper design with a more compact base that could occupy space in the lower part of a closet in a bedroom or entryway.

10. Keep it in plain sight

A blue bedroom with a blue wall with white mirror, white bed, rattan bench, and knitted throw

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A comforter may not need to be tidied away into a bag, basket, or closet. Keeping it out in the bedroom can be a great solution. 

When you’re arranging furniture in a small bedroom, think about including a chair or a bench at the end of the bed. Fold the comforter and it can be stored on either of these. What’s more, it will be right at hand if a sleeper is cold in the night.

A comforter has a role to play in ensuring you get a good night’s shut-eye and you’ll also need to know how to choose sheets for beds to sleep well. If you're open to the idea of upgrading to the best linen sheets you can afford, it will absolutely be worth the spend. 

And if you’re going to college, there are a host of tactics you can use to make a dorm bed more comfortable, too. 

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