13 blanket storage ideas — space-efficient strategies

Clever blanket storage ideas to save you space

Bed with comforter, pillows and blanket and bench at floot with two pulled out underbed storage boxes from Orthex
(Image credit: Orthex Group)

Smart blanket storage ideas ensure they’re easily available when the temperature drops, but won't clutter up your space the rest of the time. Even smaller blankets can take up plenty of room when they’re not in use and crowd out other useful items.

Professional organizers are used to the challenge of storing voluminous blankets and experts in advising on the ways to tidy these away in rentals, apartments, and small first homes. Here, they share 13 great blanket storage ideas with Real Homes.

If you're in search of small space storage ideas, we’ve got plenty to share including utilizing racks, vacuum storage bags and pretty baskets, making these blanket storage ideas neat but functional.

13 blanket storage ideas from the pros

Whether you want to grab a blanket in the living room, or pop them among your bedroom storage ideas, here are our experts' tips for blanket storage ideas that will eliminate cozy-item clutter. if you have too many blankets, first edit down your collection.

To help you make the most of their advice, our expert in-house shoppers have also gathered budget-friendly and high-quality products to consider.

1. Invest in a blanket rack

Scrolled metalwork blanket rack with three blankets hung on it next to round black table in living room

(Image credit: Chantelle Hartman Malarkey)

Make yours a decorative feature as part of handy living room storage ideas or in a bedroom. 

“Blankets themselves can add texture and color to a space,” says interior designer Chantelle Hartman Malarkey. “Storing blankets in a way where guests can see them is my favorite.

Chantelle says a blanket rack is her top way to store blankets and we like the Frenchi Home blanket rack from Amazon, which is freestanding and can be positioned wherever is convenient in a room for maximum flexibility. 

She adds, "They make the room feel inviting, warm, and cozy and create easy access for guests. Showing off blankets on a rack is such a great addition to a room visually, as well, helping create a theme and style — it's practical and aesthetic."

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey
Chantelle Hartman Malarkey

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey has been an exclusive interior design consultant for some of the most prestigious homes in San Diego since 2015. She is renowned for transforming every space into its most beautiful version.

2. Opt for a ladder

Bench with gray seat pad and blue and blue and gray pillow and ladder with white and patterned blankets draped over it from JYSK

(Image credit: JYSK)

If propping a blanket storage solution against the wall is convenient, a ladder is a great alternative to a rack, and perfect for a small modern living room as it occupies less floor area.

“Storage ladders are real space savers: they use the vertical space and blankets become part of a decoration while using nearly no floor area,” says interior designer Artem Kropovinsky. “They also give blankets a chance to breathe, avoiding the smell of damp."

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York. He’s used to the challenge of making small homes functional and well ordered as well as stylish.

3. Bring in a basket

Large storage basket with blanket hanging over the edge in front of plant on stand and next to side chair with books from Where Saints Go

(Image credit: Where Saints Go)

Add a natural touch to a bedroom or a touch of texture to a neutral small living room with a basket for blanket storage. 

“Baskets give some style and are perfect for air circulation therefore the blankets do not go stale,” says Artem. “They are versatile, portable and they can add to your room decor.”

Opt for an open design with one of our best storage baskets, or a deep version (such as the rollable mobile wicker storage basket with lid from Wayfair) which can accommodate several blankets, and be moved easily to where items are needed.

4. Use under-bed space

Bed with comforter, pillows and blanket and bench at foot with two pulled out underbed storage boxes from Orthex

(Image credit: Orthex Group)

When you’re organizing under the bed, consider making space for blankets there, using a purpose-made container that’s easy to slide or on wheels so it’s easy to move in and out to tidy away or access a blanket. 

“Under-bed storage containers (such as this Rebrilliant metal under-bed storage set of two from Wayfair) are space-saving, ideal for storing additional or seasonal blankets,” says Artem.

5. Depend on an ottoman

A gray storage ottoman next to a white bed with pillows and sheets inside it

(Image credit: Future)

Storage ottomans provide generous space for blankets and a whole lot more inside, while adding color, pattern if you want it, texture, softness, and utility to a room.

“Storage ottomans work as a two-in-one solution keeping the blankets handy and also offering extra seating,” says Artem. “They protect blankets from dust and are ideal for living rooms or bedrooms.”

We like the Winston Porter Foronda upholstered storage ottoman from Wayfair, which comes in eight classic colors to complement your chosen palette for the room.

6. Display blankets on hooks

Wooden hooks on neutral wall with jacket and bags

(Image credit: Umbra)

Gorgeous hook designs for entryways (as seen here) needn’t just be a solution for coats and bags. They’re perfect as wall storage for blankets, too. 

“Aesthetically pleasing hooks are space-saving alternatives converting blanket storage into a visual component of the room,” says Artem.

