It's official: these are the best under-bed storage buys for your small bedroom

Outta sight, outta mind

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Sorry, but if you're not making use of an under-bed storage solution, then you're doing it all wrong. Underneath your bed is arguably the biggest amount of actually useable floor space in a bedroom, so why ignore it? Those with fancy storage beds can skip past this guide (we're chatting about other bedroom organizers elsewhere) but if you're in a sticky sitch where you've got way too many clothes — and shoes, and purses — then this is what you need.

Put simply, an under-bed storage solution will ensure you fill every inch of useable space underneath where you snooze. And before you ask: just shoving pairs of sneakers underneath there and plastic bags of clothes doesn't quite cut it. Especially if these are on show. So, enter all of the best under-bed storage buys that shoppers absolutely love.

This is just one of the bedroom storage ideas we'd recommend if you're tight on space, and below you'll find a range of buys that will truly change the game. From under-bed storage bins to drawers on wheels to bags, it's all here. 

12 of the best under-bed storage solutions, as rated by shoppers

Under bed storage bins

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If you're working with a smaller bed, your best bet might be to go for under-bed storage bins. These come in various shapes and sizes, and we've featured three types — a plastic, a felt, and a canvas under-bed storage bin — so that you can find what you're looking for. Go for one with a lid if you're storing seasonal items you won't touch for months to prevent dust!

Under bed storage bags

Looking for under-bed storage bags instead? These usually have a soft frame and come with handles for you to easily drag them back out. If you're on a budget, then this is the best under-bed storage solution out there!

Under bed storage drawers

Looking for a drawer to sit underneath your bed? This will look much neater than a bag, especially if it'll be on display. The drawers we've featured below sit on wheels to make them easy to reach, plus they're sturdy and spacious. Perfect for bedding, extra shoes, and purses you might not use all the time. They'll keep your stuff super protected, even though they don't have a lid.

Under bed shoe storage

Storing shoes can be difficult, especially if your closet is tiny and available floor space is completely taken. With help from these under-bed storage solutions, you won't need to throw a single pair away. These shoe storage buys mean your sneakers, sandals, and boots will all be kept safely out of the way.


Should you use under the bed as storage?

Absolutely. What else are you going to do with all that space? Whether it's to store your summer clothes during winter or vice versa, the unused vacuum of space below your mattress is a far better alternative than dumping it in a cramped closet. Out of all the small-space bedroom ideas I've considered recently, under-bed storage containers, baskets, and bags are by far the most ingenious.

How did we choose these under bed storage buys?

These under-bed storage finds have been carefully selected because of their high ratings. When doing our research, we checked all of our favorite stores, including Amazon, Walmart, and The Container Store. Everything featured has brilliant reviews from people who truly love them and use them every single day.

Where to buy under-bed storage?

If you're still on the search for under bed storage, then we recommend checking these shops:

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