These are the most luxurious linen sheets that are completely worth the spend

Love linen sheets? Me too.

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There are lots of reasons to love linen sheets. They look chic and effortless, are temperature-regulating, and last a long time. Understandably, these perks (and others) make linen the most popular choice of bedding material. 

Linen comes from the stem of the flax plant. It's not completely eco-friendly, but it is a more sustainable choice since the material is biodegradable, grows rapidly, and requires less water to process than cotton. Linen production is also more laborious than other textiles, even with the inclusion of modern technology.

This means linen sheets are not exactly cheap, so it's worth knowing where your money is going. After sleeping on more than a few great bedding sets, we've rounded up six of our favorite linen options, tried, tested, and approved by our sleep editor. They're great quality (but relatively affordable) and will earn you extra style points in the bedroom. 

If you're after the linen bedding set of your dreams, these are the ones to invest in — and these are the best bedding brands to buy from.

Best linen sheets 2024

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Real Homes review process 

Slept under by our sleep specialist, these linen sheets have been tested by our editor who knows what makes the best bedding. Used for several nights, and where possible, during a variety of weather conditions, we’ve got a good idea of which linen sets are best in each season. We’ve put them in the washing machine more than once, dried, tumble-dried, and even stored away to mimic everyday use. This is an updated guide, and some bedding sets have stayed their place as best, but you might want to check back to see how long they last.

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Jaclyn Turner

Jaclyn, our former sleep editor and current ecommerce editor at Homes & Gardens, knows her stuff when it comes to great bedding. She's tested some of the best mattresses, duvets, and comforters out there. When it comes to duvet covers, she's tried, tested, and recommended only the best. She loves linen sheets, in particular, and the top choices are the ones she's picked as her favorites.

A little bit more about linen 

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  • Linen origin: Most of the world's linen comes from places in Europe like France and Belgium. We like to see transparency around flax's origins. 
  • Breathability: Linen is naturally breathable and temperature-regulating by design. 
  • Durability: Linen is an extremely durable fiber, but GSM can also denote better durability. 
  • Feel: Linen does get softer over time with each wash, but stonewashed designs have been pre-washed for added softness.
  • Color and size options: With linen being considered a specialty item, you'll want to confirm that your bed size is available, paying attention to extra depth if you have a thick mattress. Some brands offer a tight color edit while others will offer an entire rainbow. 
  • GSM: You may have noticed in our specs that we list the GSM. GSM or grams per square meter is a measure of textile weight. When it comes to linen, we've found that a GSM between 140 and 190 provides adequate softness and heft; though a lower GSM may feel more breathable than a heavier one. 

How to care for linen sheets

Linen sheets will typically follow the wash care instructions of the bed sheets you're used to sleeping on. In general, you'll want to wash on a delicate setting in lukewarm water and avoid any bleach, harsh detergent, or any particularly heavy items like denim or towels. Of course, a few tips and tricks will prolong the life of your sheets for the better.

Magic Linen offers a wonderful linen care guide with expert tips on caring for it. In the event of a stain, be sure to get it out as soon as it develops. Any dirt, oil, or grease can immediately absorb into linen fibers and become difficult to remove.
The brand also advises removing your sheets from the dryer when they're still slightly damp. Then hang them out to dry or lay them out flat if possible to finish. This can help reduce wrinkles and keeps them from getting too stiff. Linen should also be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Use the included linen bag or store it in a pillowcase, as opposed to a plastic bag or container.

Are linen sheets worth the money?

In short, yes. If you can afford the initial investment for linen, you get bedding that is durable, softer with every wash, and generally made to higher sustainability standards than other materials. On top of this, you also benefit from the temperature-regulating properties of linen that make it great for summer nights (yet still cozy enough come fall). 

Jaclyn Turner
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