7. Store where it’s needed

A white bedroom with a white bed, a nightstand, and a pendant light

(Image credit: The Secret Linen Store)

As we’ve noted already, blankets can add an accent of color, introduce pattern, and provide contrasting and appealing texture to a room, and that’s why storing one on the bed can be a great way to refresh a small bedroom or add to your modern guest bedroom ideas

Fold the blanket into thirds lengthwise then lay it across the foot of the bed so it drapes evenly at either side. Be sure to use a blanket that repeats colors from elsewhere in the room for a pulled-together look. 

We're fans of soft throws such as the Sophie floral faux throw from Anthropologie which are comfy and gorgeous.

8. Protect it with a vacuum bag

A closet with items of clothing hung using hangers on clothing rail and stacked vacuum clothing bags

(Image credit: The Container Store)

For long term blanket storage, opt for good protection. If they’re sizeable — or you’re looking for smart small bedroom storage ideas — storage that compresses voluminous blankets are particularly handy. 

“Vacuum storage bags (such as the variety pack flat vacuum bag set from The Container Store) are ideal for storing bulky blankets,” says cleaning and organizing expert Karina Toner

“They compress the blankets, making them easier to store in closets or under beds, helping save space and keeps blankets protected from dust and moisture.”

Karina Toner, Operations Manager, Spekless Cleaning
Karina Toner

Karina Toner is a cleaning and organizing expert and the operations manager at Washington DC-based Spekless Cleaning. 

9. Create a blanket station

Large basket with colorful blanket draped over the edge and pillow inside beside plant on wood floor from A Place for Everything

(Image credit: A Place for Everything)

If you like the idea of being ready to make everyone cozy for movie night, and you want to maximize space in a small living room, consider making a blanket station for stashing them. 

“Create a designated spot in your home for blanket storage,” says Karina. “Whether it’s a corner of the living room or a decorative brilliant storage basket, having a designated spot encourages everyone to neatly fold and return blankets after use, keeping them organized and easily accessible.”

10. Opt for linen closet storage

An organized linen closet with clear plastic dividers and folded towels and blankets

(Image credit: Organized By JM / @organizedbyjm)

Find space for blankets when you’re organizing a linen closet and you can keep them in great shape over the summer when the heaviest versions aren’t required. 

Put blankets away clean (and make sure you wash a wool blanket with care to avoid shrinkage). 

Spread each out on a flat clean surface and fold in half lengthwise, then fold in half the opposite way. Fold again as necessary. The aim is to create a square-ish shape compact enough to stack on a shelf. You might need to use ties around bulky blankets to keep them in a compact package, or shelf dividers such as these gray fabric ones from Brightroom at Target.

Stack blankets in the closet and add a dryer sheet (we love the fragrance of these Mega dryer sheets in lavender and vanilla bean from Calm on Amazon) to the space to keep the atmosphere fresh.

11. Think ease of access

Corner of gray living room with green feature wall, open shelving full of vinyl records, green sideboard and gray carpet

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

If your small home doesn’t have a linen closet, then pro organizer Amélie Saint-Jacques of Amelie Organizes is a fan of keeping blankets where they’re needed.

“If there is no linen closet, I like storing off-season blankets in the room where they are used,” she says. “In a living room, you might use a shelf behind a closed door of the entertainment center, a storage ottoman, or a decorative basket. In a bedroom, you could store the blanket on a closet shelf or in a bin under the bed.” 

The best storage furniture for small homes and apartments can help you add space to stash items to any room.

Amélie Saint-Jacques
Amélie Saint-Jacques

Amélie Saint-Jacques is a professional organizer at Amelie Organizes. She’s always been organized and took classes with NAPO (the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) and became a professional member in 2019. She is also a certified KonMari consultant.

12. Let a trunk double up

Bedroom with bed with white bed linen, two trunks at the foot, vintage storage and dark wood floor

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Get yourself a trunk or another style of storage chest and it will double duty. First, it’s the ideal place to tidy away blankets when they’re not in use. Secondly, it’s a clever coffee table alternative in the living room. And it is the light items like blankets that you want to put in one of these as lifting them out won’t be hard work on your back.

Of course, a trunk (the Ludlow rectangular trunk end table at Pottery Barn is a bestseller) can also be a hard worker in the bedroom, where a small version is a nightstand alternative as well as location for blankets when they’re not in use.

13. Make a blanket seating decor

Green living room with plush sofa and patterned red wallpaper in the distance

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Make like a stylist and upgrade a small living room by dressing up seating with the blanket rather than putting it away. 

Folding a blanket for a chair or sofa is like folding it for the bed: start off with thirds lengthwise. But for seating, you’ll now need to fold in half across the width so it’s rectangular in shape. Then arrange over the end of the sofa or your best armchair.

And if you like the idea of a more relaxed look, fold the blanket in half, hold by the middle and drape over the edge of the seat, arranging the sides until it’s super inviting.


Blankets are an essential for getting cozy and for style, but you might want to add a weighted blanket to your selection, too. Users swear by them to reduce stress, enhance sleep quality, and create comfort. They’re not hard to care for either, and you can wash a weighted blanket in a washing machine or by hand.

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