Okay, these are officially the best storage furniture pieces for small homes and apartments

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Keeping some semblance of order in our homes — especially when they're a little tight on space — is no small feat. Whether you're just finding your feet in a new place, dealing with ugly rental features, or living out of your college dorm, speaking from experience I know that storage furniture is more than just a luxury. But one thing's for sure: Finding storage furniture that doesn't cost into the thousands is hard. And as the saying goes, when there are too many things to see, you see nothing. Luckily, scouring the web for a curated, quick, and easy selection of stylish but functional pieces is what I do best. So, satisfy all of the small space storage ideas you might have lurking around your head RN with these space-savvy storage furniture pieces.

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From storage ottomans that double up as magazine holders *cough Real Homes cough* to coffee tables with storage, furniture that goes further is back and bigger than ever right now. So, if you feel like you're forever fighting with a pile of mail or even with your shoe collection, then here's how you can hide it all without letting go of even more precious space. 

12 storage furniture pieces we really love

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Living room storage furniture

Okay, so you're working with a small living room? Don't fret, you just need to be clever with the furniture that you invest in. Here's what you need to fit more using less floor space, all while making sure the vibe is on point. From coffee tables with storage to clever-designed side tables, these pieces do double the work. We've also rounded up our favorite small couches for your tiny living room. All big on style, small on space.

Oh, and be sure to research how to organize a living room once you've bought all of your furniture.

Office storage furniture

Whether you have a dedicated spare room you use as a home office or a corner of your bedroom or living room, you'll need some space-savvy furniture to fit all the essentials into this small space. All while keeping it cute, obvs...

Don't forget to buy some cute (and handy) desk organizers to keep things looking clutter-free.

Storage furniture for bedrooms

If your bedroom or dorm room is teeny tiny, and you've just about got enough space to get out of bed in the morning, then let us introduce you to these small space-friendly buys. Yes, these small bedroom storage ideas are genius and will have you rethinking the layout of your entire space.

Entryway storage furniture

Wondering how to style your narrow entryway? If you have many shoes to store and little space to work with, we're here to help. If you've looked through all of the entryway storage ideas, then these furniture pieces come to the rescue. Not all of us have an entryway closet to work with, but thanks to these solutions you won't need one. 


Which furniture pieces should I buy with storage?

If your home's anything like my Lego-sized apartment, then it's vital you choose wisely when it comes to furniture. Start from the most essential, then work backward from there. Your top priority will always be your standard storage cabinet as this often provides the most storage for your buck. From there, it's all about extra shelving and drawer space, a task best handled by fold-out coffee tables and other furniture pieces you need anyway but also would like to have hidden storage in. Then, you can get a little more creative, looking to covert storage solutions like stools and ottomans, which are often decorative extras but, when equipped with compartments and tiered sections, act more like a storage staple.

Where to buy storage furniture?

If you're still on the hunt for that *chef's kiss* piece of storage furniture, then see below for the retailers we'd recommend browsing.

How we chose these storage furniture pieces

Every single one of these storage furniture pieces has been handpicked by one of our writers, and we've made sure that shoppers have rated the piece of furniture more than four stars. So, you know you're spending your money on quality. Also, as a team of small space dwellers, we've only featured pieces we would actually use in our homes and apartments.

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