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Living in a teeny tiny apartment? We’ve all been there. My first apartment was seriously snug with a couple of tiny rooms and literally no storage space. So, when it came to storing my stuff, I had to get a little creative — as well as become more of a minimalist and get rid of anything that I didn’t need. 

When it comes to storage ideas for small apartments, the good news is that making room for storage space — even when your home has very little space — is easier than you might think. The key is choosing smart storage solutions that fit the space that you have, even a tiny studio apartment, without causing it to look and feel cluttered. 

To help you out, I’ve rounded up a selection of storage ideas that are perfect for smaller apartments — they’ll keep the clutter at bay without taking over what little space you have! 

1. Use a pegboard for storage 

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Got a large(ish) wall free? A great hack for adding extra storage is to hang a pegboard — like this one from Amazon — and use the pegs for storage. FYI, this trick works seriously well in kitchens and can be used to hang cooking utensils, mugs, or even (if it’s fitted properly) pots and pans. For a slimline pegboard, this design from Amazon works perfectly. 

2. Install high shelves 

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Lack the space to put up shelves in the middle of the wall? Why not hang them up high instead? For extra storage, install shelves — like these floating shelves from Amazon — around the edge of the room just below the ceiling and above the door. Honestly, this neat little hack will add a serious amount of storage space to your home. 

3. Opt for slimline furniture 

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If your apartment lacks room for chunkier pieces of furniture, opt for slimline versions instead. Whether it’s a nightstand you need or a TV cabinet, opt for smaller-sized designs that offer adequate storage but won’t overtake the space. 

4. Utilize hooks

A set of four wooden wall-mounted hooks.

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It might sound kinda basic but, honestly, it can make a serious difference to the look and feel of your space. Some well-placed hooks can make a big difference in terms of storage. Most hooks — like these heavy-duty hooks from Amazon — are easy to drill in. If you don’t fancy making holes in the wall, or your landlord won’t allow it, there are plenty of self-adhesive hooks to choose from, like these matte black hooks from Amazon.  Alternatively, you could opt for over-door hooks. 

5. Choose multi-purpose storage furniture 

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A super easy way to add extra storage space to a smaller apartment is by opting for multi-purpose furniture that doubles as storage. Honestly, this hack is a game-changer. Back when I was in my first apartment, I swapped out most of my old furniture for alternatives that offered additional storage and it was so helpful. I switched out my sofa for this sectional couch from Ikea with a huge storage area underneath. I also purchased a couple of storage ottomans to add even more options. 

6. Opt for over-door storage 

An over door storage rack.

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A quick (and cheap) way to add extra storage to a smaller space is to use over-door storage. Hanging over-the-door organizers provide make use of an often over-looked spot, plus you can just shut the door to keep them out of sight. Use one in the bedroom to store your shoes or one in the kitchen to store small snacks and ingredients. 

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